Friday, 7 April 2017

Metatalk 5 : Choice Scarf Tapu Koko

Hey guys today I am back with another installment of the series of metatalk, where we discuss some aspect of the metagame, i try to cover topics that have recently bumped into the metagame like return porygon 2 and tapu lele with choice scarf which saw some usage, this time i will try to discuss another rising or often talked about aspects of the choice scarf tapu koko, without further formalities lets head into this pokemon:

·         First of all tapu koko may seem very fast already however it is being outspeed by some things such as pokemons like choice scarf garchomp, choice scarf nihilego, choice scarf kartana as well as pheromosa which then become an extremely big threat for it. In this case choice scarf seems to be the ideal item for its choice.
·         Electrium Z as well as Focus sash variants of tapu koko are also seemingly well known in this metagame. That proves that tapu koko does not always needs an attack increasing item such as life orb as well as choice specs to hold as an essential choice.
·         Choice scarf allows tapu koko to outspeed pheromosa as well as + 1 speed gyarados that is built to outspeed tapu koko, and OHKO them before it can attack, the same may be the case in kartana and garchomp usage dependant on its move choices.

·         Choice locked item allows it a free fourth moveslot, this can be required by moves that may greatly help tapu koko to support its partners.
  • Moreover choice scarf tapu koko that is physically offensive can outspeed and ohko dirfblim as a tech for the players who always seem to have trouble against those blim-lele teams
ok so guys this was it for this post of mine hopefully you guys really liked going through this and learned a few things about choice scarf tapu koko, i'll be back with more bye for now!

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