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(Metagame Overview 2015) Pokemons To Expect In Nationals & Worlds :

 Hey guys I am back with another article, last time in a post as such I brought fifty meta suspects for future this time its about the meta-game of VGC-15. In this article I would try to cover up basic Pokémons that are popular in VGC this year and are possibly sure to be seen used during the World and National Championships. I would give basic data on the Pokémon,  moves that it can use and is popular to use. I would also give some basic guide on the usage of these and what items they run popular and what is their importance to bear these spots. This should be mentioned that this article is only written by one person “Pokeventurer” that would be me though so really don’t expect it to be the best of these types of posts. Earlier when the season came by nugget bridge made an article of over 50 metas, however I think that those fifty were misconceptions and many other things came on the scene and many lost their importance among people totally. If I am asked to give a definition of 2015 metagame I would say a blend of 2013 and 2014 with some new things added like sylveon, milotic, arcanine and megas like salamence introduced in ORAS. Lets get started with our list:

Mega Evolutions:
This part of the article covers the pokemons that are 
expected to be seen in the nationals or worlds of VGC 2015 in the mega forms. Hence say holding mega stones:

Name         :  Mega- Kangaskhan
Type           :  Normal
Reasons     :  
                   kangaskhan is sure to be a mega whenever you see it. Kangaskhan is a master of its own self, being a normal type makes it weak to only one type, as so it does bears the amazing parental bond ability that makes every physical single target move go twice, however the second hit would be 50% of the first hit, others consider this effect as of hitting with a choice band with the addition of breaking the item focus sash with its 2x hits. Kangaskhan totally dominated VGC 14 with a simple all out physical attacker with moves such as sucker punch, fake out, return/ double edge and power-up-punch, however this fixed set got modified over the time as VGC 15 season came by and moves as such protect, low kick and crunch were added. Kangaskhan mostly runs a simple 252/252/4 spread normally and has the jolly nature; however some clever people made kangaskhan find its way in TR tactics and do run bulk.

Name         : Mega- Salamence
Type           : Dragon, Flying
Reasons     :
                  Salamence is probably the closest stuff to kangaskhan nowadays, probably the most dominating mega that was introduced in ORAS I would say. As the season started people went with the usual special salamence, but the fools soon realized it was time for revolution, people at first though to use hyper voice, fire blast and etc special salamence but soon started to use it as a physical variant with moves like double-edge and dragon claw. It has the aerilate ability with which now salamence can hit with strong flying type attacks, it also does gets the move dragon dance which most of its sets nowadays do include, the 4x ice weakness may be a big prob but with some redirection it is all fine and ready to go. However nowadays special salamence as compared to physical one is quite a 50-50 situation

Name         : Mega- Mawile
Type           : Fairy, Steel
Reasons     :
                   Mega mawile was the second most common mega Pokémon in VGC 14, and was mainly used behind TR, however some didn’t like Ray Rizzo and Ryosuke Kosuge. But nowadays its 70% usage is inside of TR. It does gets some strong moves in addition with that amazing huge power ability that helps it to double its already great attack stat. mawile has some pretty straight forward move-set including play rough, iron head, protect, sucker punch however some people might and do trade the iron head move slot with something of their own like fire fang and rock slide. Mawile’s mega form soon lost priority in its usage as soon as the ‘slower’ behind TR mega camerupt appeared on the scene that can destroy this mega in one shot. mawile like most of the megas gets a straight forward boost in maxed attack and hp with 4 investment in sp. Def, some special ev spreads have also emerged on the competitive scene apart from this one. Just expect more mega mawile’s than more mega camerupts this year.

Name         : Mega- Tyranitar
Type           : Rock, Dark
Reasons     :
                   Mega tyranitar is not really that big of a mega but some however do use it, some regional’s did included it and I do clearly suspect it to enter nats and worlds, tyranitar is too great of a Pokémon on itself it does gets some interesting mixed sets and moves, but not in its mega form it does gets an increase in many of its stats but not in the sp. Atk stat hence making it less of a special attack variant, some sets of mega t-tar I am familiar with are dragon dance set up physical sweeper with moves like rock slide and crunch. Unlike other mega Pokémons tyranitar is not to popular of a Pokémon running 252/252/4 spreads but always does gets adamant or brave nature, the ev spreads for Pokémons such as t-tar vary on the team a basically, with the questioning of focusing on what you want it to do. this may not seem a meta mega, but i have heard it is often used in Japan.

Name         : Mega- Manectric
Type           : Electric
Reasons     :
                   Mega manectric is not only a mega Pokémon, but a dish prepared with a number of complex elements on it. Manectric isn’t everybody’s taste and can be a quite difficult to play from some like kang and mawile. It has some of the most amazing synergetic sets to itself and its abilities make it even better. Manectric,s most common usage is with the moves like volt-switch, thunderbolt, overheat, HP ice and protect, however some use it has a part support on dual mega teams with moves like snarl and eerie impulse. It works with the simple tactic of being able to fire off a full powered overheat and then later reset its stat drop over which it rely,s on, in addition to this when it switches out its intimidate ability would activate once more, in its non-mega form it does gets the gifted lightningrod ability which makes it absorb electric attacks and give it a one up in its special attack stat making it even more stronger, this is probably one reason to delay its mega evo. And of course the better with 252/252/4 spread is almost 100% guaranteed.

