Sunday, 24 May 2015

Future Meta-Suspect List: Over 50 Pokemons!

Introduction of Topic:
                                                                                This article would highlight some of the Pokémons strong in theory that may dominate the VGC metagame in changes over time, not specifically targeting any specific time period that when, why these would be used but would be giving some of the options to go for, I would cover up all sorts of things regardless of anything being used right now or the fast pace at VGC 15 is based about almost, truth is and accept it that no one knows what kind of metagame would be VGC 16 or after the release of a new generation; possibly carrying new tactics, types or moves some other modes of playing the game. So I think therefore this post is only opinion based and should not be judged or criticized over any prediction u may make about how the future meta would look like. Hope u agree along with the intro of the topic and enjoy reading through. this would be a long post as I includes over “50” Pokémons that can be used as such in ways. Here we go


Name: Absol
Type: dark
Base stats:  65 HP / 130 Atk / 60 Def / 75 Sp.atk / 60 SP.def / 75 Spd
Moves: sucker punch, knock off, swords dance, rock slide, protect, fire blast, dark pulse, etc.
Items: focus sash, life orb
            Absol is a pretty strong Pokémon with good dark type moves including knock off and sucker punch which do have some competitive value; focus sash would be the most stable item in my opinion for a frail Pokémon like absol. Apart from learning these dark type moves, absol can learn rock slide (an important move) and aerial ace etc. absol also has a decent special attack hence making it a good mixed attacker in this case, even though I don’t really agree with the idea of using a frail Pokémon with life orb I think that people would use it often though.

Name: Aurorus
Type: ice, rock
Base stats: 123 HP / 77 Atk / 72 Def / 99 Sp.atk / 92 SP.def / 58 Spd
Moves: ancient power, hyper voice, flash cannon, freeze dry, blizzard, hyper beam, hidden power fire, protect, etc
Items: choice scarf, choice specs, focus sash, assault vest, life orb
            Aurorus is my biggest suspect for going meta sometime, it does has some natural bulk to it, besides its low speed it can be used in TR mode. If you aren’t interested in uing it in TR then putting a scarf on it would make it closer of a fellow of tyranitar. It has the awesome refrigerate ability and soon after the release of its snow warning would be even more useful. Although it does has the disadvantage of having 2 4x weaknesses to steel and fighting, hence focus sash would be even a suspect item. Its most important use would be of using the move freeze dry which is 4x effective on many meta Pokémon.

Name: Avalugg
Type: ice
Base stats: 95 HP / 117 Atk / 184 Def / 44 Sp.atk / 46 SP.def / 28 Spd
Moves: avalanche, rock slide, earthquake, iron head, protect, etc
Items: assault vest, weakness policy.
            Avalugg shares similar traits to that of gigalith, despite its great physical defense it does lack lots of sp.defense but the sturdy ability backs up that weakness. You can even make this Pokémon assault vest bulky if you want though and hence later give it the ice body ability which would make ice moves turn in its favor. It does has an extremely low speed but it can learn the avalanche move which would double in power if it has been damaged and in doubles the likeliness is more of this situation happening. It would even be used in the TR modes.

Name: Beheeyem
Type: psychic
Base stats: 75 HP / 75 Atk / 75 Def / 125 Sp.atk / 95 SP.def / 40 Spd
Moves: trick room, helping hand, shadow ball, calm mind, psychic, hidden power ice, energy ball, protect, etc
Items: life orb, sitrus berry, leftovers, choice specs.
           Beheeyem can be put too a great use, ranging all the way from a TR set up support to standard team special sweeper. It hs two of the best abilities to make this happen 1 telepathy that makes its ally’s attacks ineffective on itself, eg say you won’t be damaged by your own garchomp’s EQ and other moves that can damage your side. 2 its analytic ability which gives the boost of an orb of your Pokémons if you move the last on a turn, in such cases pairing it up with an orb would equal its attack power to 60% boost and with specs an 80% boost, so it’d be better inside or outside of TR as it would work great in both cases.


Name: Blastoise
Type: water
Base stats: 79 HP / 83 Atk / 100 Def / 85 Sp.atk / 110 SP.def / 78 Spd
Moves: fake out, water spout, ice beam, aura sphere, hidden power fire, protect, rock slides, ice punch, etc.
Items: leftovers, weakness policy, safety goggles.
            Blastoise was almost used a bit in VGC 14 by some people with those redirection amoongus, but in the mega form, here I am talking the standard blastoise whose usage was and is 0%. Blastoise can be really another name for a TR lead with its capability of learning fake out, in addition once TR has been set up its partner may use heal pulse continuously on it while as it fires off strong water spouts making it a much more effective lead, the item leftovers and safety goggles may help in keeping the HP in hand while weakness policy may be good item too if mixed sets are ran. It also has the awesome rain dish ability which helps to counter rain modes.

