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Pokemon Theory: Zygarde Forms, Cosplay Greninja and New Games!

Hi guys back with another post *Thank God* this time with quite a perfect timing from the reveal! Let's jump into what are my ideas, for which you probably entered in the post *the Title* Let's get started!

Author's note:
This was supposed to be up 4 hours early than when actually it was posted, the power was out and later i got distracted by homework and stuff, so it's kinda written 4 hours ago *telling this to prove i am not lazy -_- *

The Leaked Images:
There's so much! OMG

New Pokemon Games:
Well in this poster we get three letters prominent, which are intended to be XY & Z written as such, which most likely are the new names for the next games. as we already know that pokemon won't ever go with the titles ever suggested by the community such as popular rumored titles i.e X2 Y2 or just simple pokemon Z, it is quite a clever, however weird and a title that also makes sense to the new zygarde form (as i will explain ahead) and it's funny how such the idea of a title missed from under the communities' nose. Well what we learn is that the new game is supposedly Pokemon XY & Z

Zygarde Form/s:

So this teaser silhouette isn't showing the case what it actually is, after all that we got the weakest form of zygarde (unnamed green blob) that i did a theory blog about. and now we see the revealed form of this mon (the final strongest form), which is quite a surprise. however there are stages b/w it and the weakest form, of that cool doggy mon (that i want bad) and quite possibly the flattened blob, which i don't think is prominent as compared to the blobby blob *argh! this is soo confusing to read* one other thing that i can see here is the 4th stage of evolution beginning in pokemon, which will be brought on the scene with kalos remakes.This theory isn't that solid and will soon be proven wrong i guess.
this is what is on the community's mind as a whole:
Zygarde has 5 forms confirmed so far: "Zygarde Core" (Blobby thing we've seen), "Zygarde Cell" which is a flatter version of Zygarde Core,  "Zygarde 10% form" the dog looking thing, "Zygarde 50%" (the regular Zygarde form we've seen since the release of XY) and finally... "Zygarde Perfect", or the silhouette figure we've been trying to guess for 2 months now. All forms retain the Ground/Dragon typing as well.


So apparently alongside this whole zygarde thing, there is a weird looking greninja, at first i was like what? and then i was lie ok a weird greninja, as i observed it clearly seemed at first that it was mega greninja, as it was also in the poster alongside Alans mega char-xso i though it would make perfect sense for it to go mega in the anime, as ash's and his' bond is strong.
Well then i was at twitter and heard that the translations tell it as cosplay greninja, which at first disappointing me, however now i think of it i know so that there will be some new moves,ad cosplay pikachu forms also get their special moves, as far as it fits in the anime, ammm... it would suck if a cool greninja dressed up like that, but with Senpai in anime (i believe that is his weird name) also having a greninja and being a reccuring character it should fit in, as ash's older mons like Sceptile, krookodile and something else if i am forgetting it have had their cosplay-like thingies.

XY & Z Relation:

So this is what i mentioned above. looking at the zygarde form (the final one) it's colouring seems strange and makes sense sometimes. you can clearly see the blue and red on the opposing sides and yes that does not mean north or south poles to me. for me it mainly hints towards the title and what the form is: the blue is the representation of xerneas (life) and the red for yveltal (death) which symbolizes to me as the balance of life and death, and as zygarde is the one maintaining the balance b/w both so it goes well with "life,death's order" with the form that the title hints us. and prove me wrong idk bou the back story of these mons but could it be the fusion of xereas, yveltal and zygarde 50%, and if thinking the other way around, 'life' splits from zygarde to form xerneas and 'death' splits from zygarde to make yveltal?
Another theory of mine regarding this new form is if it's a fusion b/w volcanion and zygarde which comes up to me as 'the order of destruction' which comes up with the habits of these two when fuse together, which can be a problem for kalos in the future games. Saying all this considering the fire, water typing and zygarde's coloring, but the title disproves of that, pokemon has thrown curve balls at us so it could be the case.

So here are my two cents, i guess which is enough and enjoyable for you to read. also something i wanna point out is that you guys should now keep up to my blog, as more and more theories are coming out as the revelations on the topics begin. Hope it was good. Bye for now!

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