Name         : Mega- Charizard- Y
Type           : Fire, Flying
Reasons     :
                   Char y hasn’t lost its blazing spirit and would still be seen in VGC 15 making you sweat mid battle by bringing the shiny sun out. Its ability drought compliments its powers even further as the most common moves used by it like heat wave, solar beam and overheat all get the 50% power boost as well as turning the weather into its own favour, and don’t really forget that it won’t be necessary to charge up for solar beams now, a strong attack it hits its arch-enemies (water types) with and also does weakens them, potentially adding to its bulk. Some people trade the overheat slot with a wide variety of moves some of them are common to being dragon pulse, focus blast and air slash. Its EV’ing was 252/252/4 spreads in the past but nowadays the thing ain’t that simple and a bit is added to its bulk too to handle some attacks from its foes like t-flame.

Name         : Mega- Camerupt
Type           : Fire, Ground
Reasons     :
                   When the season started camerupt was on the top, and during the tests it usually totally got nerved by water attacks, oh yes the 4x water weakness. However it needs he most amount of support like sunny day, trick room and storm drain redirection from gastrodon and cradily to function effectively, that’s a lot to set up for mid battle. Its advantage over mega a mawile and a few abomasnow is that it is slower than them and almost guarantees’ an OHKO back on them. Many of these are ran with the quiet nature to ensure to move first behind TR and elevate its special attack stat. its EV spread is usually dependant on the team distributed over a mix of offense and defense. It guarantees to carry moves like protect, heat wave and earth power, some others like ancient power and rock slide are also popular on it. Battle spot is not having many of this pokemon, but in every event we see it getting used so expecting it at nats or worlds is quiet reasonable.

Name         : Mega- Metagross
Type           : Steel, Psychic
Reasons     :
                   Mega- metagross is the 3rd on most used mega list this season, its type combo doesn’t beats most of the meta game apart from fairies like sylveon and gardevoir but it infact is tons of raw power and force, its tough claws ability elevates its attack stat somehow even further, the most popular moves on it are Zen headbutt, meteor mash, protect and the last slot is mostly optional over moves like EQ and bullet punch etc. metagross is a strong Pokémon. Metagross like many others runs 252/252/4 spreads with maxed out attack and speed with 4 investment in any defense or HP.

Name         : Mega-Garchomp
Type           : Ground, Dragon
Reasons     :
                   Mega garchomp is still not any popular then garchomp itself but is usually seen being used and is successfully being dominant. Nowadays mega garchomps are ran with some sort of mixed sets with rock slide and EQ followed by a draco meteor, thanks to the great special attack boost garchomp faces while mega evolution. However the speed drop can be a bit worrying but the move tailwind is also carried by the members of the team on which  is usually found which doubles its speed. The ev spreads are usually 252/252/4 on the non-mixed mega garchomps but sets become more wide spread if they are planning to have mixed sets and there are investments made in special attack.

Name         : Mega-Gengar
Type           : Ghost, Poison
Reasons     :
                   Shadow tag + Perish song = death. Well that is one reason gengar is widely being used by people. Apart from this perish trap gimmick some neat players respect the stats of mega gengar and its amazing strength force and capability of trapping and destroying opponents by its attacks like shadow ball and sludge bomb. You can’t always have enough good reason to use it in its offensive form but even though the ones aiming to win through sheer attacks do carry either one or two of the status moves like protect, disable, taunt, will-o-wisp and etc. of it is a mega gengar don’t really expect it too always be a 252/252/4 spread, some people do run a significant amount of bulk on it to make it able to survive some hits from opposing Pokémon’s likely to occur, this bulk is not to costly to the original idea of mega gengar as it already has some great base stats.

Name         : Mega-Loppuny
Type           : Fighting, Normal
Reasons     :
                  Loppuny might not sound like the idea when the season started, but it really can do a lot to the current meta, loppuny having the capability of being the fastest Pokémon to be able to use the move fake out and being able to land strong fighting attacks it can crush mega kang strategy. It isn’t even an auto loss to ghost types either its ability scrappy makes its both ineffective types to ghost hit them too. Loppuny always have 252/252/4 spreads on them which really would be reasonable on a Pokémon as such and gets moves like return, high-jump-kick, drain punch, fake out even low kick along with the staple move protect.

Name         : Mega-Venusaur
Type           : Grass, Poison
Reasons     :
                   Mega venusaur would be another mega extremely easy to play. It didn’t had any real importance among u people until aaron zheng won the APEX with it and later everybody was crazy about it. It does has an amazing sp.attack stat along with that it has the thick fat ability that makes it take half damage from ice and fire attack, two types its weak to, say it potentially adds on to its bulk. Apart from having moves like giga drain and sludge bomb being its main means of offense, it usually carries the move protect along with the 4th optional slot being a choice between sleep powder, synthesis and etc. it usually EV’ed physically defensive and specially offensive with also adding something to its speed. Some team who do feature mega venusaur plan on boosting its speed even further by means of tailwind.

Name         : Mega-Gyarados
Type           : Water, Dark
Reasons     :
                   Sejun park setted the trend for this almost now an year ago and made gyarados prove its power. Gyarados faces a type change from water, flying to water dark making it only 2x weak to electric attacks, now this season gyarados is very rarely seen but still hasn’t lost what it had. The few common sets on it ran would be dragon dance ones which means of offense on them being ice fang, waterfall, crunch and earthquake. Its mold breaker ability makes it counter its arch-enemy rotom. Its sets are as usual also seen as being 252/252/4 with adamant or jolly nature.

Name         : Mega- Sceptile
Type           : Dragon, Grass
Reasons     :
                  Mega sceptile is truly the only one of its kind, yes a dragon grass type, with the gifted ability to absorb special attacks and use them to its own favour like discharge or other stuff. For a mega this ability wasn’t really that much but still some people found in their way and started to use it alongside the pokemon who can use the move discharge so that it can charge itself up for its attack, this use being a bit gimmicky yet the only one found. It has moves like leaf storm, hidden power ice , protect, dragon pulse, and others are pretty much optional some use focus blast too tho. Its EV’ing is mostly 252/252/4.

