Monday, 24 August 2015

My Worlds Diary! (Aug 21st - 24th)

Hi guys I am back with another post as promised soon after worlds. This post would be like a diary I wrote for what happened and what was my experience watching worlds, and by that I don’t mean that I attended worlds, just watching it over to stream (as planned) what were these three important dates like for me and what were my feelings towards the poke things that I faced in the days

Day 1:
So the week started and everyone was hyped already so was I as I thought there weren’t gonna be any interruptions b/w the streams and my school timings as it was planned on a weekend, but as days passed things worsened much much more. As to start with a first our internet package finished on about the start of 20th which would be Thursday which as time progressed I realized and at first thought was nothing but just a minor connection error, so I decided in the spare time to paint for worlds which I absolutely nailed J and then slept after reading through some NB articles that were downloaded. Now came the first day of worlds and I was freaking out because of the absence of internet for over a day now.
 The day wasn’t the best of my life as considered to be normal. The power was out as I woke up early “as for me” on 8:30 and I think to myself oh it’s just gonna come back who cares for it? Then I wake up around 11:30 (late) as I was supposed to be on school at 12:30 and saw the fan at about 1/8 of a speed and thought oh someone forgot it at this speed, no wonder though then soon realized every electrical thingies was giving out it’s 1/8 even the energy saver bulbs. There was a party as for celebration of Eid at the day at school and I enjoyed it quite much overall and it made the day much better. Now I come back and see again the 1/8 situation on everything and was completely crushed from the heart because of the stream maybe passing by already and my mother then suddenly adds to it by telling me that it was the situation for the whole day I’ve been away. Ah that felt bad and well… really bad because I had zero hope of watching day one stream and distracted myself as being depressed by it didn’t helped resolving the issue one bit. And then came back the proper power and soon the bill was paid for the internet and it puts a breath in me and I had a little bit of hope now. Then the internet doesn’t comes back after like, an hour later and I was writing this on. Still pretty depressed and sad and still waited for what was about to come for the three days that I awaited the most probably for this whole year to watch worlds live ;( Then hour after another the hope got even powerless than it already was and ultimately lost for hope I went to sleep.

Day 2:
12:30 P.M Still no internet…… 10:18 P.M still non.
This day is explained by exactly how it looked like, this problem had to occur just these days right? :) however I began to make up my mind, like no-prob I’ll just watch the streams on their channel and it’ll be ok, whenever and however the internet comes. Soon after which I started to type future posts in my laptop for them to be ready-go, cuz I know how bad am I when it comes to doing the stuff in presence of the addictive internet. I kept calm and relaxed as time went by and started to feel okay about the situation, which about after the first day I thought wouldn’t occur.
Hey! I typed a lot and I am happy with how much work I did for the blog while not just sitting duck gotta make some new text, I still hope to watch some day 3 stream and reveal my artwork to the community that was especially done for world championships in the VGC format I’ll be putting a copy of it in this post so that you guys can see. I am still wondering what team made it to the top cut by now and probably already posted on as I type this on *AH the feelz*

Day 3:
This would be the final day for worlds I had little an bit hope of watching the matches on streams, atleast the finals though. I found out that their was a wire damaged from the connections so that the internet wasn’t working at all, and this problem would be fixed through or by 11:00 A.M -1:00 P.M on the 24th which was overall a pretty bad thing to happen, though america’s and pakistan’s timings different b/w a timer of 12 hours I still hoped to get a glimpse of it, but that was much much reduced L though I think now that the painting I made was now gone worthless to worth it, however  still will be posting it on twitter and there was no #PlayPokemon for me this whole weekend L however I collected myself through the day and hoped for better to come. At this point I am like Good luck to whoever won the title J *thumbs up*


It feels kinda horribly funny as I wrote the intro on day one and then each day separately (on exact happening of the days), how I hoped to watch worlds and how drastic it actually turned out for me :P. though I do think many of the readers won’t believe this happened and think it was staged and I am lying about this, though do believe this was real life for me, and this quite surely is my saddest post of all time, so bear the pain with me, as I didn’t really thought how bad it actually will end up for me L. Hope you guys weren’t feeling the actual pain I felt and had yourselves a happy worlds! Bye for now!

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