Thursday, 29 June 2017

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon : My First Thoughts

Hey guys today I am back and here to share, my thought son the newly announced games that come out on November 17th 2017, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after the long awaited Sinnoh remakes, we have once again faced a massive cureball n our ways as by getting an Alola Region remake. I am once again very much excited from the teasers released so far for us.
Firstly I will get off on the teaser shown, clearly as we can see the main ; legenadary forms are somewhat of a fusion of solgaleo and lunala with necrozma, this was quite a shocker for me. I felt as if necrozma was the most left out one of the main legendary trio on any region but it had came out to be one of the most important ones in the remakes. The emblems of the games do show an eclipse of sorts as if caused by necrozma itself, just like many other people these forms do happen to remind me of the black and white kyurem forms. To say out of the two, I feel like that I lunala is once again my favorite one out of the two forms.
Now the next thing that makes me wonder about is the possible new story lines of these games. Since they have some resemblance atleast from the remake title of black and white I really want these to be a sequel of the previous games other than a simple advanced remake with the new features like the special z-moves as we have seen a few for mimikyu, lycanroc and togedemaru. Considering them as a sequel we can expect a lot more from these games.
For the somewhat obvious bit we will get to see the new appearancs of characters like guzma, Lillie gladion, faba and lusamine as we do know that their appearance has to do with lusamine’s obsessions of the ultra beasts, now with her potentially cured, they will have a newer, more normal appearance, the last words from guzma seem to have changed him, maybe we will see him as a trail captian or even a kahuna, who knows.  Lillie can potentially be back, as her character rank seems to be the same of N, AZ, and Zinnia, maybe she will have a team full of Kantonian forms which will be unique and obvious for her team to have and she will guide us through rather than just be partner to us, ofcourse she knows a whole lot about the legendary pokemon now.New Ultra Beasts. New elite fours, especially for Acelora, Hala and Olivia are expected or even Gyms now appearing into the alola region, some change in Kahunas like Nanu can also be expected especially now that the ultra beast investigation is not mythical. New alolan forms are the most expected ones out of any and who knows maybe new pokemons will be featured.
Pokémon sun and Moon somewhat felt like just a trip through alola, the main player being a visitor to the region, meeting Lillie, which gives us the direction to our adventure, the events that take place by formed the adventure, the new formation of a pokemon league, which was quite non traditional for a pokemon game of becoming a pokemon master or completing the pokedex etc, now with alola revamped we can get to see a more traditional pokemon game type of a look on the alola region, no doubt sun and moon was amazing, but giving the nostalgic pokemon adventure aspect to it will possibly be brought out in pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon.

With al that we have, the legendary okemon forms, we can expect a whole lot and pokemon sun and moon can be seen as a big box of surprises, especially the appearance of colress is doubtable. With now aether foundation on the good side of things and team skull, somewhat no more in power or lead by plumeria alone possibly, my favorite team plasma can return? I mean, I know it’s the wildest guess but their entire pirate theme and the tropical, island type of theme of alola go well together, also there can possibly be a new type of darkness at the heart of aether, the fusion-like forms of legendaries are more of a giving of hint to it. If we start theorizing a lot of wild things can start coming up but in the end the story will be a lot more unique than we would have expected.

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