Saturday, 14 February 2015

Lack of knowledge in VGC ??? "testing out stuff yourself or following others"

Lack of knowledge is everywhere in pokemon VGC. Most of the top players loose to the pokemons they don’t expect to see.similar to many others they follow the herd e.g using a pokemon that is good this season and then others build to counter that one pokemon.

Metagame is just basically a cycle of pokemons that beat each other and then it all comes down to who predicts well in the match.i have seen very skilled players in VGC say that they were totally caught off-guard when “that” pokemon used “that” move I have discussed this with some people but they always respond that its stupid and unnecessary to use that move replace it with this move works better and then wander away not testing the topic.
One guy uses a pokemon and wins championships or regionals with it and the next day everyone says that this pokemon is totally awesome and plan to use it in their teams even though they may have neglected it a few days ago when suggested by a normal person and called the idea stupid.the best current example is sejun park’s pachirisu.
Many people don,t bother to look at what other moves can a pokemon use other than the few popular sets and then loose to the same pokemons with a set they may have once called ‘weird’ and ‘needless’ .many people may not still understand my views and may be angry on what I said and will ‘as always’ try to prove me wrong cuz they may really think that I’m a weirdo or something.
Ashton cox for sure would have won in 2014 nats only if his team wouldn't be posted on the internet cuz he was defeated by the same person who saw his team online.the point here is that u really don’t respect a person’s perspective on a pokemon and when u hav to face it u lose to it no one nowadays really bother reading about other pokemons to increase their knowledge. the thing that I have noticed over making posts on different sites,no one really cares what I said and what I really wanted them to realize over my points made. The following are the responses I get from the meta lovers from the internet.

.(using a slowking as TR setter) use cress what is the total point of using slowking????, “the point here is that your range of useful Pokemons is way too conjusted”
. (making a tailroom team) it worked once but that guy was a very skilled player, “he may won with it cuz he build the team himself and knew it the best, similar is gonna be the case with me”
. (using obscure pokemons) don’t mind this stupid post guys, “REALLY U DON’T CARE”

The following are the reactions of the ones who do love new ideas in pokemon VGC 

. wow your ideas are awesome I’ll give them a try for sure
.(giving the non meta advice) sounds good I’ll definitely try it out
. OMG I luv people who use these kind of pokemons
And etc………

I hav been posting a lot of content that meta lovers hav hated (the majority). Their responses feel like that they’re set on fire.some do understand what my points are but the thing is that its not every one’s taste and they never do like it tho,but the ones who do may be benefitted soemhow or maybe at least when they do face a trainer who uses obscure pokemons they should hav enough knowledge to know what to expect.even if they are the meta lovers from the knowledge they do know that what threatening moves a pokemon can use and what ability it may have on it.

Hope this post made u think more deeply about testing out new pokemons.

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