Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Smeargle Used Spotlight 8 : Xurkitree

Hi guys today I am back with another installment on the series of smeargle used spotlight, first of all I would recall of y absence from this series as I felt like the format got more sturdy and complex to say welcome to all the new options on the dex so I waited a bit to get some rarely/never used pokemons that can be effective. Today I bring to you a pokemon that is rarely seen in use, it is not exactly a part of the metagame but a team that is weak to it can face the consequences of not having this pokemon checked, something that also recently got a top cut finish in a regional championships. And something I used and testing out in this month, it is the Xurkitree:

*Insert Dancing Tree here*
·         Being one of the most used pokemon in the starting point of the metagame, its usage has decreased due to a whole lot of reasons like garchomp, marowak and the increasing general bulk of this format, however this doesn’t mean that xurkitree cannot be useful against anything in the metagame
·         Just for a check the pokemons it can cover include the widely used tapu fini, with coverage moves like hidden power moves mainly hp-ground and hp-ice it can cover salamence, garchomp as well as nihilego and the bits used magnezone as well as tapu koko which is widely used.
·         Xurkitree can appear on the competitive scene as two main variants one can be the z-crystal variant where the other would be the choice scarf variant. The z-crystal variant can have the following valuable calculations:
252+ SpA Xurkitree Gigavolt Havoc (185 BP) vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Muk-Alola: 213-252 (100.4 - 118.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ SpA Xurkitree Gigavolt Havoc (185 BP) vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Tapu Koko in Electric Terrain: 203-239 (139 - 163.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO

·         The choice scarf variant can help it to outspeed a number of pokemons and then make it able to do a lot of damage before its opponents make a move, such variants usually have their beast boost rendered useless as they have to make a switch to switch between the choice lock moves, that is why I think the choice scarf variants are bit less viable in the current metagame, the z-crystal r life orb one paired with tailwind can do good damage to a number of pokemons.

so guys this was it for my post, hopefully you really liked it and learned something new from it.

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