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Pokemon Sun & Moon Theory: Kanto remakes & Sevii Island extension.

Hi guys today I am back with a promised analyses post on pokemon sun and moon upcoming big projects. Everyone is speculating the games to be a whole new region and a whole another world. Let me just say this in the start of this post as you probably have read the title, I probably have set a world record by now for playing these fire red and leaf green games the most in this entire world, so probably no one knows them better than me though (kinda) in this post I’ll not only be discussing the possibilities of these upcoming games but I’ll also give logic and some evidence to support my theory on this. Let’s get started:
*spare the absence of caps, and some pics as well :P*

Base of Theory:
Ofcourse the base of my theory is that the upcoming projects from TPCi in 2016 known as pokemon sun and moon games are going to add an extension to the Kanto region leading up to further developing a story in the sevii islands as they still have some mystery left in them and some other things needed to be added as well.

Why do I speculate these to be the Sequels to FR/LG? :
So now let’s get down to the real talk why does it make sense for the upcoming project of pokemon to be forming the sequels to pokemon fire red and leafgreen? The following are some factors to support the base of this child-ish seeming theory; they might just convince you though:

20th Anniversary of Pokemon:
 Selfish to do gen 7 for its celebration? I find the answer there as a big big yes. Seriously why do people speculate a generation 7 to celebrate 20 years of pokemon. A kanto remake would be the most hype. I do get that Pokemon mentioned new Pokemon and new adventures’ terms in their official article on the site but they never ever promised a totally new region. The most sensible move is to ad up to where they started it all, from Kanto region.

Need main legends:
Now there is some difference that seems important like a gap to be filed. In kanto region what I simply wanna say is there are no main Legendary counterparts and so are the names fire red or red and Leaf green or green, Pokémon blue are all based on the dependant started Pokemons. Isn’t this still weird we do get that pokemon advanced from that stage but doesn’t mean this covers up what is missing there. Now might just be the perfect time to fill that empty gap. So imagine if the classics of pokemon red and pokemon blue become pokemon sun and pokemon moon respectively. Not just throwing these out here; you will read further evidence down below.

Pokemon Red, Blue , Yellow compatible with Sun and Moon:
Isn’t it weird to have Pokemon’s first games to be compatible with the future projects. People do think this is weird. This is also the reason why I feel like that pokemon sun and moon are going to be sequels to these games.

Evidence to relate Pokémon Sun & Moon with Kanto & Sevii islands:

First of all I’ll say this again that the plot of pokemon FR/LG Is not vast and some things are still a mystery and quite unclear to us when we play the games. Following is some more evidence:

Revealed Images from SunMoon projects:

There is one significant picture going around which gives you some idea of who are we. It seems that our personal character would be red from the original very first pokemon games. This clearly hints towards the sequels to be a part of kanto region. Also the environment shows a tropical region, such a place could be a part of kanto which is nearly covered in water. Another important detail In that screenshot is Horsea being the main focus along many other water type pokemon, which is speculated to be a new gym, does anyone not give importance to the fact of Horsea being a pokemon native to kanto? Seriously people! This has to relate the games with Kanto.

Japanese symbols for the games and Ruby and Sapphire:

Imagine dying how to find out the sapphire in the sevii islands? Yes it was on six island after all, congrats if you used cut on that weird door to shatter It open. Now if you see the original Japanese symbols for these two games you will notice a blue glowing orb thingie in pokemon sun’s symbol. Similarly there is a red (yellow-ish) orb or gem like thingie present in pokemon moon’s symbol. A such symbol was present in Pokemon X and Y’s title arts in Japanese. These concepts were later revealed as mega evolutions. In the Sevii islands we are set off on a search of finding the two gemstones that ‘pair’ up with each other, these are ruby and sapphire (completely unrelated from pokemon ruby and sapphire, main series’ games) could these relate to the pokemon sun and moon legendaries? Especially as their true importance and origin never got the chance to be explained. I’ll let you all decide.

Dotted Languages in the games & Regi Trio:
So this is another little piece of evidence that relates a mystery in the pokemon world that is left still to be explained. In the FR/LG games and in ruby and sapphire as well as emerald games we see some weird sign language whose alphabets seem to be six dots in a matriculation order of 3-by-2, which exactly match the symbols of the eyes of the regi trio. Interestingly enough we find these spots in both places where these ruby and sapphire are found as well as the chambers of region trio. It seems from this outlook that the regi trio are seem to be guarding these gems or say were set as the guardians of it. This could be significant in the upcoming games.

Codename for project sun and moon, Pokemon Rainbow:
The true source for this is Tyranitartube’s video on the pokemon sun moon gen 7 trailer analyses, and th credit goes to him that this idea came to me from that little thing he mentioned. So he confidentially said that the code name for these games sun and moon was pokemon rainbow. How is this related with sevii islands? If you still not happen to know for whatever reason, rainbow consists of seven colors as well as the Sevii islands consist of seven islands. Further with this when you are allowed access to the first three islands you are given the trio pass, when that reach is extended Celeo replaces you pass with a rainbow pass, which officially relates to the games could this be related? I’d say quite possibly yes.

Origin of unown:
Quite simply it is unknown. Where does unown comes from, what does it mean or tries to say? Unown. Will it be so? Does it have any significance. We still have no idea, but we can count on this mysterious fact to form bases for the next games.

Other Mysteries:
The house in sevii island. What could that old lady be hiding behind in her house, yes behind those boxes? Who knows quite frankly, plz let this play a part in the new games though TPCi there are also other sun and moon references in these games such as a cave named after moon, mt.moon, sun stone is also found in the sevii islands. These all could be related.

How to explain ‘new pokemons’ with remakes? :

All this evidence seems meaningless without this par which I’ll use to tie it up. So let’s consider examples of evolution in pokemon games over time and how are things advanced over time. In kalos fairy types were seen for the first time, later the same type was discovered in other regions as well with pre-existing pokemons, so is with mega evolutions. In sinnoh many pokemons were revealed in the first release of games following up with a list of new ones with the remakes. This principle could apply for kanto remakes as well as for the first time releasing new pokemons as well. I might not myself be in the idea of supporting new pokemons added to the original 151, but sevii islands again could provide the reasoning for it, there might be some pokemons native to those regions as well, which explains ‘new pokemons’ in the upcoming games.

so guys this was it from me this time, but keep in mid that this is also again a theory and will quite possibly still be disproved easily. Let me know your thoughts as well. Bye for now!

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