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Team Showcase Post-Worlds 2015

Hi guys today I am back with a very special post, through which I will be concluding m 2015 season; so all season I have done these tons of teambuilding posts and in the end I really wanted to do something special to summarize these posts; just like I did a team showcase before world championships were about to happen, this will be a continuation of sorts to that; now I do wanna say that these teams aren’t in any sort of specific order and are randomly scrambled together *my bad* so plz forgive me for that as we go through these teams to highlight them once again. This post is quite meaningless however to just make a record, I am doing this; this info might help out in the future when such rules are introduced *maybe*. Let’s get started:

Lileep team:

OMG! This team was love! I was amazed that lileep worked out, actually really did and I was surprised to see it succeed that way. The team also had other interesting things like eruption camerupt as well as taunt on virizon. I loved the tiny lil speed synergies I had with this team. Such as lileep going before camerupt in TR to set up a sunny day for it, on the other hand cresselia went before t-tar and crock the assurance boost from it, which I loved so much. Lileep was love in this team and did tons of working in many battles. Analyses can be found here:

Do You Even Dance Bro?:

This was the only team that I set in the time of BSD season when the non-pentagon mons were allowed, well other team were set in this duration but  non of them had variables as I had no non-pentagon limited moves. As you see I used follow me magmar in this team and it was tons of hype. The funny fact was that I used many other moves, instead of using follow me in my battles, this mon definitely was extremely useful. On other notes of the team I happened to have a HP ground and light screen manectric on this team w/ a rain dance conkeldurr after which I named this team as such. Miranga berry milotic was one of the favorites to use in this team of mine. It was definitely a very fun team to play with. Analyses can be found here:

Lopunny smeargle team:

One of my back-up-when-stuck-in-low-ladder-gimmicks that I keep losing to. This was my team! A counter gimmick; ofcourse was 100% inspired however not copied of a team of mine. I found the synergy b/w loppuny and smeargle to be unbreakably strong *so was it* and decided to make this team whose only purpose was to try to get either krook or azu at +6 attack and sweep through safely. For the interesting bits I ran an own temp smeargle cuz of lopp’s teeter dance and I also had magic coat on my smeargle which threw back any thundy taunts and acted as a 1 turn magic bounce ability. togekiss and parasect are there for more safety of the +6 attack magnets. This team wasn’t reported, my bad.

Tailroom CHALK:

Oh this was the times I was really wanting a to run a tailwind variant of CHALK teams combined with a trick room side of it. With tons of pivotal mons like heatran and kangaskhan who could fit well into this team by working well w/ both the trick room and tailwind side of the team I was ready to make the build official. Interesting points are that I outsped a breloom w/ kang, suicune held a life orb and was offensive of an option. Heatran had a chople berry etc. Nvm did I forgot to tell that ferrothorn was a replacement for amoonguss, sry so really a CHFLK tailroom team. This team wasn’t reported my bad.


I surely had some bad days before making such a simple cookie cutter team like this. I was losing a lot and needed better ways to win. Perish trap was the answer. I had some solid ideas in my mind so I just threw together some mons on my team builder that seem to work out quite well though, this couldn’t have got any simple then this; wait for it, I had some secret techs on this team of mine. Gothitelle had a chesto rest set to get constant recoveries. Also kingdra was the one to hold the ability to use disable, whereas my gengar had access to both perish song and substitute to sustain itself. Overall a really fun team, ferrothorn was my absolute favorite to play in this team. This team also wasn’t reported; by bad again.

Charizard x:

Ok this was my attempt  to teambuild charizard x of course inspired from Wolfe Glick’s worlds teambuild. Charizard x was the base of this team, atop of which I had many interesting ideas to build around like: togekiss’ redirection paired with the unforgiving breloom’s spore; add it up with tailwind and your opponents almost never move J swampert and aegi also had many interesting roles in this team; and I liked playing this team very much. Rotom-frost wash my choice because of ever growing use of the genies, on the other hand it’s trick move made my victor extremely easy. Not reported.

Hot n’ cold:

OMG, sableye could do so much work on this team, this was official 2nd last 2015 team and I loved playing it. Soon after getting a hang of the powerful combinations of char-y, tran, cress and what usually is lando that I replaced for mamo; I felt in love with all those interesting combinations they had. If you question more; charizard had focus blast as the team developed; heatran had a life orb whereas rotom-w’s moveset was the best with interesting things like light screen, rest w/ the item lum berry; paired with rotom on leads recreated Cybertron’s 2013 worlds’ epic bulk duo, useful in many situations and especially for making notes. Sableye was absolute love with feint and quash which were my reliant moves in many matches. Team was reported here:

Sand streams:

My last 2015 team and very flexible and something I was very comfy with! Just as always this wasn’t the worlds most obvious team; using something like Japan sand in the last stages of VGC 2015’s season. The team had simple items and abilities but the only thing tweaked were there movesets, mostly interesting things were aegislash being able to use hidden power ice, which was the bane of every salamence and landorus that made the field. Also my azumarill had knock off in place of the usual play rough; pachirisu had electro web in place of nuzzle slot; electro web which is the alternative to icy wind is always proven to be the best kind of speed control for salamences. My pachirisu held a safety goggles to completely negate amoongus and breloom’s spore as well as residual damage from m own sandstorm, which usually adds up to big deficits in some games. The team was reported here:

