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World Championships Recap! (Opinion Based)

Hi guys i am back with yet another post this time i am writing for the purpose of what the title says. this post should've been done some time ago but i didn't had enough time to put it up early, so anyway here it is. in this post i will discuss the madness that happened at worlds in my own opinion. Let's get started:

What we learned:
So i have heard from the "TOP PLAYERS'" mouths that metagame is there for a reason and no one gives a grimer about the ones who use picks from the non-meta, well ok i get it and you win this year............ just take you reward on it because metagame crushed us over with (as said), however funnily it wasn't really the metagame most expected to see at worlds, so it is kind of quite non-meta right? prove me wrong again a thousand times but i'll explain from what i think.
so most meta-lovers (who i don't hate for being anti meta or something) have the upper hand on the argument that non-meta is completely disproved and proves that there isn't any usage or room for these stupid ideas jerks like me use Smile while on the other hand there is a side who failed *i won't count in myself on the list, and will tell why* and were completely crushed by why wasn't there a boost on the non-meta side this year and have lost faith in their favorites like Sejun Park and Ashton Cox even. so we know that there were players like them who didn't brought non-meta choices other than Ashton bringing his 2014 staraptor back and Sejun had an ordinary team just like everyone.
I think we were both neutral and there were surely some points i would like to discuss which come the following:

Worlds metagame:
So now comes something we didn't expected to see, you reading this may take it as there was metagame's domination and some others might click to the fact of there was no non-meta rocking this year however there was a perfect balance of both and here's why: Don't tell me you ever though that mega-kangaskhan or was gonna dominate and win worlds if ever in 2014. and don't also tell me you expected to see assault vest landorus therian in such a vast usage. were there any viable ideas for TR mega kang in your mind? i mean just even viable? was cresselia considered a threat really before worlds?
I'll make my point which is that many people used the trends that others weren't likely to see and then brought them in the game and crushed everything. because i'll state: landorus was the prey to a single ice beam from any of the variants on your teams of even the weak HP ice, cuz it's 70% scarfed right? not anymore. mega kangaskhan isn't the best mega in the format really, before worlds so i'll just dedicate a team that handles it by nature other than keeping hard checks and counters to it. this is what turns out to be the situation and then everyone and their teams knew they messed up on the builds (talking from US' perspective here, don't know all the metagames) same was the case with the vast usage of Shuca berry heatran this year.

Disappointed by Top Finishes? Not much fun?
Now before you even step into this place i'll warn honesty it was a wrong statement you made there. so most of you saw hardly those 10-12 pokemons on a glance at the team, though stepping into their movesets and item choices their respective players gave to them was just un imaginable and a crazy though you might have skipped like a hundred times. yes! and that stuff dominated this year's worlds.
Want proof right? i do have some and here it is: Shoma's safety goggles thundurus with swagger; also his energy ball + sunny day amoongus and overall a trick room team which only greatly benefits amoongus by it's speed negating nature tran and kang were modest and adamant respectively. Still not enough? Our worlds runner-up Hideyuki had a volcarona on his team, HP cress, shadow sneak aegislash (which seemed a popular trend from Japan's side, Focus sash Landorus-t, Yosuke ran the crazy idea of double substitutions with heatran and aegi, LO landorus, quick attack, helping hand pixie plate sylveon (which you won't ever see). Nauhito had an entei (explained) and don't count out the crazy thought of trick room in presence of an aegislash on the team (that is an idiotic idea, as stated by most). Lajos (ah! finally not a japanese player!) ran tail-room, which couldn't ever even be imagined to have such great success in this current format though, Rotom-w on his side had toxic and electro webb SmileDaichi's rock tomb *YES ROCK TOMB* landorus-t. and then finally Diaki's no speed control team, with an offensive/no-support at all cress. Hayato had a double crazy speed control idea with his icy wind and trick room cresselia.
so probably if you aren't any more stubborn this much proof was enough for you that you wasted an opportunity of joy. the reality of these teams is much more crazier and different than how they may seem at on the top. and don't argue me with the point that you didn't got to see your Pachirisu version for 2015.

Japan's Domination; where the heck was US this year:
We all know this happened and probably this was really supposed to happen as soon as we jumped into top 4, it was all locked and set-up for the whole season that Japan would take hope the title of World Champion. though i have heard quarrels of people who were disappointed to not see their favorites (from the US' side) and others too from their respective hometowns. and know these people will complain that there wasn't even much variety in the top cut which sounds like an idiotic and childish excuse of how worlds turned bad for you. in my opinion Japan was one of the best countries in pokemon VGC. well i mean we all know how torturing and hard their qualification systems are and that readies them to fight back almost anyone. for the past two years i have been seeing Ryosuke Kosuge making top cut consequently but not getting the win for Japan. this year there was just like a flood of Japanese players that is known to us in the form of "Japanese Domination"
Japan is a country where pokemon originates from and they took it home finally this year. Japanese sets are called weird as you may have heard really but things like trick room mega gardevior, the ever so popular sand that was spread to US known in the form of Japanese sand was dominating US' own nationals right. well turns out these people had their own ways to counter things like usuals of the meta at worlds and then had their own trick up in their sleeves to amplify their own complex and diverse strategies. even though japan dominated no simple pokemon on their team (except amoongus mostly) had shared the same traits similar to another one's.


So this is it! here you guys had my opinion on pokemon world championships this year. it was a big shock/surprise for e in the positive way and if you take a moment to look into it it would be quiet interesting as i explained. Hope u guys weren't fired up by my opinions and respect each other's opinion on it too. Hope it was worth the read. Bye for now!

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