Thursday, 11 February 2016

More for Magiana: Team Plasma Relation.

So guys yesterday i discussed a thing regarding the most recently revealed pokemon known to us as Magiana. so yesterday my discussion was based around my theory and further evidence to prove it, i was completely blank on this pokemon while i made the theory but now getting a bit more information from serrebi regarding this pokemon and someone on twitter, i think i might just have cracked the code for Magiana.

Man-Made Pokemon:
So yesterday i talked how Colress could have fused a Klingklag and Diancie together like he mixed Kyurem and Zekrom or Reshiram in Pokemon BW2 games, yesterday it was just a theory out of nowhere for me, but now knowing that this Pokemon is specified as a man-made Pokemon, that is pretty much confirmed were this whole thing is headed, and i would also very much like for my favorite region to be fused in terms of a plot for the new Pokemon games.
With all that said, there is almost no doubt in saying what i did in yesterdays post and with this evidence combined it becomes almost proven, and for the first time i can say that we surely 9still maybe) got what gamefreak had for us.

Ghetsis similarities: yesterday i related this Pokemon with being related to a Klingklang and Diancie's combination. but thanks to @Belgipane on twitter i came across the following image which caught my attention and further proves my theory regarding Magiana:

And that right there is further proof for you.
1) The pentagon on the pokemon's body, resembles the pentagon in which the team plasma symbol is placed into 
2) The eye-like symbol on it's head exactly resembles the eyes present on Ghetsis' cloak.

Still think this is not going in the direction that i mentioned? still think this is not correct or atleast relevant either, let me know your further thoughts on it; i might also right up a little plausible story sketch for you guys on the upcoming games, and try to make up a fan-based plot for it? Letme know your thoughts on it. Bye for now, hope you all enjoyed.

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