Name         : Mega- Gardevoir
Type           : Fairy, Psychic
Reasons     :
                       Gardevoir is one of the pokemon that are often used in its mega state nowadays, it simply uses moves like hyper voice and psychic, protect and the last slot is usually optional. It is EV’ed bulky and I really don’t have much to say about it tho :P . apart from all this jazz, very recently a fashion found is to use it as a trick room mega, after kang and possible some salamence (collin heier's) made into the scene

This part / category of the post is dealing with the Pokémons in the metagame meant to do tons of damage. Straight off an obvious name “sweepers”. This is further divided into the sub categories physical sweepers, special sweepers and side sweepers.

Physical Sweepers:

Image result for azumarill
Name         :  Azumarill
Type           : Water, Fairy
Reasons     :
                   Well now azumarill is another huge power user, but it gets much more wicked as people used it. This rouge gets access to the move belly drum and maximizes its attack attack even if burned. The worst part comes when it gets out to use aqua jets with +6 power and priority off course. All thanks to the raichu’s nowadays that this set was virtually possible; yes I am referring to rai-choose-u duo. Raichu fakes out one of the opposing pokemons whereas azumarill goes for belly drum, cuts its HP in half and crocks into the sitrus berry making a recovery and starts to destroy, in addition raichu absorbs any electric type attacks aimed at azumarill. Apart from this vast usage azumarill’s have the items choice band, assault vest, etc also including the sitrus berrys. They don’t have the 252/252/4 spreads but something more widespread to recover and invest as much in HP to do this after a belly drum from a sitrus berry.

Image result for conkeldurr
Name         : Conkeldurr
Type           : Fighting
Reasons     :
Trick-room sweeper is one way to express the unrivaled power of this amazing and strong fighting type Pokémon. Apart from this many people put it on their teams in order for them to counter situation of trick-room. Conkeldurr gets all the three very useful abilities which are sheer force, guts and iron fists, according to the abilities it runs different sets, which all three can be expected. Conkedurr mostly goes assault vest with iron fist to be a proof of both power and bulk, with guts it usually runs flame orb which turns in its own favor and with sheer force just expect the life orb, however this one would be the least used out of the three. It also gets strong fighting type moves like mach punch, drain punch and even hammer arm, which help out this beast with side moves like rockslide, protect and etc. the sets are maxed out attack hp and 4 in s.def but this can become more widespread if you want it too.

Image result for hariyama
Name         : Hariyama
Type           : Fighting
Reasons     :
                  Aaron Zheng can be blamed for this extreme annoyance, yes this is one thing started in the name of substituting scrafty for something, say a changed mon. its 100% usage is on TR leads and also behind TR, where it can launch powerful close combats which scrafty can’t use it however you like AV + thick fat bulky to guts surprise. Its sets are really simple 252/252/4 spreads because it can’t do that much. Apart from the destructive close combats it can earn moves like knock off, rock slide and etc as we always can say that.

Image result for garchomp
Name         : Garchomp
Type           : Dragon, Ground
Reasons     :
                  Garchomp is another great Pokémon, when it comes to the dragons of the meta. Probably the first dragon priority to be used as a physical attacker. It learns moves like rock slide, earthquake, dragon claw and protect would be the most common set, apart from this some also have the substitute on their garchomps though. It has some exceptional abilities like sand veil and rough skin, out of which rough skin is the most used. It does not gets a fixed item but depends on what you want to do with it, like some run focus sash as also the rocky helmets, life orbs and choice items mostly scarf and band. Its EV spreads are as always 252/252/4 with the jolly nature, as we know it.

Image result for mamoswine
Name         : Mamoswine
Type           : Ice, Ground
Reasons     :
                 Mamoswine is one of the side kick Pokémon of the Meta, it is really not used that often as like the others but still has its importance. It gets moves like rock slide, earthquake, icicle crash and even icicle spear which have value in the meta for defeating the genies, dragons and char y’s mostly, don’t yet count out the heatran though. It can e paired up with the items like focus sash, choice scarf and life orb and do tons of damage to its opponents. It has the thick fat ability protecting it from the moves like heatwave and being able to absorb some strong ice attacks. It sets usually are or maybe not, say 50-50 for being 252/252/4 ones and then others being not that.    

Image result for scizor
Name         : Scizor
Type           : Steel, bug
Reasons     :
                 Scizor is quite synergetic to its moves and abilities. Say moves like bug bite, pursuit, aerial ace, bullet punch get boosted from the technician ability which scizor has access to and lands more damage than usual though, some scizor’s also carry the move swords dance to boost what they can do. Scizor’s are usually part priority sweepers with moves such as bullet punch and pursuit with the items like life orb, and choice band to add up the amount of damage they do. EV spreads depend, from the faster to the slower ones and would be 252/252/4.

Therian Forme Landorus
Name         : Landorus - Therian
Type           : Ground, Flying
Reasons     :
                 Landorus-therian or as known in common as lando-t by the veterans of the community, is a pokemon ranked probably the most higher after any mega Pokémons start to break. Landorus therein is the ultimate reliability of your opponents, despite having only base 91 speed stat people start it giving the choice scarf probably the most ran item on this Pokémon, apart from that some people go with choices like a focus sash or some even go for assault vest to survive potential ice attacks from the opponents, apart from these numerous item life orb is also a fashion among this legendary. Carries moves like rock slide, earthquake, u-turn and an optional slot for the last, say superpower on choice scarfed sets 100%, however if having any other items on it is sure to have the move protect. Ets are always almost 100% guaranteed 252/252/4 with jolly natures, until you specialize it.

