Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Smeargle Used Spotlight 7 : Drifblim

Hi guys today I am back with another installment on the series of smeargle used spotlight, first of all I would recall of y absence from this series as I felt like the format got more sturdy and complex to say welcome to all the new options on the dex so I waited a bit to get some rarely/never used pokemons that can be effective. Today I bring to you a pokemon that is rarely seen in use, mainly popularized by being on James Baek’s Battle Spot series, as well as getting a top 4th placement in the Anaheim regionals, Drifblim. Now you will notice that I am changing up the format on how I used to do these types of post, instead of going in the extremes of detail I felt it would be much more useful if I would explain the points of viability of the pokemons that I present which makes it easier for me to make the post as well as easier for the reader to get the main highlights of why was something given the smeargle’s spotlight:

·         Drifblim gets the statline of 150 HP / 80 Atk / 44 Def / 90 Spa / 54 Sdef / 80 Spe which makes it viable mainly for supportive roles, there can be uses for this set where it goes offensive however mainly seeing in its movepool most of its usage and useful usage is formed by supportive aspects.
·         Drifblim gets a wide variety of supportive moves like tailwind, destiny bond, taunt, thief, will-o-wisp, toxic etc. all these moves can come in handy in a number of instances in a match and can therefore greatly help out to support.
·         Unburden ability seems to be the best and most viable ability of drifblim in coordination with its widely paired item.
·         Main items of drifblim include misty seed or say psychic seed which boost its usage in a number of ways, mainly these items raise the special defense of this pokemon which helps it to live more electric and ice type attacks as well as any special ghost type attacks, aiding it to having no item against big knock off users of this format like muk and some mandibuzz that acquire the move, these items come in coordination with unburden as the absence of item gives this pokemon a double speed which can aid its supportive aspects as well as hand it over a new item as if it was to switch out in the battle
·         Drifblim’s typing of ghost flying makes it immune to the main sets of snorlax making it an excellent counter to them, other than that being in general immune to ground type can really aid the teams that have trouble against the widely used z-move from garchomp as well as the general earthquake users.
·         Other niche sets of drifblim can also acquire for options like the ones having the moves of minimize and baton pass, however this won’t be the most efficient strategy as z-moves are independent of accuracy. Using moves like stockpile with this pokemon seem a bit more promising of options.
·         Drifblim can also have a number of supportive roles in its usage, despite from being the tailwind setter as it is alongside tapu lele and tapu fini, it can use different moves as mentioned above which completely vary with the team.


This was it for this post of mine, hopefully you guys did enjoy this post and learned something new from this post, bye for now!

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