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Musical Death in Pokemon: Belly Drum and Perish song Analyses! Part 2

Hi guys this time I finally am back with a long awaited post. The first time I came up on the blog with the first apart of this post which would be belly drum analyses and for a few reasons apart two didn’t went up but now I am here with this post to shine with. This part on this overall post will be the last explaining the bits of perish trap and also what it brings so let’s get started:

Perish trap:
Perish song is a very unique move or should I say an extremely rare yet deadly and difficult to play archetype to play with or break through. it hasn’t been something considered a big thing but it can be the biggest move if played correctly, the fact that perish song gets a lot of negative commentating it has often been overlooked as building perish trap requires a lot of time to do so the team-building. Perish song isn’t a move until it comes down to the term of perish trap teams. This term is dedicated to the teams who make extremely well use of this move. Perish trap requires a lot of careful thinking and extreme skill for the player who uses the team to activate the trap. The effects of this move are as following:
“All pokemon that listened the song will faint in 3 turns”
And let me make it clear switching in is the only viable thingie to avoid it’s effects. I personally like to call the move’s archetype perish detch as it’s effect statements might have told you what it really is and what can it haunt your dreams with. Though switching n and out seems like an amazing thing and comfortable to in competitive pokemon the most so why is it so deadly and irritating? I’ll be shortly getting to that topic and also how to escape the so called trap, but first get on to what makes it good:

Good pairings:
Shadow tag ability:
Shadow tag is a great ability to abuse the effects of perish trap/perish song’s effects. Because of the fact that the ability’s job is simply to prevent switching from the opponents side that statement alone would be enough to narrow down a stretchy discussion on it. It is a very rare ability to get, only some like gothitelle and gengar both able to use protect and the move make effective use of the strategy, other than that wobbufet lags behind much more for the reasons not acquiring the specific move protect.

Clever/annoying pokemon and moves:
Each perish song team has it in their back pocket. Or say obviously hidden tricks that u would know after playing around with it. Some popular choices to discuss are liepard and intimidate with scrafty and arcanine mostly also with snarl. The job of perish trap team members is just not to faint so these contribute greatly in their success.. control of weather e.g politoed. Hence you just wanna stall out everything but don’t attack, it can or can’t be easy to pull of all these awesome choices in a single team that you build.

Defensive EV’s:
This thing counts a lot especially in this single archetype. Since you don’t wanna end up 1-2 or even sometimes 2-2 and wanna stay 3-2 or say 4-2 explains why it is so important. This thing counts in as a great option to go for in perish trap teams. Alongside this protect is a most-must and then whereas we talk stalling out the three turn timer on the battle field. Speed doesn’t matter a lot as most of the perish trap teams can opt for the trick room option to outspeed any opposition.

Good Perish singers:
This mon surely has some of the best reasons for ever being on this list. The fact that it is the only pokemon that gains access to having shadow tag and the ability to perish song makes it a much better one than most others. Though the thought that mega gengar is a frail-most frail mega’s of the format a recent bulky spread from Wolfe Glick came out that fixes most problems with it especially with intimidate combined on the teams as a usual.

Politoed on such a team with no attack rules, kinda… can prvide often great defese against fire types in the format (usually meant to be extremely offensive and provide overall weather disruption to punch holes in your opponents strategy. A recent found fashion of the rain-trap a collaboration of rain and perish trap, politoed is one of the perish singers on the team. Politoed is also one of a very few pokemon that can learn perish song and then brings great natural bulk with it, all tha makes it a strong contender for fulfilling the purposes of your strategy.
Now I would wanna put forth some pokemons I have worked with in the past, that can make use of perish song greatly on such typical teams.

Dewgong is basically an amazing pokemon. The fact that it functions greatly on such teams is that it brings perish song, obviously what we are talking about here but with further great natural bulk it also packs the moe fake out that can help greatly in stalling perish song turns. Atop of all that good stuff it brings, lando-t the most threatening threat to m-gengar as a must for such teams it can drop it in one shot with a STAB no-investment ice beam, + it packs the thick fat ability helping it’s bulk factor or that  hydration ability that can help it with politoed and resting (healing) consequently.

Don’t think this is supposed to be a joke. Jigglypuff has what it takes to be on such teams and I had drawn my conclusions from it. Jigglypuff can bring perish song along with the amazing friend guard ability that it’s evolution wigglytuff won’t get, instead it gets replaced by frisk. In such teams where u don’t wanna die friend guard is the best friend of yours. The jigglypuff I ran took advantage of TR and constantly healed back up with wish making itself unbeatable in most matches, it can take any dark and ghost hits for m-geng and goth thanks to the fairy/normal typing J is it enough proof yet? *psst use eviolite on it*

Good stuffs on the archetype:
Intimidaters (from 1 to 2)
Perish song users (2 on most)
Encore + disable combo
Shadow taggers (two or one *varies*)
Redirection support (1 or 2)
Weather disruption in defensive favors.
Fake out support (1 to 2)
Speed control Trick room is suspected 100%, hence most teams opt for bulky fatter/slower mons)
Usual pokemons apart from singers: Gothitelle, Raichu, Liepard, Arcanine, Amoongus, Azumarill, Togekiss (other redirection options)

How to beat it:
So now comes the part where mostly of you wanted to come, kinda if you hate these teams. Following are some of my own effective ideas to counter these annoying teams:
. Volt switch or u-turn slower usually can help in purposes.
. Taunts (obviously shuts down the whole teams if not well prepped.
. Roar (to swap ove shadow tag mons and make switching in and out from your side much easy or even roar your own self, it works through protect and on ghost types as well)
. Ghost types can easily escape the trap any time e.g Aegislash.
. Feint (breaks protection especially something what these teams do to survive.
. Playing hyper offensive to faint oppositions and fail the trap as fast as possible.
. Making spot on Switch in predictions (something again these teams love)
. Mega kangaskhan with inner focus (H.A) can put a lot of work against it or even count in competitive milotic or defiant since intimidate is common.

This post finally comes to an end here it was a fun time writing especially this post because I have a love/hate relation with these two hating when facing and loving when using though some wanna make use of these and some want to counter these so this article will be quite a fair guide to both those players and best of luck using and countering these two absolutely destructive moves. Hope you enjoyed going through the post and the first, not probably the last series on my blog *lol, it was only two parts :P*. Bye for now!

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