Name: Braviary
Type: flying, normal
Base stats: 100 HP / 123 Atk / 75 Def / 57 Sp.atk / 75 SP.def / 80 Spd
Moves: brave bird, double edge, tailwind, protect, swagger, rock slide, u-turn etc
Items: choice band, choice scarf, safety goggles, lum berry.
           Braviary is one of the Pokémons which hit really hard, probably the most closest to Pokémons like talonflame and staraptor. It has the defiant ability which helps it counter the intimidate ability or even status lowering moves like icy wind. Where it has great moves it can also be ran as a utility support as it has access to moves like tailwind and swagger. It also can learn the move u-turn which may help it escape from shadow tags and its choice turn with a scarf or band.

Name: Bronzong
Type: psychic, steel
Base stats: 67 HP / 89 Atk / 116 Def / 79 Sp.atk / 116 SP.def / 33 Spd                  
Moves: Trick room, heavy slam, heal pulse, helping hand, protect, trick, skill swap, etc
Items: sitrus berry, iron ball, leftovers, rocky helmet.
           Bronzong has good bulk to its stats, probably leading it to be a good TR set up support. It also has two of the abilities that amplify its bulk including levitate which makes it immune to ground and heat proof which reduces damage from fire attacks. It also gets some glitchy moves like skill swap and trick which has really work out well in disrupting strategies of foes and change the effectiveness of their attacks on you.

Name: Crawduant
Type: water, dark
Base stats: 63 HP / 120 Atk / 85 Def / 95 Sp.atk / 55 SP.def / 55 Spd
Moves: aqua jet, knock off, crabhammer, rock slide, crunch, protect, etc
Items: focus sash, life orb, assault vest
            Crawduant is the closest thing to bisharp ran, as bisharp enjoys the speed it loves more of a TR environment. Similarly the items suspecting would be the same. It has the adaptability ability which can be put to good use. It also does gets a lot of moves which can cause flinching which would encourage its usage in TR. At some point assault vest sets can be considered as ok but not the best, as now days people like to use it with one.

Name: Darmanitan
Type: Fire
Base stats: 105 HP / 140 Atk / 55 Def / 30 Sp.atk / 55 SP.def / 95 Spd
Moves: flare blitz, u- turn, rock slide, superpower, earthquake, protect, belly drum, etc
Items: life orb, choice scarf, focus sash.
            Darmanitan is probably one of the most powerful Pokémon imaginable it gets the destructive sheer force ability which is often paired up with a life orb with 140 base attack stat already on darmanitan, which means “sudden death”. It gets the move u-turn and decent speed to it which may encourage and fill the gap in its average speed. Whereas it can cause tons of destruction it also is a bit frail, its defenses can be compared with that of excadrill which is also used with a focus sash, may also be the case with darmanitan.

Name: Delphox
Type: fire, psychic
Base stats: 75 HP / 69 Atk / 72 Def / 114 Sp.atk / 100 SP.def / 104 Spd
Moves: Flamethrower, psychic, shadow ball, hidden power ice/grass, fire blast, will-o-wisp, trick room, switcheroo, calm mind, grass knot etc
Items: choice scarf, choice specs, life orb, sitrus berry etc                                                              
            Delphox is a strong Pokémon with special attack, special defense and speed and can run many offensive as well as defensive sets. It learns the move switcheroo which can disrupt opponent strategies, it also may help it to trap others in its choice item which may be a – for them. Similarly to the choice sets boosting its power and speed, their can also be calm mind sets ran. It gets the will-o-wisp which has great important VGC value and also can help you set up the trick room, from this point of view it also can be a support on teams, likely some gallade and gardevoir that had supportive sets back in VGC 14. Overall I see delphox as a starter that can really dominate in its favorable time and has some potential.           

Name: Diggersby
Type: normal, ground
Base stats: 85 HP / 56 Atk / 77 Def / 50 Sp.atk / 77 SP.def / 78 Spd
Moves: rock slide, return, u-turn, earthquake, wild charge, quick attack etc.
Items: choice scarf, choice band etc
           Diggersby of course after mega medicham is the Pokémon with the gift of huge power but isn’t used at all, there isn’t much that it can do but it can really be another form of azumarill probably the frailer and faster one.


Name: Dragalge
Type: dragon, poison
Base stats: 65 HP / 75 Atk / 90 Def / 97 Sp.atk / 123 SP.def / 44 Spd
Moves: sludge bomb, draco meteor, dragon pulse, thunderbolt, scald, toxic spikes, hidden power ice/fire etc
Items: choice specs, assault vest, black sludge.
           Dragalge is the only Pokémon which can really replace goodra, and would be the first meta dragon not weak to fairy types and also serving the purpose to counter them. I personally prefer to use an assault vest dragalge but people mostly use a choice specs set, I also do like the coverage on this Pokémon. Maybe sometime in the distant future entry hazards would be respected and considered a thing, dragalge may serve to set them up and be a support in that case. its abilities are also favorable to the two different sets that it can run, adaptability with assault vest or choice specs, whereas poison point would add to its supportive set ;)