Penguinn the emperor

Oh! This was the most imperial teams I have ever done, a princess and an emperor in one team looked quite magnificent. The lawn mower and theguard doggiealso groomed the team well with a little greedy thief a.k.a weavile. The most lovely part of the team for me was about having so many different lead combinations, with them being: volcarona + weavile, landorus + weavile, gardevoir + landorus, all of which could do really well, however the most interesting things about this team were that empoleon did amazingl well with an assault vest and walled man mons before they were even a thing. Weavile had assurance that synergized well with scarf lando’s RS as well as empoleon’s aqua jet. The team was reported here:

Princess and the frog:

Ok, let me just start of by saying that this was one of my most successful VGC teams. It looks standard, and was probably my first few builds after worlds. So on the thought of countering assault vest landorus’ and on the thought of keeping use of a very special move ‘Round’ whose mechanics you probably don’t know rn; made this team a killer one. Round duo of greninja and gardevoir got OHKO’es on even some cresselias when combined; it was stronk, also the amount of useful speed control it provided for gardevoir was very useful. Entei also had a trick up it’s sleeve; and It was the usual lum berry variant with rest which I absolutely loved! Team is Reported here:

Sand tornado:

Tornadus, garchomp, t-tar, rotom, venu. Lucario
For this team I was very much interested in using mega garchomp. And so came tornadus and tyranitar t help it out by means of sandstorm and tailwind. Garchomp was sure to be a beast behind one and proved that status. Interesting points in this team were that my tornadus had the move roleplay that allowed it to reset weather or mirror abilities like landorus’ intimidate or heatran’s flashfire. Other things were lucario being a half support variant with a focus sash with the moves feint and helping hand that greatly helped my matchups. Rotom had lefties. Overall this team was almost immune to sandstorm’s residual damage unintentionally, which was a good thing to have. I just loved the simplicity and effectiveness of this team; another lovely team! It was reported here:


Ah! What was I thing when making this team even a team, let’s just say that I was criticized very negatively while posting this team y some random guy. Why? The choice of mega sableye, and why? It was hilarious. Sableye’s mega form was a better disruptor than ever thought of! I had cool things like sunny day sableye also w/ w-o-w to aid heatran’s potential; funny part heatran held a choice scarf which sent many overpowering heat waves on the field. LO reckless raptor was wreckless *literally* aided in battles by getting OHKO’s on a lot of thing I faced. The rest of the team is boring. Also one thing to mention: getting taunts bounced back on thundurus’ while in surprise mega evo was hilarious and cute .this team was reported here:

Mega Gallade swaps and strikes:

Oh my mega gallade. I loved this team while in play, mostly because of the fact that how flexible it was and how many options did it had on the field with it. I had 2 cores fused together with the extra spice that aurorus added to this party! Interesting points *again* to notice were that gallade was only running around 60 atk EV’s and was quite a bulky spread, also it had skill swap, gyarados was epic, old school and simple, which would be lum berry DD set. Aurorus’ choice had things like snow warning, also with the addition of blizzard and focus sash that saved me many times. A very fun and interesting team, I liked it very much *gg kang*. The team was reported here:

Dancing in the drought:

This was my take on the challenge of building a ninetales tam, couldn’t have done better; while the world thinks of ninetales as a offensive sun attacker, I saw great supportive potential In this pokemon, through which it was really good, with moves like disable and w-o-w as well as the ability to fire off full powered overheats in a battle I really love the supportive potential this mon gained from it’s surroundings. I paired it up with simple things like old school DD m-mence and follow me clefable w/ t-wave as the main speed control form; the interesting thing to note is that I also had a sawk on this same team, which held safety goggles as well as the move taunt to break though amoonguss strats. The team was reported here:

Keep calm and tailroom:

This was again one of my most well built teams ever. To be more diverse in this team, this team had two forms of speed controls, in fact this was a tailroom team. Slowbro made my trick room team and hydreigon counted as the tailwind setter, by having tons of options on my mons I absolutely loved every bit that this team had. Sylveon was my main pivotal mon in this team which was able to work both inside and outside of trick room and tailwind; either if not in one the other form of speed control gave favor to sylveon. The advantage of having such a team was that I got to choose how I played and got to choose a somewhat most favorable speed pace to play against my opponents; against fast teams, reliant on t-wave or icy wind: trick room; and on the other hand against some of those mid-speed tier teams (more balanced ones: tailwind was the choice to go. This team was reported here:

So guys this would be it for today from me, hope that you guys liked being a part of this memorable team showcase with me, as I waved good bye to the year of 2015 with putting format a post highlighting all my teams; so for now I wish you guys a very happy upcoming season also Is my bday today *as odd as it sounds, as true it is, 25th December* so yeah, this was it; hopefully I keep up the pace and release the new metagame list post, stay tuned. Bye for now!

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