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Pokemon Sun and Moon News coverage 9/6/16-9/18/16

Hi guys today ii am back to give my own view on 9/6/16 Pokemon sun and moon news reveal, this has to be the first time that I got to experience this news with the rest so early actually at the time of the reveal I saw it which made the experience much better, I would also cover up the z-moves story and alolan ratata news from before which I didn’t post before this. Without further ado I would get into discussing my opinion: (Extremely sorry for getting the post this late, I had internet connection issues)

Z-Moves and Signature Z-Moves:
Z moves were a brand new topic to us a few weeks ago, but now they decide to reveal more, this news as many of you may know about is about pokemons getting signature Z-moves. There were two Pokemons that will be confirmed to use signature Z-moves, the first one was Alolan Raichu whose signature Z-move is ‘Stoked Sparksurfer’ which seems to be an electric type attack and the animation is surely cool too. Up next was Snorlax getting revealed it’s own signature move, however this other than simply showing that Snorlax gets a z-move it was an event of certain hidden reveals; firstly it was a meme well the other things are serious but let’s discuss the memes first, the name of its z-move is ‘Pulverizing Pancake’ where it makes a pancake out of it’s opponent, another thing was it’s demonic eyes when it gets up to run towards it’s opponents. Now for the other bit, Snorlax’s sprite happens to be sleeping as it often has been shown in the over world in the past games. Also the most important part was that this is a limited event snorlax which has an item snorlium-z which really sounds like a stone, so maybe z-stones or crystals will be replacing the mega stones and the pokemon needs to hold the z-crystal/stone to use that move.

Collecting Zygarde:
A really interesting and also a long predicted or theorized feature of the pokemon sun and moon games is that zygarde cells would be scattered around the Alola region and then it happens to be so, you can potentially contain all these cells by using an item called the z-cube, this allows you to store the zygarde cells; an item given to you by 2 persons outside of the hotel that was shown in the first ever screenshot revealed for the new games.

Pokesnapping returns:
This is also very amazing, now you can use your pokedex to take photos of different pokemons, a feature that has never been seen before and I do keep great expectations from this feature to provide fun and entertainment.

New regional variants revealed:

Alolan Ratata and Alolan Raticate are the centerpieces of this topics discussion, alolan ratata and raticate are part dark and honestly I always wanted to see a dark type raticate because of that dark-raticate card I had, I was always like omg why isn’t it dark yet, but now seems like that pokemon has mended that mistake there, another interesting fact about particularly these two getting revealed alongside pokemons like pyukumuku, morelull really points towards some previously rumored information to be somewhat if not entirely true. Ratata and raticate in this form are both dark normal types, which means that they will be 4x weak to fighting types and looking at their abilities I don’t see them getting any more competitive usage than before and even less though. Raticate in it’s alolan form happens to be the guardian pokemon alternative to the gumshoos that was previously revealed to us.

More new Pokémons (with unordinary names) :


The new dragon type of alola jangmo-o with a tough name to pronounce is then again cute! With having the ability sound proof it would completely block off any hyper voice sylveons in the upcoming vgc formats, jangmo—o is another surprise to me pokemon that is based on a dinosaur and it surely will have a big bulky hammer like tail which I believe that stegosaurus’ have. There isn’t more really to talk out about this pokemon but I feel like in this generation it will be the three staged evolution dragon for the seventh generation of pokemon.

Type: Null

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG cooler than the absol, one of my favorite designs and concepts for a pokemon has to be type: null, the name of this pokemon seems confusing and weird and even at first I though it was a ‘???’ type pokemon, however it is a pure normal type, it’s lure beautifully sets in with it’s name and design. If you look closely at this pokemon you will surely find it looking like a lot of typings, first of all it’s armored appearance makes you think of it as a steel type, it’s front legs give a dragon-like essence, it’s body give the appearance of dark, it’s tail is designed aquatic, and the scaly purplish appearance on its hind legs give effect of it being a poison or a ghost type, in confusion all this, this pokemon was named as ‘type: null’ which makes all the sense and also makes think of this pokemon as a cool idea. If it has a hidden ability, it would perfectly fit to have the protean ability which would go extremely well with it’s concept and will make it much more effective. Type: Null I feel like would be one of those pokemons who have all stats as equal to each other.

Ultra Beasts:

Since we were calming down from all the hype of the alolan variants and the z-moves, they give us the mystery of the ultra beasts, these are pokemons that don’t really have well defined names and are also feared by people hence they are coded as UB-01 and still to come UB-02, UB-03 etc, this scares me very much as it says 0- so there may be like ten or move but I really don’t expect them, so recently when these are being introduced to us, we see the UB-01 which has no typing revealed yet from the first look it looks like a jellyfish, however it has an eerie similarity to Lillie’s hat and hair and as it’s said in this pokemons bio that it’s movements resemble that of a young girl, which is what Lillie is make them even more strange. Upnext are the two forms of UB-02 which are the same pokemons or say ultra beasts, but seem like on is with it’s shell and the other is without, one seems bulky whereas the other seems and is swift these two forms are known as the ultra beast absorption and ultra beast beauty form respectively. I wish that these aren’t like a new array of pokemons but just a few legendaries.

Allies At Aether:

I believe this would be for the first time that we would get allies to counter the evil organization or say in this region the team skull. The aether foundation out of which the noticeable members are three with the rest being it’s local workers. Hopefully the aether foundation will play an important role or maybe a side story role as the silph co. or the looker-ish characters.

Oak’s Regional variant:
Another character is Samson Oak which seems like really is the regional variant of Professor oak from the kanto region, however they happen to be cousinsof each other. Professor Samson oak seems to study the kanto regional variants in the alola region which seems quite a fitting job for him!

So guys this was it for today’s post I will be posting and keeping you updated with more and more pokemon sun and moon news coverage. Bye for now.

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