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Pokemon Musical Death: Belly Drum & Perish Song Analyses Part 1:

Hey guys i am back with another post this time coming to you presenting analyses on two of the most versatile moves that are single-handed the cause of making you pick up easy wins. these two moves are funnily related with music reference, One being belly drum and the other being perish song. i have seen alot of analyses' for different types of pokemon and teams but never for a move, so i decided to do one, i think it's more for the intro let's dive into the analyses:

Belly drum:
Belly Drum.png
belly drum is basically the move of win condition. belly drum users alone have the potential to wipe out full teams against you. Belly drum is quite a rare move that some get and even fewer put it up to effective usage. The effects of the move are as following:
" The user cuts it's own HP into half and maximizes the attack stat"

The statement explains why it should be used and also what it is. Belly drum is quite a rare occurence in the meta ad if we talk specific meta let's just say azumarill, and it's specified partners.

Good pairings:
There are some things/steps to make it work out in the VGC format to start up we will be discussing some important points for the belly drummer

Redirection Support:
File:Rage Powder V.png 
Belly drum users are also automatic attack magnets and your opponents main focus to take down as a first. hence under such great danger even a 70% health mayn't be able to survive heavy attacks. to set up belly drum in the first place requirres redirection support for the variant some teams are really built around belly drum redirection, featuring the popular raichu + azumarill lead, other aqquire optionaries (a word i just built up) with side support like amoongus, togekiss , clef or pachi for the purpose.

Sitrus Berry:
Sitrus berry is the first step closer to using belly drum effectively. hence belly drum cuts the users HP in half the best bet is to make a recovery, the best item would be sitrus berry. as belly drum makes the 100% HP a fifty percent sitrus berry gives it back up to 70%  HP. hence after about a 70% HP this pokemon gets a chance to deal some damage other than being knocked right out.

Fake Out:
teams who do not opt for redirection and take belly drum as an optional thingie, they also use fake out support to utilize their strategy. Fake out blocks one attacker the best scenario if the opponent lead with a support variant to set up belly drum.

Best belly drummers:

Azumarill has a fairly good chance of being encountered in the metagame. As it is a part of it. This wstatus makes it worth a count to counter on your team. Azumarill is known as the best pokemon for the job considering it’s great paring with the extreme annoyance raichu. . it is the most popular thing seen on teams based around the idea of Belly drum. Raichu pairs up by using fake outon turn one while azumarill sets up belly drum, from side raichu absorbs any electric attacks making their way to azu thanks to lightningrod, raichu also locks opponents into bad moves by using the fast move encore e.g status moves which make it a great option. azumarill packs a priority +1 aqua jet that compliments well it’s bulk factor and specially against aggressive fast attackers.

Slurpuff is my favorite when it comes to this stuff, it synergizes with belly drum extremely well, you may not be completely familiar with it at all. But it is very underrated I think. What makes it soo great? It’s ability paired up with sitrus berry and belly drum is the best thing that can happen. Unburden allows it to double it’s speed on item loss whereas t get’s +6 attack and wrecks through whole of teams. It gets the move drain punch with which it can make it’s 70% back up to 100% quickly with the +6 atk. Stab +6 play roughs hurt extremely bad too. In my opinin the best partners for it are amoongus which redirects many of it’s weaknesses. For nothing.

I have seen bits of belly drum extremespeed linoones and can’t count out the duo poli team with kang+poliwrath lead following a fake out + belly drum next turn switching out into politoed and doubling poliwrath’s speed with the swift swim ability.

How to beat it:
These are some of my own ideas I think are good for the purpose.
. Usage of spread moves to lower azu down to 50% or less to fail belly drum.
. Using the popular inner focus + taunt combination, some personal picks umbreon, crobat, sawk all are good for the job.
. Use of the faster fake out + taunt.
. Using quick guard + taunt/ safety goggles + taunt.
. Using topsy turvey on azumarill (malamar J)

. Usage of simple quick guard to block the +6 aqua jets from azu under the category of BD’ing and       it’s repo of largely using aqua jet after it.

this post which is the first divided into parts, here comes to an end. the reason i did so was, that i couldn't have written all of it and it was a long time that i putted up a post, while working on other things too, the next part will be out soon. Hope you enjoyed! Bye for now!

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