Image result for talonflame
Name         : Talonflame
Type           : Flying, Fire
Reasons     :
                 Gale wings + Brave bird = KILL YOURSELF!. That is how i explain this annoyance, being in one of the fastest speed tiers it has gotten priority. Only base 81 attack stat was once a problem, hence two of the most powerful moves imaginable like brave bird, and flare blitz have 120 BP, problem solved J . although it is mainly used for means of offense nowadays some people have started to run some support oriented sets with moves like will-o-wisp, quick guard, tailwind and so on. Its most common items are choice band and life orb, choice band on the normal sets but some sets do have a defense negating nature and have some EV’s in sp.atk and do run the move overheat which calls for the item life orb, hence some of the main moves used by it are recoil, focus sash really doesn’t stands a chance, on the other hand life orb + recoil is another defect in its usage. Its sets are almost 252/252/4 else the ones who invest in sp.atk in the name of overheat. Talonflame really still faces some problems to be used but still we love it.

Image result for excadrill
Name         : Excadrill
Type           : Steel, Ground
Reasons     :
                  I know you really don’t see sand in VGC tho, well not that often as that of rain and sun, but remember we do have the one who does goes with sand tho. Excadrill gains the sand rush ability, which was introduced with its arrival in unowa, which replicates the same benefit as that of the swift swim ability and you already know what that is. Apart from this one of its abilities would be mold breaker which helps it negate the ability levitate against the opponents like the annoying crees, heatran duo or any form of rotom. Despite having such favorable abilities it is having the base 135 attack stat which makes it a best already. The most common items ran are choice scarf with mold breaker and with sand rush a life orb. Its EV are usually common and simple. It gets moves like rock slide, EQ, iron head, protect and drill run, rest sets are mostly dependant.

Image result for lucario
Name         : Lucario
Type           : Steel, Fighting
Reasons      :
                  Lucario is always considered as a frail pokemon, but its abilities and powers are countering the part of it being super frail. Yes the giften ability inner focus counters any fake out situations and OHKO’es back any kangs and scrafty’s. it gets moves like close combat, and bullet punch from the physically offensive side apart from this it usually carries the move protect, follow me or gets substitute rarely ( more popular on the mega ). Hence it is very frail and uses the move close combat which makes chances of OHKO’ing it even better focus sash is as always an ideal item on many sets, apart from this many sets for the pure purpose of countering mega kang carry the item choice scarf, its EV’ing also would be 252/252/4.

Image result for bisharp
Name         : Bisharp
Type           : Dark, Steel
Reasons     :
                 It is one of the most influential pokemons in the meta game probably it is the one being capable of countering the intimidate ability, and any other status lowering moves like icy wind and etc with its defiant ability. It also does gains part priority role with moves like sucker punch, and quick guard (if any). Bisharp is quite a simple pokemon having the simple set of knock off, sucker punch, iron head and protect and probably the best. Being trained as a 252/252/4 attack and speed variant it carries the reasonable items like focus sash (lack in sp.def) and life orb (get it going) which really are reasonable, as on the positive side it does counters the kings shield move with defiant.

Image result for terrakion/Image result for virizion
Name         : Terrakion/ Virizion
Type           : Rock/Grass, Fighting
Reasons     :
                 Another form of pure offense in this place as of its useful typing, it picked up much more popularity in the VGC 2015 as it was really useful in defeating foes like mega charizard ys or t-flames, to foes like tyranitar and mega kangaskahn. All of which hold great importance in the meta. The most common items on this guy are the usual life orb, choice scarf and lum berry all three of which can potentially be very threatening to face. it does gets and keeps moves like rock slide, superpower, close combat and even sacred sword, some do keep protect and substitute to embrace strong hits or to trick opponents, quick guard runs the most popular nowadays. The spreads are usually 252/252/4 ones. O the other hand, virizion is also the same thing and varies in usage dependant on team (rock over grass, or grass over rock coverage).

Image result for rhyperior
Name         : Rhyperior
Type           : Rock, Ground
Reasons     :
                  Rhyperior is a recently found fashion among people, looking for means of offense inside trick room, after Collin Heier won with this pokemon a regional on his team, it would probably become more and more popular and in my opinion would be kinda used this year at nats and worlds. It uses moves like rock slide, earthquake, drill run, protect and etc. probably 100% with the team weakness policy and its ability is kinda sure to be lightningrod. EV’ing is dependant too.

Special Sweepers:

Image result for aegislash
Name         : Aegislash
Type           : Ghost, Steel
Reasons     :
                  Aegislash is almost having a 25% chance to be a mixed sweeper on every team, later it would be explained. Aegislash started out in the VGC 2014 prior to which it was introduced and proved to be one of the pokemons as the slower the better. Its only possible ability stance change helps it to invert its attacks mid battle, changes into blade form and makes its attack go 150 in both variants and when uses priority +2 kings shield , say a protect that won’t block status goes back into the shield form making both defensive variants 150. Aegislash guarantees to have the moves shadow ball, kings sheild and flash cannon nowadays, other than that the last slot is dependant over the moves wide guard, substitute and sacred sword, all of which work the best. Aegislash carries items like leftovers with leftosub sets, and almost weakness policy on anything else, life orb has started to break on the scene too. Its EV spreads are dependant n the opposing teams but nowadays does runs a speed negating nature, say quiet nature.

Image result for gardevoir
Name         : Gardevoir
Type           : Psychic, Fairy
Reasons     :
                   Still if not being used in the mega form it would be seen playing standard this season with the same items like choice scarf/specs and some new things like focus sash and life orb though. Gardevoirs 100% if choice carry moves like dazzling gleam, moonblast and psychic along with the last slot usually a support move or energy ball nowadays. Its EV spreads are almost guaranteed 252/252/4 ones but some do nowadays do run the bulk investment to survive priority bullet punches.                


