Sunday, 2 November 2014

Heliolisk "the weather boss"

                         Heliolisk,s competitive usage

Heliolisk is a Pokemon I  have been interested in for a while and wanted to share with you. The way heliolisk,s ability,s (dry skin,solar power & sand veil) are placed, it can be useful in
. sun team  (solar power: raises attack power in sun )
. rain team (dry skin: works as leftovers in rain)
. sand team (sand veil: raises invasion)

Following is a list of move sets that would be effective for this Pokemon

1.Rain team (support)
if Heliolisk is getting his hp constantly back from rain healing it there isn,t any best way else to use it as a support on the team!

2.Sun team (special sweeper)
Heliolisk shows off its real talent in a sun team when sun is heated up!

3. Sand team
there is nothing much special u can do on a sand team with a heliolisk however it won,t take damage from sand + its a special sweeper and faster than many other pokemons on usual sand team.

Hope u find this useful! :) 

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  1. I was thinking of a Heliolisk in the rain with Thunder rather than anything else...