Saturday, 13 June 2015

10 Unowains without who there is no VGC 15.

Hey guys i'm back with another post this time i would really like to discuss about my favorite region's pokemons, yes its Unowa. time after time i have heard that unowa region sucked as the individual games, however i have seen the same people use Unowa Pokemons in the competitive season, and then be successful with them. for this post i just wanted people to realize the importance of unowa in competitive VGC play and also that this post is opinion based and well yet a top 10 post. anyway lets get our countdown started, hope you enjoy!

1. Landorus-t

!King of double target moves!

2. Thundurus-incarnate
Image result for thundurus
Here comes the t-wave and there comes the taunt.

3. Hydreigon
Image result for hydreigon
Triple Threat.

4. Amoongus
Image result for amoonguss
Danger ahead! Caution "Prepare your safety goggles"

5. Terrakion:
Image result for terrakion
An end to Khan's reign.

6. Bisharp
Image result for bisharp
Watch out intimidaters OH and psychic types too!

7. Scrafty
Image result for scrafty
Making Trick room possible.

8. Whimsicott
Image result for whimsicott
Annoying like death! oh! and "sashed"

9. Conkeldurr
Image result for conkeldurr
Do you shot it?

10. Gothitelle
Image result for gothitelle
It's a TRAP!!!!!!!!!

          So guys this is it for now! this was my first post in the  Top 10 section of the blog and i finally did it, it probably is the shortest post i did but i still kinda hope you guys liked it also wanted you guys to know that i would soon be releasing my metagame VGC 15 list on the blog, Bye for now!

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