Sunday, 13 December 2015

Thoughts on VGC 2016 Rule-set!

So hi guys, I’m back, but this time for a very unusual and brain-melting-ish thing here, so as you see from the title I’ll be putting forward my thoughts and it has been like a n hour or so from which I am writing this up after reading through the rules and yes I am still freaking out  by what has happened. On a post in I made a prediction rules post, where I wanted the legendaries to be allowed again, and well that has summoned. It had a much bigger impact on me than I thought it would. So let’s get into what I think:

A New Format:
Yeah we finally got what we were exicted about the rules of the new format; what are these? Legends allowed! TB 2010. Well not all legendaries, as a group all the legendaries hat are not available to catch in the games or are event exclusive are excluded from the list that VGC 2016 players can use up. This brings up a lot of new possibilities for the new format I was really feeling down and broken at first but just wait for a meta-scale to get set and then I’ll reign supreme. Well I might but not RN. My first reaction to the ruleset was when Katniss hears about the Quarter Quell happening, OMG this was really freaky at first but for now I’ve settled myself down and looking at it positively.

Rising Trends:
Seriously I called some of these things out before they even were a thing. Things like power herb geomancy xerneas are on showdown right now being spammed everywhere. How could their not be weather wars in the format? Each team might have the variable for the 2nd legend slot however each team is having weather wars! Like how crazy is that! Also I can see increase and more cresselia thundurus combos mainly related with how they turn around weathers and how do they stop the ever-growing set-ups. Some other things I see coming are mega-mewtwo-x who are basically made to counter kangaskhan, with it’s usage at rise mega-mewtwo being the fastest mon might be able to take it down easily.

Meta-Meter Shifts:
Last season was like a bulkier format and it went even and even bulkier as we came near the end of the season, by which I mean post-worlds. Most of the teams in this format were super bulky and very hard to take down. Now with the complete change the rule-set for 2016 brings I can see a big change in the bulkier way the meta was once played. Now with the main mascots of the franchise released even the bulkiest spreads nd mons may go meaningless and so would it be known as a big decline in usage of troll set-up strats as well as the nuisance of perish trap teams. All will go overpowered and overwhelmed by the hyper-offensive style that this meta will probably play into. Mark these words

Personal view of the new format:
Well i had always wondered to myself that if there were a format I’d like to play into I’ll probably get these over-powering legends into VGC, exactly TPCi heard my call and had it made legal, this feels like living what once was a dream to me. I felt really down and felt like not competing this season at all, but then I saw some matches related to it and then played a few ones myself with a silly yet quite synergistically strong team of mine and really loved the format as so far my record stands 2-0. Therefore I’ll be looking forward to competing this season and throwing random crap ideas at myself and reigning supreme with them. to be honest I have taken some useful notes and the season’s meta sketches and have a team in my mind that I’ll be posting as soon as I wave good-bye to the 2015 season properly as I felt like it was such a season of growth for me and really would be liking to owing it some back.

Growth of VGC:
Well this is seemingly nonsense in this post but seriously if I date back some years, mainly whence I started VGC from playing in-game only I was really tempted to bring my reshiram and mewtwo to the competition. Similarly many people may play pokemon but aren’t interested in VGC because maybe they don’t get access to some of the strongest things that they see. Strategically this could be a good effort to pumping up the growth of VGC as it attracts more players to the format by the rule-set change.

Good Luck! :
I gotta say this good luck for this new amazing season that comes with quite some twists, I can already see the m-ray is boring and weather wars are boring as well arguments coming to the community, so stay strong in defending yourselves and for sure just have tons of good-luck for the new season and have a good one, may this season bring tons of successes and new experiences to you as I wish the same to myself.


Well the start of this season does bring down the confidence in some individuals and gives rise to other’s, most people are quite confused with how they will play into this season but personally I find so much joy in it and loved it. I’ll love to know your personal thoughts on it!

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