Image result for heatran
Name         : Heatran
Type           : Fire, Steel
Reasons     :
                 Heatran was and still would be a popular pokemon this season too, it has just gotten amazing stats and can attack and defend very well, however the 4x ground type weakness can be a pebble in its way, apart from that it’s a fine pokemon. It carries moves like heat wave, ancient power, flash cannon, earth power, substitute,overheat and mostly etc except that. The most popular item it runs is leftovers with as expected leftosub set, apart from that it carries mixed stuff like safety goggles aiming to counter amoongus and shuca berry to survive at least one ground type hit. It can be said that it is one of the best fire types after the megas. Its spreads are once again dependant, mostly they are slow but some do run the amazing choice scarf even and make it a fast variant.

Image result for latios
Name         : Latios
Type           : Psychic, Dragon
Reasons     :
                  Amazing stats and capability would be a reason to use it, it does has a set of the two most offensive typings in the meta right now, it can carry tons of powerful stuff to harm its opponents. It carries moves like draco meteor, dragon pulse, psychic, psyshock, energy ball, thunderbolt and much much more comes with it, s it has the advantage of covering many types with its diverse and widespread sets. It has items like choice scarf and specs however some do have the item assault vest to make it capable of surviving syvie’s hyper voice hits, latiosite may as well be seen as a 75% in standard and 25%in mega or even less percentage for the mega. Its EV spreads are not that complicated until it is appointed to some jobs apart from sweeping right through

Image result for ludicolo
Name         : Ludiculo
Type           : Water, Grass
Reasons     :
                 RAIN! Well that wasn’t yet it some people do use it as a fake out support or on standard teams to counter rain-modes. Almost the same set with fake out, scald/hydro pump, giga drain and ice beam on AV sets, some even do use it as a hyper offensive variant other than being specially defensive. Never expect its spreads to be 252/252/4 tho, they are one of the most wide spread though.

Image result for serperior
Name         : Serperior
Type           : Grass
Reasons     :
                  Serperior wasn’t even a pokemon before contrary was released on it previously, yes an ability that inverts stat changes. This quick change in the way this pokemon behaved people though of using and it did caught many people’s intention though. Ist main and probably the only usage being contrary + leaf storm madness, made it invincible. It carries the move leaf storm 100% of the time withal the others really kind of optional though. People train it to be a speedy nature while being a specially offensive variant and the items like choice scarf, life orb and etc are given some have also started to use bulky serperior sets. EV’s would mostly be 252/252/4 ones.

Image result for hydreigon
Name         : Hydreigon
Type           : Dark, Dragon
Reasons     :
                  Hydreigon literally was a beast last season only just got OHKO’ed by scarfed gardevoir (a reason it came out). Hydreigon is mostly a special attack or speed variant some go with other options too though. It is sure to kill you with moves like dark pulse, draco meteor, earth power, fire blast, flash cannon and so on though. It has the most common of items like choice scarf, specs and a life orb are some of the viable options. Its EV spreads when used by veterans are almost as always a lot more than just 252/252/4 sets and are specified though.

Name         : Sylveon
Type           : Fairy
Reasons     :
                  Choice specs + hyper voice = DEATH. It carries moves like shadow ball, hidden powers and etc apart from hyper voice (thanks to the gifted pixiliate ability). Almost runs choice specs however some others run life orb and pixie plate to make a protect and get misplays from opponents. Its ev spreads while being hyper specially offensive also divide over HP and defense stat, that makes it hard for us to OHKO it.

Image result for goodra
Name         : Goodra
Type           : Dragon
Reasons     :
                  Goodra is a pokemon meant for the words coverage as well as bulk. Goodra being a complete special variant (both sp.atk and sp.def) completes lots of purposes. It also has some good abilities like hydration which helps it out in the popular rainy weather, or go with the gooey ability which complements contact attacks it faces (mostly physical ones) and back up for the defense it lacks in though. It carries moves like ice beam, draco meteor, dragon pulse, muddy water, fire blast, flame thrower and etc. it almost guarantees to have the assault vest item on it some people may as well run other items on it. It is usually EV’ed over special attack physical defense and HP stat.

Image result for volcarona
Name         : Volcarona
Type           : Fire, Bug
Reasons     :
                  The return of volcarona means the return of possible topmoth combo lead. Volcarona however can also be used for tons of other purposes too like supportive sets to special sweepers even mixed sets sometimes. It’s advantage of learning the quiver dance making 3 stat benefits in one turn and giving of the effect in a choice scarf, specs and an assault vest is just amazing. Volcarona does needs its support though. It gets usual moves like tailwind, rage powder, will-o-wisp which are all good for supportive sets and on the offensive side usually runs moves like bug buzz and heat wave with the staple protect of course. No certain item has been confirmed on it yet. Its EV’ing also does vary on teams.

Image result for milotic
Name         : Milotic
Type           : Water
Reasons     :
                  As the seasons of pokemon meta came by the increased amount of the use of the competitive ability on the scene exited people to use more like bisharps or something that counters protect, oh yes a competitive bearer, straight off doubling its special attack in contact with status lowering abilities or moves though, milotic is an example of such pokemons that were started to be used. It does gets moves like ice beam, scald which are good for offense but in addition also does gets part support moves like icy wind at the most it runs mixed items from weakness policy to assault vest, life orb to choice scarf or specs, even some get leftovers, in short can be said it uses a whole spectrum of items. Its EV’ing usually isn’t always specialized but mostly 252/252/4.

