Tuesday, 16 August 2016

More news on Pokemon Sun and Moon: Team Skull, New Alolan Variants and New Pokemons

So guys once again I am back for covering up some new information released recently on pokemon sun and moon, this time the news wasn’t as interesting as the old ones however it does teases some rumors and their possibility of being true, without further ado, lets get into this post:

Team Skull:
So we finally have the new evil team revealed to us, this time known as the team skull, after a lot of big scary organizations like team flare and team plasma, team skull kinda promises some simplicity as they are literally hoodlums of the Alola region and I do quite like them.
Plumeria has to be my favorite admin for any evil originations shown in the pokemon universe as she cares, Guzma also looks cool, team skull really reminds me of the time I used to play pokemon fire red and leaf green with the huge amount of goons in it made me feel it’d be cool if they were a team and look now they pretty much are one, they don’t look to scheme big and evil but just provide a role of nuisance for the player as we go through the region.

Some new Pokemons:

The new Foonguss:

Morelull really does look like the foongus version of the alola region this time with a cooler typing of grass and fairy. Actually right before the night this pokemon was revealed I was thinking about a grass fairy hummingbird but this came out in a new way of a mushroom, there isn’t much to it competitively as it gets illuminate but that effect spore can be very effective conditionally.


Awww more cute and what’s with this guys’ similarity with drifloon, and pyukumuku is a pokemon that was lately rumored to be ‘a sea cucumber pokemon’ and this pokemon opens up new oppurtunities for recent rumors to be true, such as those starter evolution designs as well as those other type of pokemon designs. Pyukumuku has a fun name as it reminds me of the words puke ad muki (urdu for fist) which it literally is. As it’s appearance deceives it is a water type pokemon and gets that new innards out ability which is a advanced type of aftermath ability, which makes the pokemons lose as much amount of hp as it had when it got fainted.

Wishing the fish:

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!  Best water type pokemon ever, I love the design concept of this pokemon and I feel like it’s so cool that we can get more pokemon with different forms other than those coveted legendaries. Wishiwashi turns from the timid and weak fish to the monster of the seas! What’s better? It is all possible due to it’s new ability called schooling which activates with it’s level, it’s basically like a evolution related to an ability.

New Alolan variants:

First up I’ll discuss marowak, and I don’t like the original art of it because to me it seems like someone took a pencil and drew over an original marowak design however the concept of a ghost type seems a perfect fit for the back story of marowak , I just also very much like the in game animations of this pokemon which makes it look far better from the art. And I also think that this pokemon might get more competitive usage with the typing as well as the cursed body and that lightningrod ability.

Meowth is the favorite alolan variant in this reveal I still use to wonder why didn’t they make meowth a dark type in gen 2? Well atleast they did it in gen 7 there isn’t much to discuss either about this pokemon other than ofcourse it’s cool!

Alolan raichu is the silver surfer pokemon 100% confirmed, this is so amazing! The surge surfer ability is like the swift swim or the chlorophyll of the electric terrain, which surely I think will bring in the tapu koko tactics. The psychic type also helps with it’s offensive stance. I am sure that this pokemon gets significant competitive usage

so guys this was it for this post, i really hope that you guys liked it and i hope yo have a good day. bye for now.

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