Name: Druddigon
Type: dragon
Base stats: 77 HP / 120 Atk / 90 Def / 60 Sp.atk / 90 SP.def / 48 Spd
Moves: dragon tail, aqua tail, rock slide, taunt, sucker punch, fire fang, ice fang, crunch, protect.
Items: rocky helmet, life orb.
            I have literally never seen this pokemon with any of my opponents but I think that this guy is the only one that can replace the beloved ferrothorn with the rocky helmet + rough skin, the good thing? It ain’t 4x weak to anything and won’t be OHKO’ed easily. On the contrary it also gets the sheer force ability which as mentioned above with darmanitan can be paired up with life orb to dish out some real damage, the good thing about this is that druddigon can learn many moves that do have secondary effects like crunch, fangs, rock slides etc.

Name: Dusknoir
Type: ghost
Base stats: 45 HP / 100 Atk / 135 Def / 65 Sp.atk / 135 SP.def / 45 Spd
Moves: trick room, phantom force, will-o-wisp, sucker punch, helping hand, rock slide, payback etc
Items: safety goggles, mental herb, choice band, leftovers, sitrus berry etc
            Dusknoir gets some really good moves that do include trick room and will-o-wisp and helping hand. Its advantage over dusclops’s eviolite set is that it it also had a base 100 attack stat so therefore it can also be used in offense mode range including choice bands it also gets the move payback which turns in its advantage for being slow.

Name: Emboar
Type: fire, fighting
Base stats: 110 HP / 123 Atk / 65 Def / 100 Sp.atk / 65 SP.def / 65 Spd
Moves: flare blitz, head smash, rock slide, wild charge, protect, hammer arm, overheat, sucker punch, etc
Items: leftovers, choice scarf, life orb.
            Emboar gets the reckless ability as its H.A. which can be really useful as it does gets the moves head smash, flare blitz and wild charge which are already extremely strong moves and are boosted even further in power through reckless. The item choice can be dependant on the team, if you want to add to its speed just put on a choice scarf but if you want to use in a slow TR mode you can put on leftovers to make it recover some of the recoil damage dealth through the attacks, if a mixed set is being run on emboar the item life orb would be the most favorable.

Name: Empoleon
Type: water, steel
Base stats: 84 HP / 86 Atk / 88 Def / 111 Sp.atk / 110 SP.def / 60 Spd
Moves: flash cannon, scald, ice beam, aqua jet, protect, grass knot, hydro pump, surf, etc
Items: rocky helmet, assault vest, weakness policy.
            Empoleon, i think has been consequently understated than of a Pokémon it is, although serving the main purpose in TR mode mixed set can also be ran with weakness policy if you choose to give it the brave or quiet nature, hence making a great use of its defiant ability against the intimidators (many of them belong in TR). Empoleon can run amazing assault vest sets probably the more favorable item to give to it. It can handle lots of damage and can counter the fairy types or mega camerupt in TR mode, probably with its flash cannon and surf respectively. All these facts are enough in my opinion to count it as a meta someday.

Name: Exploud
Type: normal
Base stats: 101 HP / 91 Atk / 63 Def / 91 Sp.atk / 73 SP.def / 63 Spd
Moves: boom burst, protect, hyper voice, hyper beam, ice beam, fire blast, overheat, focus blast, surf, etc
Items: normal gem, choice specs, life orb, focus sash.
           I have used exploud on many occasions in this season specially for its capability of firing off powerful boomburst, accompanied by a telepathy bearer on the side. Even though exploud’s attack equals its special attack it is a more favorable special attacker for sure. It also has some great abilities including scrappy which allows it to hit ghost types with normal moves so no one is safe for sure. It can learn a wide variety of moves including fire blast, ice beam, surf, focus blast etc which can work in a lot of scenarios. Although the item choice is dependant like to use normal gem but life orb is good as well, if you want some extra power choice specs may be our choice for it, just as a reminder that it ain’t the bulkiest of them all so focus sash is the one I would also count here.

Name: Feraligatr
Type: water
Base stats: 85 HP / 105 Atk / 100 Def / 79 Sp.atk / 83 SP.def / 78 Spd
Moves: waterfall, rock slide, ice fang, protect, dragon dance, aqua tail, ice punch, earthquake, aqua jet, crunch, etc
Items: life orb, lum berry.
           Feraligatr , which was my suspect to go meta right after the sheer force on it was released just like a closer mon to serperior but nope it really wasn’t the case with this guy. It can run two different kind of sets including life force and D- dance set up both can work out well tho the choice is just yours. My choice out of the two would be the sheer force one cause it can learn strong moves life rock slide, waterfall and ice fang even including crunch on which the tremendous life orb+ sheer force would be applied on easily.

Name: Furfrou
Type: normal
Base stats: 75 HP / 80 Atk / 60 Def / 65 Sp.atk / 90 SP.def / 102 Spd
Moves: protect, thunder wave, baby doll eyes, swagger, etc
Items: sitrus berry, safety goggles, leftovers
           Furfrou has the gifted fur coat ability which makes its defense double, although never used furfrou would be a great addition in the VGC for utility support and t-wave speed control, different items can be ran on this Pokémon.