Image result for salamence
Name         : Salamence
Type           : Dragon, flying
Reasons     :
                  Salamence has always been a second option after hydreigon to sweep as a special variant, but after its mega was released its special variant usage has been decimated. Although some still love the coverage provided by salamence like flamethrowers, fire blast, draco meteor, dragon pulse, as well as hydrp pumps. It really still would be seen only if a bit or even not being used this season with common choice lock items like scarf and specs (don’t expect, or even just do some banded ones with moxie like mine J) and life orb with the intimidate ability which as always supported a big cause of its usage though. EV’ing unlike acting a way similar to hydreigon is always 252/252/4.

Name         : Thundurus- Therian
Type           : Electric, Flying
Reasons     :
                 A thundurus in its therian form is not that much seen at all but still would or maybe seen used by some. It does bears the volt absorb ability and usually is a hyper specially offensive variant with moves like volt switch, thunderbolt, discharge, protect, grass knot, hidden power and others, with items included as life orb or choice lock scarf or specs . EV’ing also is 252/252/4. Sorry don’t have much to say about as we don’t see it often.

Mixed Sweepers:

Image result for tyranitar
Name         : Tyranitar
Type           : Dark, Rock
Reasons     :
                  Tyranitar is always been used, almost always since I started competitive battling (2013). One reason and tons of causes to use are self explanatory, bearing the ability sand stream capable of wearing of opponents slowly, breaking focus sash and giving rock types including tyranitar a sp.def boost by 50% is enough to get it pass people’s attention. It gets tons of useful moves like fire blast, ice beam, as a special variant and even dark pulse sometimes, whereas the physical side shows off it uses moves like rock slide and crunch with fling seen rarely and 100% guaranteed on iron ball sets. It uses items like weakness policy which having 7x weaknesses compliments itself and other items like choice scarf, chople berry is extremely old fashioned but may as well be seen (who knows). Its EV’ing is never to be 252/252/4 but a complicated set of different options.

Image result for greninja
Name         : Greninja
Type           : Water, Dark
Reasons     :
                  Greninja is almost categorized as a special sweeper though, but here I would put it on the ,list of mixed attackers. Greninja’s main usage is in special sweeping with moves such as ice beam and scald also along with dark pulse, in addition its gifted protean ability makes its every attack given the STAB boost. Some support moves like icy wind, mat block are also common nowadays. Apart from the special sweeper side some people do keep the moves water shiruken, waterfall and mainly rock slide to trick with their opponents and get important OHKO’s. its main items are usually choice scarf, life orb and focus sash. Its main usage again would be with 252/252/4 sets in speed and anyone of the offensive variants.

Image result for infernape
Name         : Inferape
Type           : Fire, Fighting
Reasons     :
                 Inferape didn’t had much to discuss on but  soon as the 2015 season came by it picked up lots of attention, because of mainly having the potential to defeat the two most common megas kangaskhan and mawile, with moves like close combat and overheat. Nowadays every one realized that a perfect set contains both moves overheat and close combat hence I categorized it on my mixed sweeper list. Its main usage with moves is of close combat, overheat, fake out and protect, with some others adding the moves feint, mach punch etc though. The most common of the items are life orb and focus sash. The smartest EV’ing is 252 attack 252 in speed and 4 in sp’atk with a speed raising and defense negating nature 100% of the time and can’t be any better. 

Image result for blaziken
Name         : Blaziken
Type           : Fire, Fighting
Reasons     :
                   Blaziken is almost another form of inferape not using fake outs tho. It serves and becomes the same purpose mainly, with the same items such as life orb, and focus sash. People have tried on focus sash to play the stuff safe, whereas the ones using life orb, with usually a defense negating nature have struggled against priorities often (referred to azumarills and t-flames, life orb has been used to land more powerful mixed set overheats tho. Blaziken also has some of the best ability sets it gets blaze as well as it gets the speed boost ability complementing its speed. It often uses moves like high-jump-kick, overheat, protect, and etc some popular sets include things like hidden power ice and also the move superpower for more powerful hits. the EV spreads are mostly 252/252/4 ones.

Image result for swampert
Name         : Swampert
Type           : Water, Ground
Reasons     :
                  As the season started and the meta was taking form, swampert was only thought with swampertite, soon that importance was lost but nowadays is used for offenses with wide guard being the main reason, the offense variant is dependant, waterfall, earthquake, ice punch and rock slide for physical variants and scald, ice beam and earthpower, some with protect for special variants, EV’ing is almost always more than 252/252/4 on these.

Side Sweepers:
This part is another one of the sweepers, however the pokemons in this category are mostly helping a cause of setting up or other stuff or say they can do something others can’t and are for a specific purpose on the list, that are sure to be seen. These can also be said as secondary sweepers or part sweepers who serve the purposes of both offense and strategy.

 Image result for lapras
Name         : Lapras
Type           : Water, Ice
Reasons     :
                  Lapras is probably having some of the best reasons to be on the current scene of VGC. First of all it can single handedly counter rain type scenarios though, with its ability water absorb and by having the move freeze dry which is 4x effective on pokemons like ludiculo, swampert and 2x effective on the politoed seen usually in rain mode. Apart from that it learns the move ancient power, prior to which it being a special variant and having the assault vest item as common on it I can also take care of the sun-mode potentially referring to mega chariyard y’s. its ev’ing is not usually specified but would be a bit wide spread from 252/252/4.

