Saturday, 1 November 2014

Whimsicott "the supportive threat"

                     Whimsicott,s usage in competitive battling

Whimsicott is a Pokemon with an extreme supportive ability "prankster" this ability is the main benefit for using it competitively as a support Pokemon on your team
  following as some "supportive" sets that i have putted together :)

 . Whimsicott

. type: grass / fairy
. ability: prankster

. item:mental herb
move-sets (trick room)
             this Pokemon can likely be used to set up a trick room on a trick room team because of its prankster ability trick room will have priority and will go first on the field benefiting your own corner from the very first turn! where as protect can be used to protect whimsicott from threats like gale wings talonflame.

. item: occa berry
move-sets :
1. stun spore
2. toxic/protect
3. taunt
4. tailwind
              if a whimsicott is train more defensively and given an occa berry it may work as well.
 stun spore and toxic are the usual annoyers where as taunt can be used to shut down any support tailwind itself is a simple tactic for helping out an ally

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