Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pokemon Sun and Moon News Coverage 21'st September

Hi guys I am back today to discuss with you yesterday’s pokemons reveals, without further ado let’s get into the news, from which we can get or speculate more things:

Game specific monkeys:

There were two monkey species pokemons revealed yesterday, these two were passimian and oranguru:
Passimian from the design is probably my most favorite out of these two, and it was rumored before in potential leaks from which we can see some specific things coming, passimian was the rugby monkey pokemon when I thogt of how a rugby monkey will look like, my mind didn’t gave me the best of picture; however I think this design is extremely well done. As it is known as the teamwork pokemon and as a fighting type does fight till the end, that is why it get the new ability receiver, which comes into effect in double battles. from the receiver ability passimian receives it’s allies’ ability as it faints, this can have potential clever usage for certain abilities like lightningrod, double intimidate tactics or maintaining shadow tag which can be essential to some team strategies, and as the teamwork pokemon I do expect passimian to help out it’s partners a lot.
While passimian works w/ partners being the guru oranguru is, it guides it’s partners through the battle getting the telepathy ability a lot of all-out spread moves will be adapted by oranguru’s partners surely. Oranguru is the psychic normal typing a well expected typing, it gets the new move called instruct which allows it’s target to re-use it’s move, this can come in handy very much if taken reference from vgc to make potential 2hkos into ohkos. Both these apes I think will make into the vgc format.

Rockruff finally evolves:

Rockruff’s evolution was always looked up to because it had something to share in similarity with the starter pokemons and now I think that it is confirmed that the starter pokemons will have two final evolutions which will be game specific for both sun and moon.
So lycanrock is better in design than what I though, the midday (pokemon sun) evolution looks great and swift, it’s ability sand rush can come quite into play, whereas lycanrock’s midnight form evolution is even cooler in looks, it looks like a dark rock though is only a pure rock type pokemon, it’s vital spirit ability can be very viable.

New z-moves:
We were introduced to 2 new z-moves one being pikachu’s catastropika and the other being eevee’s-all-out geomancy (forgot it’s name so just going to call it that :p) which shows usthat there would potentially be z-moves that don’t only do damage but effect stats as well, and my personal believe is that they would give us 3 z-moves for each tyeone for special attack, one for physical attack and a status move that fits the typing well.


So this was just a short post, however I just learned that mega evolutions will be in the vgc17 format as it was said somewhere credible that ‘jangmo-o’s sound proof blocks mega gardevoir’s hyper voice’ hope u liked going through my post, bye for now.

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