Monday, 6 February 2017

Metatalks 2 : Choice Scarf Tapu Lele

Hi guys today I am back with another blogpost regarding VGC this time I will put forward my view and knowledge on the choice scarf variant of tapu lele, tapu lele being a very diverse pokemon has a number of variants, one of them being the choice scarf holders, without further ado lets jump into this post:

Choice Scarf Tapu Lele:
Following are some of the point that I really feel like make this pokemon worth to use in the current metagame, since this is a variant that is meta-specific, so this post may lose the viability as the state of the metagame changes and please therefore don’t consider it to be an overall format thing, anyways following they are:
·         Choice scarf tapu lele can make most sense in cases of facing against those uncommonly however still somewhat found, cores of tapu lele, raichu and tapu koko. Being fast it can use moves like shadow ball and fast as well as strong psychic type attacks that can damage its opponents, further blocking out raichu’s fake out can be very helpful. Tapu lele’s natural big special defense can help it to take more attacks from these pokemons and be a bulky wall against them.
·         Choice scarf provides less protection for the physically frail tapu lele however it gives tapu lele the options of having more and more offensive coverage, with tap lele being one of those pokemons that have a big number of coverage options with moves like energy ball, thunderbolt, shadow ball and a spread move option f dazzling gleam can cover just more and more options that are found in this metagame.
·         As we speak of coverage we may not be ignoring the extreme speed advantage it gains from its speed, it can outspeed foes like pheromosa and nihilego as well as the all popular garchomp which can outspeed it and KO it before it ko’s them back. Further as earlier mentioned coverage can make it handle pokemons mainly with the sole advantage of speed like gyarados which has set up and looks scary with that dragon dance on the field.
·         In the constant changing and diverse metagame tapu lele may lose the importance of its scarf and probably is the sole reason its usage has decreased because of things like ninetales being introduced with the move icy wind which completely makes it negate its boost, other moves like electroweb from the lesser used vikavolt is bad for tapu lele. Other strange and really stranger pokemons like scarfed kartana as well as choice scarf nihilego which can counter this pokemon really well.


This post surely was shorter than the last one especially as I discussed only one variant other than a individual pokemon, however hopefully it helped and you guys learned something from it, also hope you enjoyed, Bye for now!

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