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Metatalks 1 : Kartana, Arcanine & Tapu Fini Core

Hi guys today I am back with a entirely new series for my blog and I feel very good about starting it off with a very meta of all topics, which is quite unusual for my blogs, as you may have guessed this is a series where we talk about certain aspects of the metagame, however this does not mean a complete analyses but a view, opinion and a guide for the general understanding of these aspects of the metagame (yes I am quite doubtful of doing analyses on my level of knowledge) so without further ado lets jump into his post’s content:

The Core as a Whole:
This core altogether forms something quite known to vgc and a competitive player as a staple type core of a grass, fire and water type popularly known as the F/W/G core. These are basic types as you may have learned from those in-game experiences that they do run a cycle around covering each other’s weaknesses, which is something that speaks out for this core on its own. Further talking the type synergies and cores, we may also notice the synergy found between pokemons that are steel and fairy types together, and in this case more importantly the kartana with the tapu fini.
This core usually comes out on top as a mix of defensive and offensive core, the general and the more popular idea of this core is offensive, however certain aspects as well as teams and variants often showcase this core as of having a more bulky approach, overall in terms of usage it is currently the most popular core in usage and is generally quite flexible and can fit in certain number of options from one pokemon to the other. Following are the individual views on the pokemons found on this core:

(Enter Kartana Image here :P)
Kartana is one of the newly introduced ultra beasts in this, (and only) 7th generation. Gaining a tremendous amount of base 181 attack stat it surely can dish out a big amount of damage. There are few aspects that make kartana the most viable and popular ultra beast, one of its aspects being its somewhat useful coverage, however ultra beasts have terrible movepools, but kartana gaining access to moves like sacred sword for fighting coverage and the secondary effect of negating the target’s stat boosts can be effective against the kartana that have gotten the eeveemancy boost or eevee in general moreover it can ignore the curse set-ups of pokemons like snorlax, night slash provides the somewhat lesser important (in current metagame) coverage against pokemons like raichu, marowak as well as oranguru. Whereas its two strong stab attacks of smart strike and leaf blade can cover a big part of this metagame too like gigalith, tapu fini, tapu lele, tapu fini and even tapu bulu, furthermore it can provide more damage to more number of pokemons.
On the more defensive ends of its aspects, it often tends to run items like focus sash, which ask for a more offensive investment in kartana, however can make it survive atleast one attack in a battle, on other more bulky variants like the assault vest ones, the assault vest kartana other than having to keep more coverage have somewhat developed a more modern concept, kartana even with low attack investment can 2hko most pokemons in this format, ofcourse with the exception of the ones that resist its attacks, however having a higher special defense investment that can allow it to survive quite some attacks (not fire types) and keeps up getting the beast boosts as it outspeeds and KO’ing more and more pokemons which builds up its momentum and keeps up its pace.   
Other notes on kartana include that it might as well also be ran with items like z-stones to get important, however more popularly specified on teams, KO’s on oppositions when they can’t get an attack off. Most and all kartana are ran with the jolly nature and max speed investment to at most tie in speeds with ninetales as well as make it to outspeed a big number of pokemons on oppositions.

By the time I write this post up arcanine all round the globe is ranked as the no.1 pokemon in usage, although arcanine has shown itself to be a diverse pokemon with many colours of it, ranging from entirely defensive to staller and to fast and more disruptive options, however on these cores and by the time of writing this, arcanine has most usage in its physically offensive aspects. Getting the control of moves like flare blitz as well as others like wild charge and extreme speed, similar to kartana can hunt down a lot of pokemons in this metagame, most importantly it can cover up pokemons like kartana as well as celesteela and other pokemons like water types with its wild charge and then pheromosa and other sashed in general pokemons like peliper too can come in extremely handy in a lot of situations. These more offensive arcanine ev spreads are complimented with items further like aguav berry which takes advantage of the recoil damage and others keep firium z to score out a big number of damage on a lot of pokemons, some people even use it with electrium z item for getting ohko’s on pokemons on which it barely misses them, these offensive spreads are usually having adamant and jolly nature.
Arcanine also has a bulkier side on these teams, as the person likes with what the rest of his/her team is they may even opt for other options such as keeping a much bulkier variant. In these arcanines can usually carry moves ranging between moves like flamethrower for no recoil and better coverage against kartana, and other more supportive options like snarl and will-o-wisp even others carry moves like roar to counter set-up strategies as well as trick room setups. These arcanines prove more supportive for the kartana and tapu fini other than dishing out damage on their own.  Intimidate proves to be the most supportive aspect of arcanine which sure does come naturally and boosts things like kartana’s defense and tapu fini’s defense against those physical attackers even more.
Just a small note that one of its most bitter enemy is the somewhat recently however low in usage, but significant population of the adrenaline orb milotic, which gives it an essential 3 stat boots that it needs to beat down an arcanine.

Tapu Fini:
Tapu fini is the most flexible out of this core of three pokemons. If you thought the colors of arcanine were much for diversity then you surely were wrong. Even though dependant and ranging between all sorts of variants of offense and defense on or the other way its main job does become to provide offense. Its rarely seen choice specs variant calls out for straight up offense from this pokemon and saves the turns of setup and if you have played before you might have seen variants like calm mind setup pokemons that even come out to be sweepers, however the more popularly seen calm mind set provides a multi-purpose roles dependant on what it is used against, having the move calm mind usually partnered by items like leftovers, can help to wall and stall out some teams that have a lot of special attackers and then with the setups provides further support of more and more offense. Some rarer tapu fini also may carry items like aguav or sitrus berry or other moves like psych up (only with set-up strategies like eeveemancy) and heal pulse, swagger which are partnered with pokemons like muk to benefit them in offense or even substitute for more stalling.
Tapu fini is also flexible and provides a team further options for where and in which direction the team should fall into, most common supports of tapu fini include pokemons like ninetales that can help it out loads in the stalling aspect with the aid of hail chip damage as well as the ever threatening aurora veil setup which makes it even more scary t face, other incoming partners usually even may include the rising population of mandibuzz that can provide support and loads with moves like tailwind, taunt and foul play + snarl which makes tapu fini very bulky, another point to note is that on these teams the mandibuzz usually carry a fairy seed which makes it special defense higher and even makes this pokemon into a staller. This combination can make a wall against many teams right from the start as well as slowly chips them down, muk is the most common partner of tapu fini, taking advantage of its misty terrain the player can use swagger into his/her own muk to give it two stages of attack increase, these sets may even carry moves like heal pulse to keep the muk up for more and more damage.


So guys that was it for this post of mine and hopefully as it was the very first of the series proved helpful to the people looking in for more and more competitive insight on these pokemons when ran together. Hope you enjoyed going through this! Bye for now!

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