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New Pokemon Sun and Moon coverage Thoughts and Theories 7/21/16

 Hi guys today I am back from a break and this time to discuss about the seven recently revealed pokemons, that will be found in pokemon sun and moon games, I am really excited to get these mons analyzed and I was waiting for some time to get my thoughts around on these pokemons and give my view about them other than a reaction post, so let’s start:

Mimicking you Pikachu- Guardian theory

So mimikyu is a pokemon I have probably the most to discuss about, many people may have discarded it’s guardian theory but what I have in mind can make it apply to that reputation but first let’s discuss this pokemon, mimikyu’s design is just so amazing and really excites me the most, what is even better about this pokemon is it’s unique typing which is the first of it’s kind and then it’s ability which basically acts like a substitute and I really love it.
Now for the guardian thing, I basically think this for three solid reasons, so like the confirmed guardian tapu koko which doesn’t looks lke a fairy and magearna which is alost a confirmed guardian gives the look that all guardians will be fairy and looking at something as ghastly as mimikyu I can’t compare it with a fairy typing; second reason is it’s name which stays the same in the Japanese and English versions which gives it the look of a legendary and possibly a guardian; third and most solid point is that like tapu koko and magearna it has the ability to hide it’s original appearance, such as tapu koko clamps it’s arms to form the guise of a totem and magearna can roll up into a pokeball like design, mimikyu hides under a Pikachu like cloth to hide it’s body, that is it for the guardian theory related to mimikyu.

Cool Lizards:

Salandit is such an amazing pokemon too and I really like it’s new unique fire poison typing too, one thing I don’t want it is to evolve it looks really cool and a sableye like pokemon that looks like a solid design and I would love to keep it on my team. The main selling point of this pokemon is it’s signature ability known as corrosion which makes it poison all the pokemons including other poison types and steel types, I don’t know if it’ll form good impact on the VGC side but little knowledge I have from the singles side from watching shadypenguinn’s videos I think that this ability can quite shake up the singles metagame, I really wish that this pokemon could get the move poison gas ability so that I could combine it with hex using partners to make a fun team. Though I don’t know if this ability breaks through others like comatose and immunity which provide immunity to poisoning.

Be aware of this bear:

Bewear is a personal favorite design wise, I don’t know why but I surprisingly happen to like it’s simplicity of design and believe this pokemon will serve as the counterpart to that comatosing Komala mon, as it’s mainly mentioned of as breaking logs to practice for martial arts and stuff, a lot of people also said that this could be a komala evolution  and I can see that connection with it being a norma type as well, and I would love that concept as I like pokemons that change the original appearance by alot during their evolution, bewears size also really surprises me, it’s bigger than a pangoro.
It’s ability is also very interesting known as fluffy which halves damage taken from all attacks but makes fire type attacks do double the damage, after that kind of wanna name it Harshmellow.


Up next the wimpy wimpod a lame name I think for such a solid design, I just love it it’s official description gives it the feel of being a poison bug/ water type when it evolves and it just falls in line with surskit kinda, it’s ability is really cool which can have same competitive usage, it basically acts like a eject button when the hp drops below half, which can be sorta important on some VGC teams regarding perish song survival turns as well as weather resetting but I don’t think it’ll het much usage on that side
I would like to give a word on what I want it to evolve into, it would be super awesome to a see a sea urchin type of design which comes from it’s somewhat spikey appearance, then I can see it being a poison water type pokemon, also it’s ability should act like a red card which is the exact opposite of the wimp out ability’s effects.


Musdale brings back memories to be, so when I was little, I remember we used to have wooden animal decorations around the house which I really liked very much, though mudsdale is made of clay it does remind me of a decorative horse pokemon and I would love to add it to my pokemon party. Thought I sometimes feel like that this pokemon is a little over designed and has me confused on whether it’s a horse which it is mentioned as or is it a donkey/mule like animal, seeing the stamina ability makes me more confused but it’s one heck of an awesome ability as it raises the defense of mudsdale whenever it is attacked which looks really amazing. It’s signature move is called high horsepower which looks really cool.

New Split Evolutions? :

Up next is also a mini kind of theory and since drampa was spotted as the holder of a dunsparce evolution I was sure to make this one out, so let’s get to the point, I feel like that bounsweet is a hopip split evolution whereas comfey is a flabebe split evolution, now I am not just gonna throw it out like that, I feel like that hopip and bounsweet look very much alike with their colour these and the bounce in bouncsweet gives reminder to the hop in hopip, similarly, with flabebe it’s head looks like it has a seed crown on it and if you look at comfey it has very similar hands and the crown projection also arises from it’s head, and for another fairy that has flowers and a mono fair type seems quite shady to me, this evidence does solidify the theory very much.

So guys this was it for my analyses post I really hope you guys liked my thoughts on these and after all this is an opinion based posts so sorry if I didn’t gave attention to your favorites much I’ll be back later with covering some more theories on sun and moon, bye for now!

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