Name: Gigalith
Type: rock
Base stats: 85 HP / 135 Atk / 130 Def / 60 Sp.atk / 80 SP.def / 25 Spd
Moves: rock slide, earthquake, iron head, wide guard, protect, stealth rock, etc
Items: safety goggles, weakness policy, assault vest.
           Gigalith has some good abilities In addition to great stats, it can be a great Pokémon to handle physical attacks but when it comes to special attacks it probably won’t survive any but the sturdy ability would counter this situation. Regardless or the sturdy ability you can give this Pokémon the item assault vest to boost its lack of sp. Def and hence give it the ability sand force which would increase its attack even further in the situation of a sand storm it can also be used to counter fairy types with its iron head. If……. Ever…….. entry hazards are a thing gigalith can set up stealth rocks in the way of its opponents too.


Name: Gourgeist/ Trevenant
Type: ghost, grass
Base stats: 65 HP / 90 Atk / 122 Def / 58 Sp.atk / 75 SP.def / 84 Spd ; 85 HP / 110 Atk / 76 Def / 65 Sp.atk / 82 SP.def / 56 Spd
Moves: will-o-wisp, trick room, seed bomb, phantom force, protect, leech seed, destiny bond, rest, etc
Items: leftovers, focus sash/ sitrus berry, lum berry, chesto berry.
            Gourgeist is an interesting Pokémon it can be ran with different stats! Gourgeist’s small and the faster size would be faster but frailer and would be with a focus sash whereas the super sized gourgeist would be more slower (TR) and would be bulkier and be better with leftovers, in addition to interchanging stats it also can learn some good moves like will-o-wisp and trick room (better with the bigger one) and destiny bond (best for the sashed one), also it can learn the move phantom force which breaks protection. On the contrary trevenent can’t be ran with different stats, almost has the same move pool and would be better as a TR setter up, its bright side is that it has the harvest abilities which encourages the use of different berries.

Name: Granbull
Type: fairy
Base stats: 90 HP / 120 Atk / 75 Def / 60 Sp.atk / 75 SP.def / 45 Spd
Moves: play rough, rock slide, wild charge, fire fang, earthquake, protect, etc
Items: assault vest, lum berry
           The main suspection is its intimidate ability, which has great competitive value. Its usage would be encouraged after its type change from normal to fairy after gen 6 can be a great Pokémon to counter dragons. The item assault vest would fill in the gap of its lack of sp.def whereas lum berry would be ran to counter status like burn and confusion.

Name: Haxorus
Type: Dragon
Base stats: 76 HP / 147 Atk / 90 Def / 60 Sp.atk / 70 SP.def / 97 Spd
Moves: dragon dance, protect, dragon claw, earthquake, poison jab etc
Items: lum berry, choice scarf.
           Haxorus has the attack stat of a mega, yes 147 base attack stat and not even even bad speed too. In addition it also gets the mold breaker ability which may help it to take care of rotom’s or other Pokémons who do levitate like gengar and cresselia. Lum berry can be putted on it to counter the situation of any status condition, whereas choice scarf would fill the gap in its speed from good to great. Overall I think I really would say that it is somewhat similar to sejun park’s mega gyarados and some scarfed excadrills.

Name: Heliolisk
Type: normal, electric
Base stats: 62 HP / 55 Atk / 52 Def / 109 Sp.atk / 96 SP.def / 109 Spd
Moves: volt switch, thunderbolt, hidden power, focus blast, dark pulse, grass knot, surf, glare, hyper beam,  etc
Items: focus sash, choice specs, choice scarf, leftovers.
            Heliolisk has some of the best reasons to be used in VGC. The no 1 being its ability to adapt to weather with its abilities, dry skin makes it immune to water types and they turn in its favor and therefore it can be used in rain modes with a leftovers on it acting as a support, or even a special sweeper. Its solar power ability would help increase its attacking power in sun weather. The sand veil ability makes sand turn in its favor and also gets the immunity to one. Whereas the item choice would rather be a choice scarf or specs or even a focus sash if you really want to play it safe.

Name: heracross
Type: bug, fighting
Base stats: 80> 80 HP / 125> 185 Atk / 75> 115 Def / 40> 40 Sp.atk / 95> 105 SP.def / 85> 75 Spd
Moves: close combat, rock slide, rock blast, pin missle, arm thrust, protect, etc
Items: flame orb, heracronite, lum berry, choice band, focus sash
            Heracross is already a really good Pokémon and can be used in its base form (non-mega). It gets the guts ability which means that burn would turn in its favour apart from that it can be used with a lum berry and choice band. It has the unfortunate 4x flying weakness but putting on a focus sash would help with that point. Heracross’s natural speed appeals more of a tailwind environment whereas when it will go mega it faces a decrease in speed making it appeal the TR environment, in additionthe mega heracross also gets the skill link ability which would make it more favorable for him to learn multi-hit moves like rock blast and arm thrust (which would also break sash).

