Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Swellow,s competitive usage

                           Swellow,s competitive use

type: flying/normal
Usage #1
ability: guts
Item : flame orb
move set:
1. protect
2. facade
3. brave bird
4. tailwind
               using swellow is an offensive threat is a  great usage  of it, using protect on first turn in double battles may will keep it safe from priority moves like fake out and will activate its flame orb taking its attack up higher with the guts ability.Brave bird is itself a strong attack but the attack facade will double up its power when it is burned plus boosted up even more by the guts ability taking its base power all the way up to  more than 140 the move tailwind can be used to speed up slower allies.

Usage #2
ability: scrappy
item: choice band
move set:
1. u-turn
2. aerial ace
3. quick attack
4. steel wing
               swellow can be a good choice banded Pokemon as as the choice of the move set u-turn is a good retriever when the conditions don,t meet to use swellow as a sweeper.quick attack can be a good stab priority attack.aerial ace imposes great power where as steel wing covers its weaknesses such as rock and ice. scrappy ability will save this Pokemon from being lured into a bad position when facing ghost types     

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