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VGC 15 Rain Team: Surprise In Disguise!

Team Building Process:

This team all started with the though of using a special bisharp and talonflame set (the ones usually with the same ev spreads all over) and then this weird matchup of t-flame and bisharp in one team build the others up themselves ;) the team pretty much got success on the first built but the set were changed accordingly to improve their usefulness in the battle.
Image result for talonflame Image result for bisharp

The first thoughs were to put on the following team,the member’s didn’t changed but the items were pretty silly as I though they would work.
As mentioned above these two have different and interesting sets,if u see these u will (may have) counters for their standard set but that ain’t always gonna be the case tho :P. and don’t doubt the sets tho they work pretty well to tho and are tested.these two were forming a solid core somehow however I needed a third member for a possible way to stretch the core to flexibility and honestly I always like to build around the core with a mega in it, it provides defensive coverage for the mega.

So I decided to put on mega swampert as it was looking pretty solid of a pokemon and I even did had tailwind to boost its also OHKO’ed 50% of the pokemons I have trouble handling like lando scarf,garchomp,salamence etc with its ice punch.
Image result for talonflame Image result for bisharp   

This core was looking pretty sturdy and promissing but all these three members were phisycal attackers to create the domino effect I needed to put on more special attakers and swampert still needed some support tho
 But not yet they can still do lots of damage with their strong attacks while I set up the tailwind to double its speed.i needed to abuse its swift swim ability pointing towards rain, I actually didn’t wanted to use poli once again for this team so I started with testing thundurus but it was pretty much the same case as setting up.after testing up tons of stuff I ended up using a politoed.

Image result for politoed
Yes a politoed that I am using, but let me warn u this isn’t the one u guys are used to seeing in the teams, politoed can be used in a lot of different dependant on the item from scarf,to leftovers or sitrus berry support, but I choose the one never seen before yes a ‘life orb’.this looked pretty solid on paper though of course but still I changed it to a much better item that implified its set, as I was using focus blast on politoed.
This team looked pretty meta but as only we know that apart from swampert all the others are in much of a disguise of as what people think they my previous team I did had trouble deciding the last two possible slots for this solid team the thing I was targeting was

.Use 2x special attackers to perfectly balance the damage proportions done.
.I also needed some flexibility to handle different situations.
.Synergy with the rest of the members.
.Not disrupting the other stratergys of my own team.
.Possibly a good pokemon to make use of the tailwind support.
This as weird as it sounds came as a flashback into my mind in an evolved form

 Image result for gardevoir  + Image result for exploud
I know that most really won’t believe me saying this but just as VGC 2014 ended I made a blog post entitled ‘VGC Strong Team Leads’ on my blog,in which this was mentioned and its overall synergy with the team was great and fulfilled the requirements for the last two slots that I needed, the following is that how this team lead used to work.
this lead includes the special sweeper exploud and support gardevoir (inspired from toler”s worlds gallade) except I putted on ally switch for TR.gardevoir with its ally switch was able to with stand many strong fighting type attacks aimed at exploud, and exploud also absorbed shadow balls or ghost attacks for no damge while exploud always always went for the offense and with scrappy it was able to hit ghost type for heavy damage and used the awesomely strong boomburst almost or always OHKO’ing foes to surprise and powered up by life orb. gardevoir didn’t also took any damage because of its telepathy ability

This rest of the team completed this lead too, this lead needed extra speed to land lots of hits I changed as I wrote down on paper gardevoir to a choice specs set and exploud to a normal gem almost serving the same purpose.

As another person seeing this team in the team preview would say “oh a pretty standard team (or) wow this guy is using an exploud” but the reality is much more complex what it seems from the surface. I made the final following improvements in these sets down below after tons of testing.
. I changed politoed’s life orb with wide lenses and scald to hydro pump,1 to land more focus blasts, 2 to destroy everything with hydro pump (more accurate) in rain.
. I changed gardevoir’s specs to life orb as I wasn’t using it on politoed and also I putted on helping hand to amplify exploud’s boomburst and swampert’s EQ.