Name: Honchkrow
Type: dark, flying
Base stats: 100 HP / 125 Atk / 52 Def / 105 Sp.atk / 52 SP.def / 71 Spd
Moves: sucker punch, tailwind, taunt, brave bird, pursuit etc
Items: choice band, life orb.
            Honchkrow can be an amazing physical attacker probably because of its moxie ability and also its capability of firing of destructive attacks on its foes. It also can be used as a utility support with moves such as tailwind and taunt. I myself have tried honchkrow on different occasions its advantage for beginners is that its extremely easy to play, with strong moves like brave bird and sucker punch.

Name: Houndoom
Type: dark, fire
Base stats: 75> 75 HP / 90> 90 Atk / 50> 90 Def / 110> 140 Sp.atk / 80> 90 SP.def / 95> 115 Spd
Moves: dark pulse, flamethrower, fire blast, overheat, nasty plot, will-o-wisp, solar beam, snarl, taunt, etc
Items: focus sash, life orb, houndoomnite.
            Houndoom on this list shares a closer similarity to the first Pokémon on this post , yes absol. Houndoom in fact is a much better Pokémon because it can be used in different forms, 1 would be a support mon with focus sash and also does learns support moves like will-o-wisp, taunt and snarl which have great value in competitive battling. It also has a good offensive typing and can be used as a special sweeper with a focus sash or a life orb (a trend on frail mons nowadays). On the other side houndoom’s mega form is much better than many mega Pokémons and also does gets the solar power ability as it can be used more favorably in the sun weather, however it may need some redirection support.

Name: Leafeon
Type: grass
Base stats: 65 HP / 110 Atk / 130 Def / 60 Sp.atk / 65 SP.def / 95 Spd
Moves: leaf blade, return, rock slide, protect, knock off, etc
Items: choice band, assault vest, life orb.
            Leafeon has great stats but also does faces a lack of sp.def, this weak spot can be filled up by the item assault vest. On the top of its usage it has the chlloropyll ability which doubles its speed in sun weather condition. It does learn lots of strong moves like rock slide, leaf blade, knock off, etc so therefore it can be paired up with a band or an orb to increase its attacking power. However my vote would still be assault vest.

Name: Lilligant
Type: grass
Base stats: 70 HP / 60 Atk / 75 Def / 110 Sp.atk / 75 SP.def / 90 Spd
Moves: quiver dance, sleep powder, giga drain, hidden power ice, leaf storm, solar beam, protect, etc
Items: wise glasses, lum berry, etc
           Believe it or not, according to the alphabetic order of this list lilligant is the third Pokémon by chance on this list who is dedicated to sun. yes, lliligant has the chlorophyll ability too, but gets the amazing set up move quiver dance, that can be made a great use of. In addition to that it gets the move sleep powder, and can be paired up with wise glasses to cover up the lack of accuracy from 75% to 85%. It can be used on the offensive side with moves like solar beam, hidden powers , giga drains, and leaf storms.

Name: Magmortar
Type: fire
Base stats: 75 HP / 95 Atk / 67 Def / 125 Sp.atk / 95 SP.def / 83 Spd
Moves: heat wave, overheat, focus blast, thunderbolt, solar beam, hidden power, protect, etc
Items: choice specs, choice scarf, life orb
           Magmortar is another Pokémon with great potential to dish out damage it equals the sp. At stat with that of a hydreigon, and with a choice specs on it you can imagine the damage this Pokémon deals. Its doesn’t has too good of a speed stat, to cover that up you can go for a choice scarf, if not wanna lock yourself in any choice item you can put on an orb on this thing. It also has the great vital spirit ability and has the fire typing which makes it immune to status like burn and sleep (two of the most threatening ones right now).

Name: Mandibuzz
Type: dark, flying
Base stats: 110 HP / 65 Atk / 105 Def / 55 Sp.atk / 95 SP.def / 80 Spd
Moves: tailwind, taunt, roost, swagger, foul play, brave bird, etc
Items: rocky helmet, leftovers. etc
            Mandibuzz is more of a suspect as it can be put to great use with lots of strategy. It is obvious that it would be used as a utility support with moves mentioned above, the most popular set in my eyes on it would be rocky helmet + roost and swagger+ foul play one. Just imagining some of these things make me thing that it can take over for zapdos sometime in the future. It can also be paired up with other support items like leftovers for annoyance of foes it also does gets the amazing overcoat ability, which gives it the automatic functioning of a safety goggle.

