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Beach Day : Teambuild VGC 16

Hi guys today after a long long delay I am back with a new teambuilding post, and this is one of my most weird VGC 16 teams in which there is a lot of anti meta mons, bech day is a weird title with no hint of mons in it, but trust me this team has a lot of beach reference moves and mons in it. Without spoiling anything, let’s get into this team:

Teambuilding process:
The starting thought of this team started from the idea of a different combination of the restricted legendaries, I wanted to try something solid and something with a value, rayquaza and groudon was something that I have seen getting used very less and well it is almost to nowhere I talk something of value I mean their offense. Magmortar is a pokemon that I saw also had some unseen potential, especially focusing it’s pairing with groudon and it’s ability to prevent sleep. After that the team went naturally and ended up being ofcourse really weird, lt’s explain the pokemons individually.

The Team:

Magmortar @ Choice Scarf  
Ability: Vital Spirit  
Level: 50  
EVs: 60 HP / 252 SpA / 196 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk / 30 Def  
- Heat Wave  
- Flamethrower  
- Hidden Power [Ice]  
- Thunderbolt

First up I’d like to discuss magmortar as it is almost that it’s kind of a star of this team, magmortar had a lot of fire power and especially that hyper offensive ground + fire combination pin it gave me with groudon was sure going to be epic. Magmortar had a wide variety of moves to choose from and can do a lot on field, such as get rid of steel and grass types, destroy any smeargle variants as well as get rid of mons like rayquaza, salamence and landorus thanks to that hidden power ice that it packs, I think this reasoning is enough to explain why am I using a magmortar on my team. The spread that I choose for it allows it to outspeed scarfed smeargle, with max attack and the rest falls into hp. I chose to give it scarf mainly because it’s normal speed stat wasn’t that impressive at all, it’s resistance to xerneas is also a big reason in it’s advantage to be used. It’s part of my rayquaza, magmortar and groudon core as well.

Groudon-Primal @ Red Orb  
Ability: Desolate Land  
Level: 50  
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe  
Jolly Nature  
- Precipice Blades  
- Fire Punch  
- Substitute  
- Protect

Next up is primal groudon, probably have to say my least favorite primal due to the uncommon and even sometimes un required support it needs on some of those teams (psst! Gravity) however I don’t wanna say that I hate it, on this team it formed somewhat of a good combination as a physical variant. First of all to discuss my big 6 matchup which I had magmortar and pdon on the field 100% of the time magmortar can rid of talonflame, salamence, and resist xerneas as well as counter smeargle too while pdon on side does well solely against the xerneas + smeargle while providing the sun support to this monstrous pick known here as a magmortar. Mag’s fire moves + grodon’s ground spread moves form a really solid offensive pin combination as seen in the forms of garchomp+ charizard and landorus + charizard in the previous seasons as well. Fire punch and p-blade is quite common on a offensive set, my choice for going into using a substitute is beause keeping that rock tomb would have helped my just as much as keeping a gravity + p-blades combination that I do have on this team, swords dance would become more costly on a faster groudon as it immediately becomes the pointer of threat fryour opponents and probably isn’t having the ideal speed to cut through their offense. Spread is simple, the nature choice is quite questionable, I really feel like that on this team 3x of my pokemons have potential to ohko a groudon, so I didn’t needed my own to match wits with them. As I say that this was a problem for me in the previous teams while using physical groudon as it was hard to get ohko’s on other groudons and was also very hard get the speeds right. The speed that i reached with this spread hade more confident as I wouldn’t go up against the risk of fighting a primal groudon on opposing big-6 as well as I would be very confident in going against a groudon on trick room groudons outside of their speed control mode of favor.