The Team: 

Image result for bisharp
Bisharp @ Lum Berry
 Ability: Defiant
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 236 Sp.Def / 12 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Night Slash
- Iron Head
- Protect
- Quick Guard

I never ever saw bisharp as a speed variant, infact whenever I used it as a beginner I maxed out atk and sp. Def and added 4 to the speed always, until I knew how people actually used it.IDK how people really use bisharp and why 252 spe probably to get fast knock off,s, me using bisharp was like using a t-flame with priority BB. my goal for bisharp was to counter fairies like sylveon (always a scary one to look at) and the (prediction game) aegislash which it did well by using its nightslash and nullifying king’s sheild and iron head for fairies. knock off is almost a mandatory move on bisharp and they always do have the same sets wherever I see them, my bisharp rocks with quick guard ; blocking: gale wings BB, thundurus prankster, sableye prankster, slow fake outers (TR) mostly and azumarill belly drum aqua jet is always something scary to me. Whenever using bisharp, despite its great attack stat I always suffered from burn, swagger and para issues i fixed this major problem by putting on lum berry as it works great in many ways. Another note I took on lum berry was when many meta mons like arcanine and rotom are specialy trained to W-o-W my bisharp, investing too much speed is a total waste instead I invest in bulk and then crock my lum berry whenever burned. Another thing is night slash, I choose it over sucker punch and knock off as these two moves are dependant on the opposing pokemons, whereas night slash hits them hard all the time.

Image result for talonflame
Talonflame @ Safety goggles
 Ability: Gale wings
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Roost
- Protect
- Tailwind

The weird but a great working set was up next for t –flame. i always hated the BB/FB+life orb (suicide sweeper) as I like to call it, t-flame sets. And don’t worry about this weird set I justify my reasons for this set
. T-flame takes a great deal of recoil done from strong BB,s + life orb (about 30%) was done. 252 hp investment allows me to land more strong BB by taking less recoil from a larger hp amount.
. As my talonflame is all out gale wings I don’t need to put on tons of speed as I have priority.
. Safety goggles were my ideal item choice cuz I really can’t stand the point when amoongus redirect those important OHKO’es that can be scored if amoongus wasn’t there. Also don’t count out the spore immunity.

Swampert artwork by Ken Sugimori > Swampert (Mega Swampert) artwork by Ken Sugimori
Swampert- Mega @ Swampertite
 Ability: Swift Swim
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Protect
- Ice punch

Mega swampert was a good Pokémon accompanied by politoed as the ORAS was released, but idk why it soon lost popularity and nowadays ludi is used more commonly. the set is pretty standard I invested as much in speed to out speed all of the possible meta Pokémons to out speed them behind rain. Where comes the 4x grass weakness the member of the core (bisharp and tflame) both resist grass whereas tflame also does tons of damage to foes like ludi and venu (even in the mega state).

Image result for politoed
Politoed @ Wide lenses
 Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 56 HP / 76 Def / 252 Sp. Atk / 28 Sp. Def / 100 Spe
Modest Nature
- Hydro pump
- Ice beam
- Focus blast
- protect

i did needed politoed to accompany my swampert of course, but on the same time I wanted it to differ from other poli’s all around from scarf to leftovers. This special politoed began from putting on a life orb, I just putted on the usual scald, ice beam and for the third slot I didn’t had something on mind (an optional slot) I putted on focus blast. Later I thought that some people used hydro pump on poli over scald so I decided to put on hydro pump but then it would have commenced lack of accuracy on both hydro pump and focus blast, so therefore the best option on the item for politoed was to put on a wide lenses, that would raise its accuracy and land more powerful hits.

Image result for exploud
Exploud @ Normal Gem
 Ability: Scrappy
EVs: 252 Sp. atk / 4 Sp. def / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Hyper beam
- Boomburst
- Protect
- Fire blast

Exploud was a great obscure Pokémon on my team, as much as I love to use these type of Pokémons as favorably it turned out in my favor, I really needed strong moves to hit on with this Pokémon, even though t-flame took care of many ludiculo and venusaurs for swampert, ferrothorn were still a big prob, so I putted on fire blast to easily OHKO ferrothorn, and handle the situations in which I’m slammed up against a steel type. I did not putted on any ice beams on with my exploud as I did had two Pokémons who would really use ice moves.

Image result for gardevoir
Gardevoir @ Focus sash
 Ability: Telepathy
EVs: 44 Def / 252 Sp.atk / 212 Spe
Modest Nature
- Moonblast
- Psychic
- Energy ball
- Helping hand

Gardevoir really does completes many Pokémons on the team, all thanks to its amazing telepathy ability in addition to being untouched by exploud’s boomburst now I had started using swampert’s EQ more often. I changed gardevoir’s set from choice specs to life orb and then again to focus sash because I thought I did needed to make at least survive one turn before it goes down, it also allows me to use helping hand on exploud, and be free to use moves accordingly to situations. Energy ball helped out a lot in case of, especially in the ones with the opposing team with a rotom-wash who can sweep through my team, and also against opposing mega swamperts.

Lead Combos:

    Make It Rain


                            Finally I would end this post here, it did took me a long time to write and finally I did it. I love playing this team because it gets a lot of different combinations like the ones just mentioned above. Hope everyone liked this post that did included many of the meta-mons accept exploud and the weird sets though. Bye for now!

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