Name: Marowak
Type: ground
Base stats: 60 HP / 80 Atk / 110 Def / 50 Sp.atk / 80 SP.def / 45 Spd
Moves: boomerang, earthquake, rock slide, head smash, double edge, detect, protect, knock off etc
Items: thick club.
            Marowak is also a mother Pokémon, just like mega kang, probably a much sad one but a much strong one. The fact is so cool that you get a signature item as a pokemon, and the one especially which doubles your attack, yes thick club! The only viable item would be thick club, in addition marowak also gets awesome abilities one of which is rock head, and the other is lightning rod which helps it redirect and absorbs electric attacks which may deal heavy damage to its opponents. Apart from all these advantages the bad news would be that its set is kind of pretty straight forward and can’t learn a variety of moves to damage its opponents with them.

Name: Mismagius
Type: ghost
Base stats: 60 HP / 60 Atk / 60 Def / 105 Sp.atk / 105 SP.def / 105 Spd
Moves: shadow ball, psychic, dazzling gleam, nasty plot, calm mind, trick room, will-o-wisp, hex, helping hand, protect, etc
Items: life orb, sitrus berry, leftovers.
            I honestly did wanted to include some set-up sweepers in this list mismagius would be one of them, and just plz don’t argue with the fact that set ups aren’t that good in VGC (fast pace), and just go and tell that to the most popular mega (salamence) this season. Mismagius has options to set up, it can use nasty plot to make its sp.atk 2x or calm mind to make its sp.atk 1.5x and sp.def 1.5x, probably adding to its bulk. Apart from this offensive set up sweeper side it also has some good support moves like will-o-wisp and trick room, in addition to helping hand. It also gets the move hex which helps out after it has burnt opponents. It has the levitate ability giving it immunity to ground.

Name: Mr. Mime
Type: psychic, fairy
Base stats: 40 HP / 45 Atk / 65 Def / 100 Sp.atk / 120 SP.def / 90 Spd
Moves: trick room, wide guard, helping hand, nasty plot, dazzling gleam, psychic, shadow ball, protect etc
Items: life orb, sitrus berry, leftovers.
            Mr.mime is almost having the same move pool as of mismagius and in my opinion would be used in the same two purposes as u read above, of course it learn wide guard for will-o-wisp on mismagius and also has lots of special bulk, which I think is equally better as compared to wide guard in the situations. It gets some interesting abilities like soundproof and technician which can be put to good use in VGC, although the lack of physical defense and HP would make it less of an option to be used often.

Name: Nidoking/ Nidoqueen
Type: poison ground
Base stats: 81 HP / 102 Atk / 77 Def / 85 Sp.atk / 75 SP.def / 85 Spd ; 90 HP / 92 Atk / 87 Def / 75 Sp.atk / 85 SP.def / 76 Spd
Moves: drill run, earthquake, poison jab, rock slide, flamethrower, fire blast, surf, earth power, sludge wave, ice beam, superpower, protect, etc
Items: life orb.
            There are some Pokémons who I preferred to be used as life orb+ sheer force, the nido duo is one of them. Nidoking is the more of a stronger Pokémon, whereas nidoqueen is the bit bulkier of the two, and no wonder that both can be put to an equally great use. Their advantages over others is that they can be used in different attack modes , special or physical and do learn a wide variety of valuable moves that u should keep in your pocket, and of course the SFLO would boost the powers of their attacks all the way up to 60%.

Name: Ninetales
Type: fire
Base stats: 73 HP / 76 Atk / 75 Def / 81 Sp.atk / 100 SP.def / 100 Spd
Moves: heat wave, will-o-wisp, hex, calm mind, solar beam, dark pulse, fire blast, hidden power ice/fighting, shadow ball, sunny day, etc.
Items: life orb, choice scarf, eject button, safety goggles.
           Yes another CM set up sweeper is on the list, but the most important reason to include ninetales on this list was to suspect it to set up the sun in its favor and the team members. It shares a closer similarity to the stats of a politoed (used very much). I myself have tried many ninetales set and the best would be choice scarf, life orb CM and eject button ones as mentioned above. Even though its really weak to weather like sun and sand it can counter back with moves like solar beam and HP fighting.

Name: Noivern
Type: dragon, flying
Base stats: 85 HP / 70 Atk / 80 Def / 97 Sp.atk / 80 SP.def / 123 Spd
Moves: draco meteor, dragon pulse, flamethrower, hurricane, u-turn, air slash, protect, focus blast, hidden power ice, tailwind, etc
Items: choice specs, life orb, focus sash.
            Noivern was one of my loves when it was first introduced it also has lots of potential, but not used as much as the other dragons. It does speed tie with that of a tflame with base 123 speed stat, whereas it has a better offensive stat with 97 sp.atk over tflames 81 atk, of course after the priority gale wings. Choice specs can be given to it to enhance its sp.atk stat even further, so does life orb turns in the favor, whereas a focus sash would protect it from strong opposing attacks as it would hang on with 1 HP, it can also be used by the means of utility with tailwind.

