Friday, 14 August 2015

Green Pokemon Teaser Theories:

Hi guys i am finally back with another post, this time theorizing this green blob that we are seeing for quite some time now and is officially conformed to be a pokemon after seeing it teased in reliable pokemon sources by which i mean these pretty clear images, now the reason i was holding up my theories was to combine this load of different teasers we have been getting and then make a post with everything in my mind about it so it doesn't comes out to be that bad. anyway let's get started:
at first we will have a clearer look at this pokemon that was rumored sometime ago and well, now is conformed to be an official one:

this was the second image of it's reveal in which it shows multiple of the creature conforming that it isn't a single mon which kinda quite deducts it's chances of being a legendary but we do have the mon called celebi possessing the same pattern of it's sacredness

This isn't the picture of the new blob but it basically was the first one ever revealed and was a chance of being zygarde, the first and second one can be taken as the original dragon, reverting back to unowa's origins but the third image in which the body spots glow conform it to be a form of zygarde, most likely speculated by me to be it's mega. however my other theory is that it is a creature like groudon from Jirachi wish maker movie, especially after the teaser saying the words "is it a pokemon?"

In this reveal image of pokemon merchandise the new pokemon is hidden most probably is that hidden mischievous green blob. interesting things to notice are that all the others are sleeping, and so is zygarde falls into a deep slumber after restoring the balance b/w life and death. this pokemon may be related to cause sleep.

This is basically a clearer fan-design design for a clearer look i put up in the post.

So now i will be putting forth some points on this mon:
. It is clearly related to zygarde considering the hexagon pattern on it's belly, not to forget it's body style also is closer to zygadge (don't wanna say that it is baby zygarde though)
. This pokemon may be related to something that causes sleep or does that itself.
. Many pokemons like raquaza and mewtwo that mega evolves on it's own and then diancie who evolves without a trainer and others who do with mega stones, this pokemon might be zygarde's way of mega evolving.

Some little dramatic text i am going to put forward regarding this thing:
After Zygarde stopped the ultimate disruption in peace of kalos by using it's thousand arrows and thousand waves it's tru internal strength was lost with it and scattered all around, after which one of arrow and one of the waves altogether combined to form a 1000 creatures inside whom zygarde's true potential rested. they are indeed said to be a part of zygarde's body and when combined with it will reveal it's true potential.
when a beast rises from land with intentions to hurt the inhabitants of kalos, which forces zygarde's hand to reveal it's ultimate form.

Hope you guys enjoyed this rather unusual post, though these will be starting more and more cuz stuff is about to be answered soon for pokemon in the future. as much as i like putting forth an idea i don't think nobody would, though i kinda try to think of something new as well as my own view (which may clash wth someone else) but then again it would be fine with me. Hope you liked my own thoughts and ideas. Bye for now!

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