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Team Showcase: TeamBuilds Compilation.

Hi guys I am back with another post, this time finally revealing the team showcase have been talking about for quite some time for now. This is wherrevee I will put forth a list of all of my successful teams that I built in the VGC15 season ofcourse pre-worlds but the season isn’t over till 2015 is, however there will be another post coming out just like this one at the end of this year (hopefully) nothing more than for the post however just to tease that I will be working on projects and the one’s including mega audino and mega gallade soon. However you may have seen a truck load of teams but this isn’t meant to be like that now this blog has become sort of a teambuild bog, however I do have tons of pretty good articles planned for the blog in near future and they will be coming out after worlds. Let’s get started:

First to clear of some things regarding this post:
.This post is solely for the purpose of putting forward my teambuilding progress throughout  the year so far and the idea was inspired by Black117 of the’s members. All of these teams are tested and proven by me, not sure how you want to play with them.
.My playstyle suits the teams perfectly, not sure how your’s may be compatable with it, however as I do get some negative/ you’r an idiot responses for most of these, but the teams turn out to be amazing when I play them. Mean to say that playstyle might be a big clash in what you think about the teams and how they work out for me.
.My style includes using non meta mons and so were many of these concepts of the teams were inspired by drawing out a single pokemon I wanted to try out in VGC and then build around an effective team. This style also includes weirder than ever EV spreads and movesets, However I do have a really good reason to use a non-meta pokemon except when tempted to build around a single option.
.These team have their own playstyle to, some of these are meant to be hyper offensive, defensive/conservatively played and some are balanced, and each should be taken as they are built. Their will be links taking you back to the team’s detailed report in the teambuild section of my blog as for the reference so that you can have a look in detail if you guys want.
.These teams aren’t currently active though, you already know that how fast the trends in the metagame change and how much your teams react to them as well, by which I mean to say that these teams were extremely good at the times that I built them, but may not fully be able to function that well in the meta now. This post is like a Goodbye wave to all these teams, soon after worlds I’ll be posting new one’s on the blog alongside every other common stuff that I do.
. All the teams aren't posted in a  specific order of a timeline that they were built, however the post upload date might give you that info and sorry my bad that some of these weren't posted on the right time they were built either :P.

The Successful Teams;

1. Fluffy hell! (mega houndoom and altaria)
So this was actually the first team that came on to my blog, soon after which i decided i am not so bad and i can do something with this VGC thing and i can be good, however this wasn't my frst successful build. the team started when i was interested in using mega houndoom and then outta nowhere dragged in mega altaria to top off the team. you can find the report here: In Depth Analyses.

2. Xotic Trick Room (xatu with trick room)
Surprisingly this was the second team going up on my blog, whence i started and then built well around xatu a trick room team finally, the original team ideas were changed alot over the time and then finally a successful team :). the details are here: In Depth Analyses

3. Disguise Team (mega swampert)
This team was a simple though of using surprise elements in VGC to great use which as bad as t sounds turned out quite well, with the wide lens poiltoed with hydro pump and focus blast was monstrous with my mega swampert's lazy or rather offensive/speedy build, looking back into the team i could've done much better with it, but however it turned well in it's time. the details are here: In Depth Analyses

4. Blazing King (mega blaziken)
Mega blaziken was the coolest mega's and i really was interested in using it as it was the only non-mega mon which wasn't native to any kalos dex. 2015 season finally comes by and then gives me the oppurtunities of posting for such purposes and make a mega blaziken team, the team easily could have been scraped but working with the EV spreads wasn't that bad and soon perfected the team: In Depth Analyses

5. Death By Perish Trap (perish trap-all out)
this was one and actually one of my only inspired teams throughout the whole season. oerish trap is something i have hated the whole season and then loved it most when used it. the team turned out great with never seen or rarely seen elements of a perish trap team like lando-t, jigglypuff YES JIGGLYPUFF and dewgong. the detailed analyses can be found here: In Depth Analyses

6. Rains & Winds with Twists & turns (Tailwind Mawile mawile- part rain)
This was again a great team with multiple ideas that interested me alot. the two most fun and easy to play archetypes which are rain and tailwind i used in a mashup of the team. loved the mega salamence creeper mawile and the zapdos with thunder too on the team, the team synced perfect then imagined : In Depth Analyses

7. Accelgorating to Victory (accelgor gimmick)
this team look like garbage and totally garbage, but it isn't  accelgor's gimmicks are enough to pull through the meta, final gambit and a 145 speedstat is all you need. accelgor's presnese brough a 4 rain members team :P again and then my first serious kang team. the team also had a escavaalier which made it extremely hilarious, i almost gave the team the tiltle of frenemies :P : In Depth Analyses

8. A Shark's Sight! (mega sharpedo success)
OK i was looking into the most anticipated mega's by me (mega sharpedo) mega sharpedo was clearly mean and lean and ready to go fight the world. this pokemon alone can be a beast though what i mostly used with it was a mixed set with ice beams crunch paid off greatly in almost every match too, i used a parasect with the best reasoning hence the idea is called dumb : In Depth Details