Image result for cradily
Name         : Cradily
Type          : Grass, Rock
Reasons     :
                  Where there’s a cradily there a mega camerupt!. This is a full proof theory, mark it down. Its only possible usage would be seen alongside mega camerupt, redirecting those 4x effective water attacks, to its benefit. Cradily is more rare to be seen than gastrodon but gastrodon can’t stand a chance against sun-room, which mega camerupt also runs and also is weak 4x to grass moves, cradily is also an equally good option, with moves like gig drain, ancient power. It runs many optional items like from sitrus berry to leftovers even AV sometimes. Its set can always be expected to be bulky and offensive as it is used behind TR and usually also a bit wide spread from 252/252/4.

Image result for ferrothorn
Name         : Ferrothorn
Type           : Grass, Steel
Reasons     :
                  Ferrothorn is one of the most interesting Pokémons that appeared on the meta scene. It would be another way of countering many physical attackers, hence making it a unique from many others for doing what others can’t. ferrothorns 100% pure usage is with rocky helmet + iron barbs combo, helping it to counter the likes of m-kang , t-flame and other various physical contact attackers, however some on showdown (some) still run leftovers ferrothorn, + with the leech seed sap making it an annoyance. It gets moves as expected like leech seed, gyro ball, protect, power whip and some rare ones do carry the move thunder wave for utility purposes though. Its EV’ing depends, some invest in sp.atk to help it survive special attacks, while other thinks it’s a waste because of the 4x fire weakness and invest heavily into physical defense. It also plays an important role in countering TR-mode on some teams.

Image result for breloom
Name         : Breloom
Type          : Grass, Fighting
Reasons     :
                      Breloom is a Pokémon ran for usually different purposes though, some are pure physical attackers while others do keep the part support spore though. Breloom doesn’t has much to be discussed on apart from spore, it gets other moves like mach punch, rock tomb, bullet seed complementing its technician ability in a positive way. It runs items like focus sash, and some with choice scarf and its EV’ing is sure to be 252/252/4 though.

Image result for gastrodon
Name         : Gastrodon
Type           : Water, Ground
Reasons     :  
                  (Another name for cradily). Gastrodon has been a Pokémon with great potential, and is used quite more often than cradily, despite having the 4x grass weakness slapped on its face, it gets moves like scald, mud bomb, earth power, protect, HP ice and etc and runs the same set of items and the same spread to that of cradily.

Image result for politoed
Name         : Politoed
Type           : Water
Reasons     :
                  Rain. Politoed is the only one born apart from kyogre to set up the destructive, dominating rain on the scene with its drizzle ability. It gets different sets on it apart from this rain theme. Some are offensive sets with moves like scald, hydro pump, ice beam and the last one is optional, with items like choice scarf 100% and is EV’ed accordingly. Others are supportive sets including moves like helping hand, encore and perish song for traps with according bulky EV’ing and items like leftovers and sitrus berry though.

Name         : Rotom-Heat
Type          : Electric, Fire
Reasons     :
                  Rotom has been a most complex pokemons for many reasons to be used in two of the most dominating forms one would be rotom- heat getting the over powering move over heat and negating the 4x ground weakness with its levitate ability. Apart from over heat it uses moves like volt switch, will-o-wisp, thunderbolt, protect with thunder wave seen rarely. It gets the item sitrus berry most of the time with some other rotom-heat also get safety goggles, leftovers and choice specs. Its EV’ing is never at a constant  but is consequently specified , apart from some of the sets copied from the veterans of the format, with a little sometimes is always added to speed stat, ranging from 4 EV’s to 36 EV’s, some even avoid that.

Name         : Rotom-Wash
Type           : Electric, Water
Reasons     :
                  Rotom has been a most complex Pokémons for many reasons to be used in two of the most dominating forms one would be rotom- wash getting the over powering move hydro pump and negating the ground weakness with its levitate ability. Apart from over heat it uses moves like volt switch, will-o-wisp, thunderbolt, protect with thunder wave seen rarely. It gets the item sitrus berry most of the time with some other rotom- wash do run leftovers and choice specs. Its EV’ing is never at a constant  but is consequently specified , apart from some of the sets copied from the veterans of the format, with a little sometimes is always added to speed stat, ranging from 4 EV’s to 36 EV’s, some even avoid that.

Image result for scrafty
Name         : Scrafty
Type           : Dark, Fighting
Reasons     :
                 Scrafty’s competitive usage has been grown since it first was introduced; probably some of the best reasons to put it on was to set up TR successfully from its partner. However now it has been taken over by hariyama’s but some still prefer to use it still. Scrafty gets some valuable moves like fake out, knock off, crunch, drain punch, some also with a bit supportive side to them with moves like snarl and taunt, it gets mixed items like sitrus berry, leftovers, life orb and assault vest is the most common one out of all. It is usually trained in sp.def to survive some acceptable fairy attacks with decent bulk, apart from that it usually invest some value in physical attack and HP. Like some mentioned above on some teams it also aims to counter TR situations, with 100% intimidate ability.

Name         : Hitmontop
Type           : Fighting
Reasons     :
                  Hitmontop is more of a spot filler than anything, its main reasoning to be on a team is to provide fighting type move coverage and give some support. It gets some popularly used moves like close combat, fake out as mentioned above, and apart from this priority moves like mach, bullet and sucker punches, some do carry the move feint. Apart from this still used quiet sometimes as a support onuses moves like wide guard and quick guard of course with the usual protects/detects. On some teams does fulfils the purpose for TR activation by providing the first turn fake out though. It item choice like some others is dependant from bulky to offensive. EV’ing is also a bit wide spread over attack and bulk, some choose to be bulky.    

