Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Metatalk 4 : Aerodactyl

Hi guys today I am back with another installment of the series of metatalks where we take up an existing aspect of the metagame and put it to discussion, today I have brought to you a pokemon that has been under my eye for quite some time by now and it is aerodactyl by the time I am writing this up aerodactyl stands on the top 30 most used pokemons world wide in the VGC 17 series. Without further disturbance or discussion lets get into the discussion of aerodactyl:

·         Aerodactyl may look like a speedy fast attack but the only and the most useful offensive job that can be taken out from it is that it can land fast rock slides, rock slide is a move that has been well known for its nuisance, having a 30% flinch chance on its opponents and being a spread move makes it extremely threatening and with aerodactyl being one of the fastest pokemons in this metagame, it can be the case that you may not make a move for quite some valuable turns.
·         Knowing that rock slide is its only offensive job, its supportive job comes from things like fast taunt which can stop a number of pokemons, using sky drop as well as other moves like tailwind which can benefit greatly in mirror matches as well as wide guard which can help block moves like eruption and blizzard which can tear teams apart, therefore from the supportive point of view, aerodactly is also a very good pokemon.
·         One of its best roles as a utility pokemon would have to be the importance of its ability, Unnerve which avoids a pokemon from eating its berries on the presence of this pokemon on the field, with the usage of the 50% recovery berry as well as the use of pokemons like muk and snorlax especially with recycle becoming more and more common by the day, aerodactyl can hinder their recovery ability and can do great damage to their defensive stance.
·         Best item choice for aerodactyl include giving it a focus sash which can really help out this weak looking and frail bird, dinosaur thingie. Especially with utility roles like using wide guard and in general disruption, the longer it stays on the field, the better it gets, therefore focus sash seems like an ideal choice.

·         Some people who opt for aerodactyl also go for the choice of ice fang to get opposing garchomps as well as moves like flamethrower to hinder kartanas however usually aerodactyl’s partners are well equipped for the moves needed to beat up these pokemons, that is why most aerodactyls don’t have it however make sure to watch out for them just  case.

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