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My Thoughts, Predictions & Analyses on all #PokemonSunMoon Information till 7/7/2016

Hi guys I am back from taking some very long breaks, sorry for that as I had no internet available for like 2 months and then after that I wanted to catch up with the national championship stream analyze the advanced meta and also go through new pokemons released in pokemon sun and moon, and there were a lot so this post will cover all the thoughts I have on these pokemons, as a VGC player I will be also covering their abilities and their possible impact in the VGC double battle format which will most likely potentially be included in this format, so let’s get started:


The Starter Pokemons:

Eh! These are the starters…. ? those were my first thoughts when seeing these and they wee for the last time; the more I looked into these pokemons the more I liked them as the starters of the alola region. Rowlet has to be my least charming one, however I think that a grass flying typing is pretty cool and they could have done a parrot but it isn’t pokemon without any curveballs thrown at us. Poplio was the starter that I thought that I’d choose at the start, but being a fire type lover myself charmed more to litten as being a cat person, if I were to nickname it I would do ‘moon’ as the titles had me shining on pokemon moon more than pokemon sun.

The Legendaries:

So the main legends look awesome but my first thoughts were that Sogaleo was more of a mega pyroar as it looks very close to it and lunaala shone the most out of the two to me, later I exepted pyroar to look better and felt like it was cool as I always wanted a lion-like legendary and they gave me one. Lunala has a really cool vampire-ish like desing which I like more out of these two. The tpings are really confusing to me, well they both can be psychic associated with forces that hold them in their places and then the ghost typing is understandable with lunala which I first predicted to be more of a dark, fairly or something typing; however the steel type on sogaleo is a bit interesting and confusing for me, maybe a part has to do with the sun having a lot of elements ground in it including the metals. Now for the abilities; the full metal body ability provides it immunity from stat drops, more of an evolved form of the metal body ability. While lunala’s ability shadow shield works more like that multiscale ability.

The Guardian and Guardian theory:

So as we know that tapu koko is the first guardian revealed (with ultra weird electric, fairy typing which I thought would be more fitting for a dark, grass, fighting etc typing)  but many including me theorize that magearna is surely the guardian of the manmade/artificial island as it being the manmade and artificial pokemon. The weird as aforementioned fairy typing on tapu koko with a standout name too, points towards all the guardians being part fairy. Similar to tapu koko’s ability electric surge which summons electric field/terrian or some move it’s called, it is also predictable that the rest of guardians will have their own terrain summoning ability and there will be new terrians too maybe!
Now to discuss it’s competitive importance, as a player of vgc I think that the ability will hold great importance I this pokemon is allowed in battle (which I think it would be) in vgc weather archetypes have always dominated the scene, so will the upcoming season when tapokoko and partner legends summon the ability to give boosts to their allies’ and their own electric, and so with the terrain type attacks; this will nerf the usage of deadly sleeping tactics like amoonguss and smeargle in the vgc scene which will attract players to be much more on skill that annoying sleep turn rng if they get into it; Great change you made gamefreak!

Other Pokemons:
First thoughts o all of them were like eh, but the more I looked into them the more I liked them like previously revealed mons; let’s see what I think about these

The Birdie:

Pekipek is obviously the go-to bird of every gen and has a darn cool design to it too, I can’t see it into evolving into something more, hopefully gamefreak gives us what we wanted. I can roughly and very roughly predict the evo to be a part fighting type considering it striking lightning fast with it’s beak.


Yungoos is kewl to, however not a pokemon originally native to the alola region (komala is the probable standard normal type) yungoos gets a new ability which really gets me excited to use it’s evolution in the competitive vgc format, the stakeout ability allows it to do double damage to a pokemon that has just switched in on the battlefield limiting the opponents ease and access to switching in and out of a match; the string jaw ability is also useful and cool. I did made jokes about it getting a noodle snake like counterpart as it’s description says that it was brought in to control population of some other mon species and as being a big eater itself I can sometimes see it happening maybe ;P

Previous gen mons evolve! Or not…..?

Bruxish the ugly fish and the gentle grandpa dragon drampa are to be discovered next in pokemon sun and moon! Bruxish: I mean way such a weird design, can it be the evolution of a luvdisc I’d say yes! Most people are drawn towards drampa being a dunsparce evolution but I’d say that bruxish can add to a un-loved pokemon to make it to the competitive place, main evidence is the lips it has and it’s tail being a heart shaped one, with that sick dazzle ability which negates any priority which can shake up the vgc format by a lot. Drampa also gets two immunities as in ghost and then sap sipper which provides it the grass immunity; the berserk ability is also cool which raises it’s special attack with a negate in HP. Watch out guys! The drampa is coming!!! Have to say that it slightly reminds me of a cartoon series I used to watch as a kid!

This bugs me out! (not really was looking for a pun and it’s a bad one ;( )

So grubbin I have to say is the best mon for the standard bug that we get for every generation it looks so cool and the item I saw it and read it’s description and then saw the plug like shape of it’s body I knew that we surely had a electric bug coming! And so came charjabus enough with the bus jokes already! Chajabug looks really cool to me and marks as the cocooning mon of this gen it’s design is done so smart and it also gets a sick ability known as battery which gives it’s allies a special attack boost I have to doubt if it’s a 1.5 boost but more of a 1.1 or a 1.2 boost. Now for the dangerous bug, vikavolt, which will be placed amongst those rare few who had that electric typing and ground immunity. It’s design also looks the best surely out of any fully evolved flying bug mon that we have in every generation.


Cutiefly’s name surely gives the promise of it’s looks; cutiefly was a pokemon that I felt like had the most neat design of all on that very first look at it, it also gets a new type combo of bug and fairy, not much to say about this pokemon other than mention that it will be put amongst the shortest and smallest ones we saw yet, but it’s cute!


I cringed when tyranitartube called it a pom-pom, it’s a hedgehog for sure you know; I think I must say that this had to be the best pika-rodent typing and ability wise yet for vgc, abilities like lightningrod and iron barbs with that steel typing and electric typing combination can be something of great value in VGC, overall I really love how unique the design is especially when it’s spikes stand.

The Timburr and Rogenrola counterparts?

Last up in this post are the latest revealed mons known as komala and rockruff, before I get into explain the heading I have to say that rockruff is actually taking the place of the mon that the professor introduces us to in the games. Now these two being revealed right by each other and the log pivot in Komala’s hands has got me to thinking is this the timburr and rogenrola line counterparts? Most likely, I know that rogenrola was based on the beldum line however timburr wasn’t based on anything.
Now to further discuss these mons, I think that rock ruff will evolve into more of a search dig mon (the only reason I can associate a dog being a rock type with) and will become a rock ice type pokemon, thoguth I don’t have much hope in seeing this as evolve twice line. Komala I think will become a normal fighting type, it’s ability comatose can also be of great importance as it can provide all status immunity but sleep, however we do have the sleeptalk move and possible chesto rest movesets being there!


So guys this speculation ends right here, I really hope u guys liked going through my analyses speculation as well as what we can predict from them; I didn’t wanted to postpone it all that much and I would have liked to express my thoughts on zygarde forms, the features and the characters as well, but I’ll save it for the next time! Bye for now!

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