9. Early Beast (first sand ever)
So this was a team builtin around january. and a sand team. with the absense of excadrill in VGC 14 due to the rule-set i wanted to use sand mode and probably was the first one to do it effectively *you now i was*. people will call this idea a joke back then but however it had some importance and was nothing close t how well built sand quartz are : In Depth Analyses

10. En Guard (distinct sun with punny title)

AH i just did nailed the title for this teambuild post. the team ended up effectively accquiring both quick and wide guard moves with effectiveness and complimenting the strategy. i wanted to try standard venu with charizard, the team changed alot but then i did made it great: In Depth Analyses

11. Hawlucha's Hand (support hawlucha + mega venu team)
Hawlucha has always been the wwe joke of rey mysterio in reality. hawlucha is a bad pokemon i know what you think, but not when you use it with tailwind, helping hand and quick guard plus packs fighting coverage and was best friends with mega venusaur what else do yo need ;) : In Depth Analyses

12. Stall n Brawl (a new archetype)
this was the most enjoyable team i built this season, other than including simple things like sweep/set up sweep it was bulk wearing off and then picking up opponents. loved everything and everything with this team. it had so many options with weather control, speed control and counter options. it's style was very controlling and balanced perfectly :) : In Depth Analyses

13. Charizard Trick room (my own creative, very creative ideas)
yup now a charizard is viable behind TR with being not the fastest and not th slowest status it can be faster than anything other than those TR mons specified. building off of Collin Heier's awesome core i loved what i made the team was my best TR team for sure as i hate the archetype: In Depth Analyses

That's it for my Successful teams!

I though before we say goodbye to the good team of the main discussion, I will be discussing that I surely am not so perfect when it comes to teambuilding. So here we will be discussing some of my failed teambuild attempts in the season, though there are only a few, looking back to them inspires me to do better next time when building around the same set of ideas and work out these much better:

Failed teams:

Emolga support (first kang) team:

So this was one of my first teams I was interested in playing though the team wasn’t ridiculously bad, it missed on many meta oppurtunities, even while edited around a lot. The idea was to start with a cute emolga and then put it inside a shell who it can support well. The team as you can see failed terribly when I had to many slow mons like marowak and gigalith who in the presence of rain cant do anything. Also it was my first time running kangaskhan on a serious team, but that meta-call failed badly for me, *was momma kang any gud back then*

Mega Gallade and the non-meta:
This team was extremely solid though I couldn’t have fixed how terribly it was built even when editing around it the team as you saw had the worst possible options though mold breaker lum berry haxorus and scarfed raikou exited me to do more work on them and make them shine. The togekiss EV spread was also extremely good and I still am looking forward to use it in some of my new teams. The team had absolute no balance at all when in game and it won just one or two matches soon after which it was dropped, considering how much did it failed me.

Audino +Blastoise TR destruction:
I already have discussed it and the team was basically build around the combination of leading blastoise with audino and then setting up TR turn with turn two followed with firing off big water spouts with audi heal pulsing it back constantly. The team members had steelix (don’t ask why) t-flame gardevoir and friends made somewhat sense back then so they were added anyways. Enough of how badly my first Trick room team failed. Soon after what I though I can’t really build any good trick room teams.

Trigger Tailwind:
This was my first inspired team, again the one which failed miserably. Though an interesting thing to note is that I was using a politoed (to abuse rain and provide defensive coverage to me) without any distinct rain mode just like Toler Webb used it this year. T from the mega mawile I run these ideas were inspired from Gebebo’s tailwind mawile and the EV spread was stolen though this is different from the mega-mawile tailwind variant I built for specifics of this season. The team had a torterra for wide guard support that in theory did a lot but in-game did not much. Idk why this team failed that bad, this was also my first mega sharpedo team ;).

Team No-Attack :P:

So now you know I can be a complete idiot sometimes, though this team still got me 3x wins on the showdown ladder :P. the team idea was really interesting while using toxic stall and maximum recovery moves and tactics a well as locking with infestation and fire spin in opponents to using destiny bond. Plus that I wanted to try out the tactical mega sableye and then oblivious slowking (my fav TR setter) then white herb weezing other to chip damage and attack a bit to wear off others minimized the threat of taunt that it brought. This team was later transformed into what I learned from my mistakes and became a half and half b/w stall and sweep.

So guys this huge post came to an end here and i am just glad that i was able to. though i was surprised that the good teams were only 13 however the season won't be overtill 2015 as i said and new tea projects will be including mega audino, mega gallage ninetales' sun and much more don't forget a mega abomasnow. Hope you liked everything and it was worth giving your time. though i should mention i may be taking some time off from worlds break to simple reports coming from worlds. Hope you liked. Bye for now!

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