Sunday, 9 November 2014

             Trick room team tactics

As an important aspect of Pokémon competitive play are themed teams such as sun/rain/hail/sand teams another such theme which is not that popular are the trick-room teams

The problem with these teams are that they are filled with Pokémon’s who are slow and usually will move after their opponent in case taunts can be fired of your trick roomers. And with having no ability or item to raise the duration of the move trick room they’re less popular.
I’ve been testing these teams on Pokémon showdown myself and have figured out a way of making these teams much more effective.

1.trick roomers
When making a trick room team it is important to use as much Pokémon’s that know the move trick room. Also use the bulky Pokémon’s for trick rooming other than any sweepers
e.g dusclops,aromatisse,jellicent

2. items
When making trick room teams avoid items like choice band/specs/scarf because locking yourself in a move especially on a much slower team is a disadvantage.

3. moves
Never ever use moves that can cause paralysis because it will be a speed advantage to the other Pokémon’s on your opponent’s side. Use powerful and more damage dealing moves to quickly take out the threats on your opponents side.

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