Rayquaza-Mega @ Life Orb  
Ability: Delta Stream  
Level: 50  
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe  
Naive Nature  
- Dragon Pulse  
- Dragon Ascent  
- Surf  
- Protect

Rayquaza is surely my favorite restricted slot legendary of this season as I like it’s contribution against other restricted legendaries. For this team it wasn’t a really big question for me to decide what moves to use, my vision was clear what to use. Dragon ascent is a staple for a mega rayquaza and so is that protect. The choice of dragon pulse explains my reasoning that mega salamence is used often to counter a promal groudon, why not give my own rayquaza a dragon move as some do run tailwind over their dragon move, similar to that concept of countering mega salamence, this can also be effective against those ray-ogre teams where common rayquaza’s don’t happen to carry a dragon move of their own, so I can hit them and score a ohko. It was obvious that with a lead of magmortar + primal groudon, I was surely weak against opposing groudons, what can be better than keeping a surprise water move with your own rayquaza? Surf is my choice for that last move, and no water pulse cuz it’s just terrible to be very honest. The only synergy that rayquaza can provide for primal groudon in this team is that it can take those incoming ground attacks for it, cut pogre’s weather to make fire hit steel and grass which are common on those teams, also not to mention the countering to opposing rayquaza’s and salamences depending on what they are carrying.

Jellicent @ Leftovers  
Ability: Water Absorb  
Level: 50  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD  
Calm Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Scald  
- Icy Wind  
- Protect  
- Recover

In all the madness of getting pure offensive pressure on the team, I didn’t realize how terribly will kyogre match up against the first three and don’t ask of them consequences, they will be brutal. The intention for this slot was to provide icy wind form of speed control as I feel like needing it with my primal support or my mirror matches, ideal was that this pokemon was a water type even more preferably with that water absorb ability,this requirement is needed here to switch into kyogres without any forms of regret as well as providing a safe platform on the field for rayquaza to use it’s surf which instead of doing damage to my own will provide hp for my own. This slot of originally the fourth as in this place of explaining and had quite a riot between choosing a politoed or a vaporoeon but then my mind went to something more amazing, jellient. I chose jellicent over others like politoed and vaporoen since it gave me recovery options especially in the late game (I don’t wanna end up there against a ferrothorn) ofcourse the main bulk factor in jellicent comes from it’s anti-kangaskhan typing and stance. Jellicent provided another option to ohko primal groudon upon rayquaza switch ins without playing around with it.

Landorus @ Focus Sash  
Ability: Sand Force  
Level: 50  
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk / 30 Def  
- Earth Power  
- Hidden Power [Ice]  
- Gravity  
- Protect

Landorus incarnate was landorus therian, before I explain why was the change made, it’s necessary to understand why I had this slot. One word simply GRAVITY. That is the word I need to make or say be be comfortable with a primal groudon on my field; this was the sole purpose of this slot, which it can be said that it did. So why was the switch to landorus incarnate from it’s therian form made? I realized that the team really didn’t needed a intimidate user to function also when going with landorus w/ gravity I had to keep something un-efficient like rs + eq and then gravity with protect; as I looked back on my team everything had a spread move of their own and I was not gonna be playing around with a aegislash which surely has a wide guard by any means. To avoid this conflict I went with keeping a landorus incarnate which gave me advantages like the ability to outspeed a kangaskhan, better aegislash matchup as well as the ability to potentially ohko landorus and groudon variants which were a big threat to my own team; hence incarnate be better than the therian form here. Spread is simple with the most sensible moves, I don’t feel like explaining it much in depth after that.

Clefairy @ Eviolite  
Ability: Friend Guard  
Level: 50  
EVs: 252 HP / 212 Def / 44 SpD  
Relaxed Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe  
- Follow Me  
- After You  
- Magic Coat  
- Helping Hand

Last but not least a trusty pokemon that I have used to quite a significant amounts in this format. This team had synergy and stratergy but that damn trick room always gets the best of it, the best way for me to counter a trick room mode in this format is to have a pokemon with after you, so that you can go before them in their trick room modes. Cleafairy fills in the role and fits in this team perfectly; considering the rayquaza + clefairy the very early skeleton of the format had sounds quite amusing and fun to use for me. Most valuable part of this pokemon in my opinion is it’s amazing and one of making ability, firend guard; this ability can allow you to crank up the natural bulk of your pokemons was higher without any ev investment; I loved this ability. The spread is my own standard clefairy one which I have used for the entire season, this spread allows clefairy to live up to 252 atk choice banded adamant dragon ascent from full health. In the actual game there isn’t such a thing however this spread provided that hypothetical approach for up to what clefairy can survive on the physically offensive spectrum of this format


Here I would be concluding my beach day team, I really hope that you guys enjoyed this team and liked it’s concept and probably got some inspiration of your own. I’ll be back with some newer teams, until then, bye!

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