Saturday, 10 October 2015

Future in Fusion!? Pokemon XYZ Theory

Hi guys i am back with a post discussing fusion in the future of pokemon, this may seem unreliable or just a pointless argument, though stick around the post cuz i have collected some evidence hinting towards it and alot of it.

History's Hint:
so whence first gen 6 came out the idea of mega evolution was revealed but has anyone noticed on the basis of what? let's put together some examples:
Unnamed creature
this is a picture of a pokemon idea that was rejected and as it looks like a prototype of hitmontop, it was mainly acknowledged by theorists to be somewhat related to clefable but was rejected back then. but why am i showing these? this signaled a 4th stage of evolution, which later came to us as mega evolution and accepted as a new idea. another example is the following:

Unnamed turtle
this again came to us as tirtouga, but it was rejected because it looked like the evolution of the squirtle chain, which again came in as a 4th evolution idea getting rejected. now this all was for the mega evolution history proof, now let's talk the history of fusion getting announced with reference to such examples:

Raikou / Suicune
this is a rejected raikou + suicune fusion idea from about around the same times (the past) the following is also a idea of a blaziken and latias fusion:
Blaziken / Latias

these things do proof that there was little somewhat official background to fusion in pokemon as well.

XYZ Teasers and Relation to Fusion:

now comes the heart of this discussion, so this whole post seems trash without disscussing these few important points in the teasers for now there are numerous things revealed, these are:
1) Zygarde Forms (formed by core/cell gathering > fusing together)
2) Ash's Greninja (merged with the design of resembling Ash)

now these things may seem official but true that there is gonna be some fusion in the new games going on, now let's head into what i think about the things that are left unrevealed to us by now. so if you guys know i did made a silhouette revelation post and mentioned about the XYZ relation as well i am here to further stretch that discussion.
 Now we know that Xerneas = Life and Yveltal = Death similarly Zygarde = Balance (b/w life and death) this point and zygarde's 100% form should be picked up to get the argument i place here. there wasn't ever much to Xerneas and Yveltal and also their relation with Zygarde. Zygarde's new forms also make a debut adding alot to what we got from pokemon X and Y.
i am basically gonna put forward the idea of yveltal and xerneas being a part of zygarde 100%'s existence. How? well there is some evidence i have to make it plausible. from zygarde cell to zygarde 50% it's basically we don't see something not hinting towards the zygarde cell, but as soon as we hit zygarde perfect 100% we see a clear reference.
yes! the red and blue colour that it has on it's body, representing yveltal and xerneas. It's also more likely to be the case as he words in it's description say "it's power exceeds yveltal and xerneas"
Well something more too, just like gen 5, where reshiram and zekrom came from kyurem > Original Dragon, it can also be the case that zygarde's other half from zygarde 50% is xerneas and yveltal on a split of 25%-25% as we never witnessed any zygarde cores/cells scattered throughout the region as mentioned. all along basically i was trying to say zygarde 100% is formed by a fusion with help from a side theory of xerneas and yveltal being part of Zygarde.

Now let's get to another thingie yes! Ash's greninja that was a big part of this reveal long ago, many people, including me got it as mega or cosplay greninja, however the original descriptions mentioned "Ash's Greninja" and then when TPCi revealed official info on it it said that ash's greninja took on his look because of some sorta strong bond b/w these two which sounds totally awesome, also that this phenomena occurred many years ago (similar to the origins of mega evolution in Kalos)
idk how this will be implemented into the games or who knows if it would even make it to the games, gamefreak better knows.

Fusion idea in pokemon?:
just like i mentioned some things on the basis of which mega evolution could have been derived. from the older rejected prototypes, and so possibly could be it for fusions as the evidence clicks, but in a different manner just like from 4th evolution> mega evolution, fusions might come by another name if these merging mons kept coming.

So, well this post is just another theory, i found out that Gamefreak was gonna reveal more this week so i decided to put up my theory before it actually went correct, anyways as always hope youguys enjoyed! Bye for now!

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