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Making Farily Rough Foul Plays 2 Steel the Game! : VGC 16 Teambuild

Hi guys today I am back with a blog post and really sorry for the long delay as I was in middle of my final exams, basically the most important exams of my entire life, but anyways now back with some really fun teams (that work, just to assure) that I made during these and played w/ in my fun time this team is based around a lot of things that you see in the title like foul play, fairy mon, steel types; and most probably you saw the yveltal and mawile coming without further ado, let’s start this report:

Teambuilding process:
So for the start of my team I needed something new to play, yveltal is a pokemon that I used earlier this season however to my own playstyle it didn’t suite very well I required a more bulkier spread, now that’s to stumbling upon Kyle Cole’s Youtube channel one day I got a assault vest set that survives xern attacks so bingo why wouldn’t I keep it, a lot of people were using kyogre + yveltal which I added and then the team building went on a natural flow from their.

The Team:

Yveltal @ Assault Vest  
Ability: Dark Aura  
Level: 50  
EVs: 236 HP / 4 Def / 44 SpA / 36 SpD / 188 Spe  
Modest Nature  
- Foul Play  
- Dark Pulse  
- Oblivion Wing  
- Heat Wave

First up the ‘deadly’ yveltal. This is my arch nemesis this whole season because of it’s ability to overpower a lot of pokemons and also getting OHKO’d by very little mons in the format, what troubles this pokemon? Xerneas you say? Lol it can be built to live it’s attacks as well. And also the ability of aura abilities to stack gets very threatening. Yvetal’s main job is to threat really both the primal and every other physical attacker. The spread i chose for this pokemon is the most fundamental one I could have personally used in the past I had problems with this pokemon’s bulk but with this spread it’s just fine tuned. The purposes this spread has is to be a special attacker with abusing foul play, even after modest nature the foul play does a lot of damage because of the STAB as well as the dark aura boost and the opposing high powered mons, not to forget my own swagger + foul play tactic. Next benchmarks that it reaches are also interesting one would be able to outspeed max speed invested neutral natured base 90’s i.e primal as well as ho-oh which I felt like was a very solid benchmark; next up the benchmark of bulk which I absolutely love. It can live a 252 +2 xerneas’ dazzling gleam as a spread attack which came in handy while facing those primal groudons aside xerneases. Heat wave was very resourceful and probably one of my only answers to pesky steel types like ferrothron and scizor even mawile from times to time.

Kyogre-Primal @ Blue Orb  
Ability: Primordial Sea  
Level: 50  
EVs: 244 HP / 52 Def / 180 SpA / 28 SpD / 4 Spe  
Modest Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Origin Pulse  
- Scald  
- Ice Beam  
- Protect

Next up on the team is primal kyogre, and probably have to the the primal I like better out of the two because of it’s defense that the weather provides. Primordial sea is always good to have considering how big is primal groudon in this format but for this specific crazy team it’s very very important to have the weather present on the team because it can very well protect my three steel type pokemons from the wrath of primal groudon. Now for the moves, water spout is really fun but having water spout it often gets very invariable to even use that move, especially if kyogre takes any damage I feel reluctant to use water spout, as the team developed I had gravity on the team and changed my move back to origin pulse for consistent damage the spread is simple trick room kyogre spread, however the modest nature would explain if I was ever to use this pokemon behind a tailwind set-up which I will explain why I needed.

Mawile-Mega @ Mawilite  
Ability: Intimidate  
Level: 50  
EVs: 252 HP / 68 Atk / 164 Def / 12 SpD / 12 Spe  
Careful Nature  
- Play Rough  
- Iron Head  
- Sucker Punch  
- Protect

Maw Mawile is da best. Mawile from the start of the season has been my favorite mega pokemon considering how much potential it has in this format. Beating up yveltal, mega kangaskhan, mega salamence; seriously what’s more threatening. Now combine that with dark aura and do it with sucker punch the damage is unforgiving and brutal. Mawile also fitted in with the first two so well as from one it gets an offensive boost and the other provides it a defensive boost in a game. There is nothing questionable about my mawile except for what is this spread for? Honestly this spread can do enough damage to KO the mons that it already can with 252+ investment, the bulk lets it survive a water spout from a kyogre after a sucker punch from max health, which is kinda good since I don’t happen to run groudon to negate the weather here. The rest was dumped into physical defense for the purpose of using this pokemon better in a 1v1 against physical attackers. It’s ability was also very essential to help the yveltal + kyogre combination in terms of bulk.

Bronzong @ Lum Berry  
Ability: Levitate  
Level: 50  
EVs: 244 HP / 28 Atk / 116 Def / 116 SpD / 4 Spe  
Sassy Nature  
IVs: 0 Spe  
- Gyro Ball  
- Trick Room  
- Skill Swap  
- Gravity

Bronzong is also having one of the coolest spreads in this team, bronzing was really one my first thoughts for an effective trick room user in this format but I doubted my own approach to see this pokemon having potential, now it was popularized to fair mounts by some veterans of this community, what’s a better time to use it? My favorite fact about bronzing has to be how well it can do around smeargle + xerneas combination with the help of lum berry which is the reason that us my item of choice. I feel like with this investment it can live attacks from a primal groudon as well as live kyogre full powered attacks, the offensive investment allows this pokemon to 2HKO max speed xerneas after a geomancy set-up. Other things bronzing can do are pretty cool too. Gravity allows bronzing to raise accuracy of attacks like origin pulse and play rough which lets be honest miss whenever you want them to hit the opponents. Skill swap is generally very good for resetting my own primal weather. Bronzing is simple but amazing for sure.

Klefki @ Focus Sash  
Ability: Prankster  
Level: 50  
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD  
Bold Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Crafty Shield  
- Thunder Wave  
- Swagger  
- Safeguard

Klefki should be explained here as a substitution for thundurus’ doings. All I required from thundurus was the swagger and thunder wave speed control form which goes really well alongside trick room as seen before in the form of cresselia + thundurus, but I found my team quite troubled by encore, taunt and well you know it dark void; what’s the potentially easiest and best strategy to pull it off/ use klefli the only second pokemon. Swagger was sort of essential to the team’s strategy in terms of boosting up yveltal’s foul play power, when I ran protect on it instead of safeguard; adding safeguard to this pokemon’s moveset, which opens up a whole new chapter, interesting to this guy and my team’s arsenal which is the safeguard + swagger combination we have seen from a meowstic = groudon team going around. Klefki really added the element to the team which I required. My choice of focus sash felt the best to me as if they are taunting me I can just use crafty shield with a pokemon like klefki, focus sash makes it hang around much longer in battles which helps greatly.

Salamence-Mega @ Salamencite  
Ability: Intimidate  
Level: 50  
EVs: 44 Atk / 212 SpA / 252 Spe  
Naive Nature  
- Hyper Voice  
- Double-Edge  
- Tailwind  
- Protect

Last up on this team is the standard deadly mega, salamence; how could I not go for this clutch mega. The pairing of mega mawile and mega salience on one team is quite dynamic especially because you can switch between a lot of different playstyle and team options. One thing more I love about these to is that you get to have one intimidate user even when not bringing your other mega. Salamence is very standard here but I should explain tailwind being essential to the teams’ strategy. During practice I thought that I was really loosing a lot of mons because my speed was slower than them outside of trick room there was only one way to fix it and a really awesome way; keeping tailwind on salamence; it greatly helped out in the matches I was reluctant to bring klefki.


So guys this was it for this team of mine hope that you guys really liked it and are willing to practice with it, bye for now.

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