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New Pokemon Sun and Moon news and coverage!

Tons and tons of news revealed for the upcoming pokemon main game series’ projects pokemon sun and moon, I feel like I might not be the only one expected that august 1 date to be a little bit of a slow reveal but it did caught me off guard with alot being revealed and probably the most being revealed in one session; let’s get into the news and my personal views on these pokemons, ideas and much more revealed recently:

Alolan variants:
The biggest shocker of this news probably is his one, never did we ever theorize of predict this to come, this is just huge; it gives older pokemons to come out as new one without adding to the actual pokedex, so the theory of these pokemons are that they have adapted to the different climates of alola region and have changed their appearances and some of their properties, there were over five pokemons revealed for this addition as the alolan variants;

Exeggutors alolan is the biggest meme mon right now and I quite frankly feel like it has broken any past records of smeargle, this time it isn’t joking around and packs a dragon, grass typing a combination that only mega sceptile has had the ability to possess before, I can very much see the three headed long head dragon thing here, however I didn’t expect it in this way, I am still confused and even more confused as if this guy is a egg, pineapple, pine tree or a dragon? TPCi better knows the answer to that, it also gets the frisk ability which keeps quite some competitive value.

Next up the family of pokemons that came out from my dreams, this is the second time I’ll claim after charizard x that this is a picture perfect presentation of what I wanted a ninetales to look like and that dreamy ice fairy typing too which will surely hold a lot of competitive worth, vulpix is cute! The snow cloak ability isn’t very big but occasionally can work out well and who knows there might me a revival of abamasnow strategies on th competitive seen

Seeing a steel type sandslash was also dream, my idea was making it a metallic spike ball, but adding the ice type just adds way more to it, alolan sandshrew and sandslash are both very impressive, one thing noticeable if that these are slower than the usual ones, which may make them come out well in trick room strategies as well as make great use of the gyro ball move that it learns, awkwardly enough it also has the snow cloak ability.
Mini speculation theory is that only generation 1 pokemons will be given alolan forms, this will also nicely explain the fact that’s why are pokemon red and blue compatible with pokemon sun and moon so you can transfer the normal forms of these pokemons in from the previous generation games. Rumors about dark ratata ad raticate, water growlithe and arcanine, bug psychic butterfree poison fighting nidoking and nidoqeen as well as normal fighting doduo and dodrio are being around, especially interested in seeing the water arcanine and the dark raticate.

More new pokemons:

Fomantis and lurantis:

Oooo! These are really the best grass types design wise I believe and I just love lurantis, more to it is that lurantis is also a totem pokemon as shown in the Japanese gameplay and reveal trailers. Lurantis also happens to learn a new move called solar blade which I believe most likely would be a physical solar beam (the animation is cool) both lurantis and fomantis have the ability leaf guard which prevents status in sunlight, most likely these pokemons will be seen behind the sun strategy, all these mons with abilities like leaf guard and snow cloak! Maybe they are really trying to nerf out the smeargle strategies, as we saw a barrage of them and experienced how impactful and deadly they can be.

More cute!

Minior which is the meteor pokemon and also sounds and looks like a minion, has a unique rock flying type for such an appearance, it’s sturdy shell does explain the rock typing but the flying type was probably given because they wanted to give this pokemon a new ability which is the most interesting thing to discuss about it as well, the shield down ability works like a systematic stance change ability, when it’s in the shield it has great defenses but when the shield goes down after half of it’s hp is lost, it becomes more and more offensive, can’t say right now anything about it’s competitive value


All my theory and speculation on mudsdale was true seeing mudbray, firstly I felt like that it was a gogoat version for alola, which it exactly was, second I felt a donkey-ish appearance I mudsdale and guess what mudbray is a donkey pokemon, there isn’t much to say about mudbray other than that it is cute!


I just love gumshoos it’s better of an evolution of yungoos as I speculated or thought about and his time it lives up to the name of it’s ability, it is a stake out pokemon, it targets it’s prey by waiting for them until they appear so does describe it’s stance and posture. Gumshoos is also a totem pokemon in the alola region.

Oricrio’s dancing wonders:

First off just wanna say that it looks like a very fan based concept and I have seen lots of them where a single pokemon gets loads of different type combination in different forms and I am happy about the fact that they are giving us what we wanted. Oricorio is probably for me the mot interesting new pokemon to talk about, it’s bio says that it can change forms according to the flower sap that it sips on, giving of the typings as in baile: fire flying, pom pom: electric flying, sensu: ghost flying, and lastly pa’u style giving the psychic flying. It also gets it’s own signature move known as the revelation dance which matches it’s secondary typing dependant on which form it posseses, it’s signature ability dancer makes it copy an foes’ dance moves, I don’t know if it will make two moves in aturn or so but I am really interested in knowing the mechanics of this unique ability.

Riding pokemon:
Yes now revealed that you can ride your pokemons, thought not any pokemon but special pokemons called through ride pokemon services which makes sense, recently revealed mons shown are mudsdale, charizard, stoutland, lapras and sharpedo that you can ride. A lot of people are calling this the removal of hm moves but I feel like that is something that ties the originally of pokemon and they wouldn’t that that away from us also a person probably has to spend some money for the services and I don’t feel like if a person is forced to spend money each time they want to step on unusual land as well as water.

Boss battles redefined:
The most interesting thing about pokemon sun and moon is that there are no traditional gyms which does make me a bit sad but hey here are still boss battles, the way they work are that your have to complete the tasks given to you by the captians (as recently revealed mallow ;grass type, lana; water type; an electric type and a fire type specialist) around the region, after which you have to battle them and then also the totem pokemon which are stronger than the usual pokemons of their kind. Then you can battle the kahunas, hala of melemele is one of them, I don’t know if there is one captian for each island or if there are four separate ones for each island. This all is known as the rite of the island challenge which would have a lot more to do alongside battling.

Z-moves; the crystal revealed:
So ever since the first of trailers we were revealed, we wondered about that mystsrios ring on our trainers’ wrist, this is the z ring which makes poekmons capable of using powerful z-moves specific to each type which can only be used once during a battle, as recently revealed these are gigavolt havoc for electric types, bloom doom for grass types (these both were teased prior to the actual reveal) inferno overdrive for fire types and hydro vortex for water types. This does not explain the long awaited mystery of synchro evolution however it’s something, and I feel like that it will be strongly releated.

That was it for this post guys, sorry that I got a little late as I didn’t had time to properly write this up, hope you liked this, bye for now

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