Image result for weavile
Name         : Weavile
Type           : Ice, Dark
Reasons     :
                  Weavile is there for flinching and priority, fulfilling both purposes successfully with moves like fake out, icicle crash, fling (some only), icicle crash and also the offensive side from icicle side, knock off, night slash and the usual protects. Weavile is mostly thought of a physical sweeper but doing more work based on both flinching and priority makes it a unique of its kind. Its 4x fighting weakness is not a good thing at all but the item focus sash plays it safe, some other people do as always stick along with the item life orb for extra damage. Its EV’ing is sure to be 252/252/4.

Image result for venusaur
Name         : Venusaur
Type           : Grass, Poison
Reasons     :
                  Venusaur is finally the last one on the sweeper list and i would say it would stay till chariyard y is there to set the sun out. Its full side sweeper potential comes out when paired up with a char y which in sun-mode doubles it speed with the chlorophyll ability and can use the move sleep powder to put others to sleep under almost any speed tiers, which makes it an annoyance, some even roost u like zapdoses with the move synthesis. On the offensive side it gets good moves like giga drain and slugde bomb at the most. Its items would be usually venusaurites (LOL) but often mixed from some things not well known to me. EV’ing is always not 252/252/4.

This part of the post handles the Pokémons both who handle sweepers and side sweepers, say that they support them. A thing to notice is that they are carrying lots of strategic value though. Although this would be a bit different form the sections of the posts above, in this part I would give some really brief reasons from some of the most popular moves and items ran and also would put their respective roles in this part.


Name         : Amoongus
Type           : Grass, Poison
Reasons     : Rage powder, Spore. Effect spore, Regenerator ability .
Role           : Redirection

Image result for pachirisu
Name         : Pachirisu
Type           : Electric
Reasons     : Follow me, Nuzzle, Super Fang. Volt absorb ability.
Role           : Redirection

Image result for togekiss
Name         : Togekiss
Type           : Fairy, Flying
Reasons     : Follow me, Tailwind, T-wave.
Role           : Redirection and part tailwind support.

Image result for clefable
Name         : Clefable
Type           : Fairy
Reasons     : Follow me, helping hand.  
Role           : Redirection and helping hands.

Status Inflicters:

Image result for gyarados
Name         : Gyarados
Type           : Water, flying
Reasons     : T-wave, taunt
Role           : Utility

Name         : Smeargle
Type           : Normal
Reasons     : Dark void, Every other support move.
Role           : GTS (go to sleep)

Image result for arcanine
Name         : Arcanine
Type           : Fire
Reasons     : Will-o-wisp, morning sun. intimidate
Role           : Burn and intimidate support.

Image result for gengar
Name         : Gengar
Type           : Ghost, Poison
Reasons     : Will-o-wisp, Taunt.
Role           : Frail Will-o-wisper, taunter.


Image result for whimsicott
Name         : Whimsicott
Type           : Fairy, Grass
Reasons     : Encore, tailwind, Trick-room. Prankster
Role           : Prankster

Image result for sableye
Name         : Sableye
Type           : Ghost, Dark
Reasons     : Will-o-wisp, taunt, swagger, confuse ray. Prankster.
Role           : Burn, Confusion and prankster support.

Image result for thundurus
Name         : Thundurus
Type           : Electric, Flying
Reasons     : T-wave, Taunt. Prankster.
Role           : Prankster annoyance.

Tailwind Utility:

Image result for whimsicott
Name         : Whimsicott
Type           : Fairy, Grass
Reasons     : Encore, Tailwind, Taunt.
Role           : Prankster Support

Image result for zapdos
Name         : Zapdos
Type           : Electric, Flying
Reasons     : Tailwind, T-wave, Swagger, Roost.
Role           : Utility, Speed control

Image result for suicune
Name         : Suicune
Type           : Water
Reasons     : Tailwind, Icy wind, Snarl.
Role           : 100% Tailwind Support.

Image result for cresselia
Name         : Cresselia
Type           : Psychic
Reasons     : Trick room, Helping hand, Heal pulse, Moonlight+rocky helmet, T-wave, Icy wind.
Role           : Speed Control.

Image result for gothitelle
Name         : Gothitelle
Type           : Psychic
Reasons     : Trick room, Helping hand, Heal pulse, Charm, Perish song. Shadow tag,
Role           : Trick room support, Perish trapper.

Image result for cofagrigus
Name         : Cofagrigus
Type           : Ghost
Reasons     : Will-o-wisp, Trick room.
Role           : Burn and Trick room.

Image result for jellicent
Name         : Jellicent
Type           :  Water, Dark
Reasons     : Trick room, Will-o-wisp, Water absorb
Role           : Trick room setter.


Image result for raichu
Name         : Raichu
Type           : Electric
Reasons     : Fake out, Encore. Lightning rod.
Role           : Lightning rod redirection and fake out support.

Hounorable mentions:

1. Kingdra

2. Blastoise
Image result for blastoise

3. Abomasnow
Image result for abomasnow

4. Tornadus
Image result for tornadus

5. Chandelure
Image result for chandelure

6. Liepard
Image result for liepard

7. Meowstic

8. Staraptor
Image result for staraptor

9. Mega scizor

10. Mega Swampert

11. Mega Lucario

12. Typlosion
Image result for typhlosion

13. Entei
Image result for entei


                               Ah! Finally it is completed, creating a huge post as such took me 3 weeks to write and edit out/visualize. Again sorry if someone was disappointed by this but that was all that I could’ve done. It is such a sign of relief to complete this post, hope so I covered up many or maybe all of the Pokémons that may get used in the season apart from some players like Ashton cox and Sejun park, who love to bring some extra spice by using obscure Pokémons to sweep through a great chance is that all the other teams would be built up from the components mentioned above in the post, in every form. I putted lots of time, heart and passion into the post and overall really did enjoy writing it. Hope it helps in some way and also that you liked it. Bye 4 now!

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