Name: Persian
Type: normal
Base stats: 65 HP / 70 Atk / 60 Def / 65 Sp.atk / 65 SP.def / 105 Spd
Moves: return, hidden power, fake out, u-turn, taunt, protect, etc
Items: focus sash
            Persian on its own is not too good of a Pokémon really but the technician ability on it makes it much better, persian is one of the pokemons who do have a closer sp.atk and atk stats and can be used as good mixed attackers, it does already has tons of speed, hence the only viable item would be suspected as focus sash here it can afford to be given such a nature that makes its defenses from bad to worse. Persian having all these advantages is also a fast fake outer and should out speed fake out mega kangaskhan.

Name: Primeape
Type: fighting
Base stats: 65 HP / 105 Atk / 60 Def / 60 Sp.atk / 75 SP.def / 95 Spd
Moves: close combat, u-turn, protect, rock slide, ice punch, stone edge, gunk shot, etc
Items: focus sash, choice scarf.
           Primeape is a really frail Pokémon although it also can be used with a choice scarf to handle mega kangs or lando-t, intimidates aren’t a big prob thanks to the defiant ability. If you really don’t want to be putted into a risky situation say a talonflame u can also put on a focus sash on your primeape. Apart from abilities like defiant primeape also gets the vital spirit ability that would eventually make it immune to sleep inducing moves like dark void and spore. If you are not satisfied with that put on the inner focus ability to counter flinch haxes and fake outs.

Name: Scyther
Type: bug, flying
Base stats: 70 HP / 110 Atk / 80 Def / 55 Sp.atk / 80 SP.def / 105 Spd
Moves: u-turn, quick attack, aerial ace, knock off, bug bite, protect, pursuit, etc.
Items: eviolite, choice band.
           Scyther has always been under my spotlight since I started in VGC. I think that you probably do know that that scyther and scizor have the same stat total, whereas scyther being the faster one and scizor being the slow and bulky one, both of these Pokémons share a good attack stat, scyther has one for 110. Scyther has the decent base 80 defenses and can be boosted even further by putting on the eviolite which would be kind of a viable item on it, or you can add on choice band for extra power. Its ability technician also its capability to learn moves under base 60 power encourages its use in VGC.

Name: Siglyph
Type: psychic
Base stats: 72 HP / 58 Atk / 80 Def / 103 Sp.atk / 80 SP.def / 97 Spd
Moves: psyshock, phychic, heat wave, energy ball, ice beam, dazzling gleam, dark pulse, protect, tailwind, trick room, swagger, etc
Items: life orb, sitrus berry, etc
            Siglyph I my eyes is a great Pokémon that can be used for different purposes successfully. It is capable of providing speed control support, with moves like tailwind and trick room. On the contrary side it learns a wide variety of valuable moves like ice beam, dazzling gleam, psyshock and others as mentioned above, it would usually be paired up with a life orb and its ability magic guard would always negate the damage taken by life orb at the end of the turn an attack is made and also keeps it safe from weather hazards.

Name: Solrock/ Lunatone
Type: rock, psychic
Base stats: 70 HP / 95 Atk / 85 Def / 55 Sp.atk / 65 SP.def / 70 Spd ; 70 HP / 55 Atk / 65 Def / 95 Sp.atk / 85 SP.def / 70 Spd
Moves: rock slide, psychic, zen headbutt, hidden powers, protect, calm mind, etc
Items: choice band, choice specs, focus sash, life orb.
           Solrock and lunatone are counterparts of each other in every manner, solrock is the sun and lunatone is the moon, whereas solrock is more physically offensive and defensive, lunatone is more specially offensive and defensive. Different sets can really be ran accordingly to both their stats, lunatone in my opinion is most likely to pop out because of its capability of learning calm mind and enhancing its stats, but it won’t be learn any rock moves apart from HP rock, whereas solrock can also be made a good use of in different situations.

Name: Starmie
Type: water, psychic
Base stats: 60 HP / 75 Atk / 85 Def / 100 Sp.atk / 85 SP.def / 115 Spd
Moves: scald, psychic, dazzling gleam, ice beam, thunderbolt, psyshock, etc
Items: choice scarf, life orb.
           Starmie is overall a good Pokémon and does gets a good offensive typing too, but unfortunately I really don’t have much to say about it,it almost has the useless analytic (regarding its base 115 speed) ability and also illuminate which has 0 competitive value.

Name: Stoutland
Type: normal
Base stats: 85 HP / 110 Atk / 90 Def / 45 Sp.atk / 90 SP.def / 80 Spd
Moves: last resort, protect, ice fang, play rough, wild charge, crunch, fire fang, superpower, return, etc
Items: choice band, life orb.
            Stoutland can go a big meta threat just because of its sand rush ability. In addition to doubling its speed in sand it also does gets a wide variety of moves which can cause a huge chunk to its opponents in battles. i think some of the more gimmicky sets would be protect on turn 1 and then going for a destructive last resort on turn two. It does gets the intimidate ability which has some competitive value but won’t be used at all in my opinion as compared to what the sand rush is capable of doing.

