Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Magiana, a new Pokemon revealed!: Interesting theories by me

So i am freaking out rn cuz there is just so much hype and so much also on my mind to get out to my blog readers about this new teaser for a pokemon which is said to be called Magiana; nothing much is known about what this thing is however it is to be conformed a new pokemon.
So here and let me spoil this for you all (welcome)

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So let me scream out to you my general thoughts o the very first look on this creature which is a pokemon. following are my very first reactions while seeing this:
. OH WOW! Diancie's new form revealed!
. Oh it's a new pokemon, what's it called then? Magianga? oh mageena? nvm is maginia? no It's Magiana. (it is a hard name for me to remember.)
. What is this? Hoopa + Klingklang + Diancie + Yveltal + Xerneas + Vespiquen pokemon thingie.
. So are they really gonna repeat design ideas for pokemons in the new generations, this is a bad idea for a pokemon.

so then i put all my bad  thoughts aside and actually thought of what might it actually make sense with, and then came to my mind something crazy but if gamefreak really wants to throw curve balls at us they won't be likely going for something and only thing already predicted by fans like pokemon x, xyz or pokemon xz and yz or vise versa games, they will go for something to surprise us very much and blow us all away; going back to my favorite generation which would be Unowa, i can very clearly notice alot of gears in the background as well as one on the pokemon's head, and ya'll know what it reminds me of a Klingklang very clearly. why is this relevant to what my theory about Magiana is? you'll get the explanation. when i mention Klingklang someone closest to klingklang is reminded to me, the person who uses it as his signature Pokemon and also is an inventor in Unowa; most of you guessed it and the one who is popular among the Pokemon game community, Colress.
  Why do i blame the innocent Colress who wants to show the world his inventions for this madness called Magiana; a big highlight from the BW2 games were the items DNA deplicers which mixed up reshiram or zekrom with kyurem; couldn't such an invention be made again? most likely yes.
I might still sound crazy but what is colress mixed up diancie and a klingklang through such a device and magiana was obtained as the product, there should be one more game before we head into a new generation are they really gonna make the most expected thing which are kanto and kalos remakes? not really but do something even crazy, a crossover between two regions in this case which would be Kalos and Unowa; Colress being community's fan-favorite of an antagonist might as well make a vengeful and flashy appearance in the new pokemon games.
i do have some other evidence to relate that this theory maybe is possible, so throughout the ORAS and XY games' release there were significant mega evolutions introduced from each generation, but what for Kalos and Unowa? non yet (except the one from each gen though); this solid evidence might forecast such a sequel to the pokemons' main game series.

So what are your takes on this freshly appearing new face to the pokemon word 'Magiana' hopefully you guys are also very excited for more info to be released o this and for me to inform it to you. Hope you liked my analyses for theories on this Pokemon. Bye for now.

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