Name: Torterra
Type: grass, ground
Base stats: 95 HP / 109 Atk / 105 Def / 75 Sp.atk / 85 SP.def / 56 Spd
Moves: wood hammer, wide guard, earthquake, protect, crunch, stone edge, rock slide, etc
Items: leftovers, life orb, choice scarf, yachi berry, assault vest.
            Torterra is a really good Pokémon but just don’t yet count out the 4x ice weakness, but who cares any way tell that to salamence, garchomp, lando-t, mega sceptile and so on…. However torterra gets the wide guard support which is very important and its ability shell armor blocks the crits ( bad luck blocker :P ) torterra also gets amazing offensive moves like wood hammer, earthquake, crunch and etc. different items regarding speed, bulk and offense can be putted on it.

Name: Vivillon
Type: bug, flying
Base stats: 80 HP / 52 Atk / 50 Def / 90 Sp.atk / 50 SP.def / 89 Spd
Moves: sleep powder, hurricane, tailwind, protect, rage powder, etc
Items: focus sash.
            Vivillon can be a great support Pokémon, in addition to learning some of the best support moves it also gets the rare compound eyes ability which raises the accuracy of its moves which means that moves like sleep powder and hurricane would be much more accurate, vivillon its any bulky so the item focus sash would be good on it. T can be used as a great support Pokémon with sets closer to amoongus with sleep powder and rage powder, in addition to also getting the move tailwind that can be great too.

Name: Walrein
Type: water, ice.
Base stats: 110 HP / 80 Atk / 90 Def / 95 Sp.atk / 90 SP.def / 65 Spd
Moves: avalanche, ice beam, blizzard, surf, scald, ice shard, super fang, protect, hidden power grass, protect, etc.
Items: leftovers, assault vest, weakness policy .
           Walrein is kind of the counterpart to lapras’s water absorb ability, yes it does has the ice body ability, which turns ice into HP for it (hail not counted), apart from this similarity the two items leftovers and assault vest would be good on it too, just like a lapras. It also has some good moves like avalanche and the advantage of being slow together, super fang speaks for its own importance regarding situations, it also gets some standard and good water moves like scald, surf, hydro pump etc. it equals the attack and sp.attack stat so I think that some mixed sets can also be ran with weakness policy if the brave or quiet nature is given.

Name: Weezing
Type: poison
Base stats: 65 HP / 90 Atk / 120 Def / 85 Sp.atk / 70 SP.def / 60 Spd
Moves: sludge bomb, will-o-wisp, toxic spikes, ice beam, flamethrower, fire blast, thunderbolt, protect, infestation, etc.
Items: black sludge, assault vest
           Weezing has been used somewhere between 0.3-0.2 % I think but whenever is used it is a will-o-wisp support. Apart from having a monstrous physical defense it can also have a great special defense if the item assault vest is putted on, and don’t say its needless to say that it would make it useless, weezing also gets the capability of learning a wide variety of different moves like flamethrower, thunderbolt and ice beam. It has the levitate ability which protects it from its ground weakness. And you do know what I mentioned above entry hazards.

Name: Xatu
Type: psychic, flying
Base stats: 65 HP / 75 Atk / 70 Def / 95 Sp.atk / 70 SP.def / 95 Spd
Moves: ally switch, tailwind, trick room, protect, psyshock, thunder wave, u-turn, etc
Items: focus sash, sitrus berry, leftovers.
            I was so excited to write about xatu on this article but it came kind of the second last alphabetically, but now finally let me start on it, first of all I should mention the amazing magic bounce ability on it that turns back any status move, in addition of having this amazing ability it has the move ally switch which makes it capable for taking attacks or absorbing status for its fellows. Don’t think that this guy just ended here, it also is capable of having access to all means of speed control like tailwind, trick room and thunder wave. Different items on its supportive set can be ran like sitrus berry, leftovers or even focus sash to withstand strong attacks.

Name: Zebstrika
Type: electric
Base stats: 75 HP / 100 Atk / 63 Def / 80 Sp.atk / 63 SP.def / 116 Spd
Moves: volt switch, thunderbolt, overheat, hidden power, wild charge, facade, protect, etc.
Items: life orb, choice scarf.
                   Zebstrika would be another mixed attacker on this list, it would as always would be ran with life orb to complement its mixed stats. It also gets some good moves to add on to its mixed attacker reputation. Not just limited to moves, even zebstrika’s abilities screams means of mixed offense, sap sipper would be complementing its physical attack whereas the lightning rod ability would turn in the favor of its special attack stat. both these abilities are great to redirect and absorb the weaknesses of its partner in double battles (VGC).


Hope you really enjoyed going through the post! And you 

really better should enjoy cuz it took me like a week to 
build this up, of course this isn’t mentioning all the obscure Pokémons that would be here I missed out some like spinda, parasect and mega medicham and this probably won’t be the first and last of this kind of posts I would keep up to it and wish for more generations of Pokémon to come in the future. I think I really should mention this that I single handedly made this post (every bit of it) myself and that no one really helped me, though it was really fun making it and I enjoyed doing it. Bye for now!


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